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Title: Gun Control vs Crime Rate

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Essay Instructions: Gun Control and Crime
One of the longest running debates in the criminal justice field is whether or not gun laws have any effect on crime rates. There are those that believe private citizens do not need nor should have the right to carry firearms for personal protection; then there are many people that believe the passage of right-to-carry laws as a direct correlation to a decrease in violent crime. It is the belief of many that no matter how strict the government makes gun laws for the law abiding citizen, those that want to or are going to commit a violent crime, are going to do so no matter what gun laws are passed. So, all this brings up the question of; does a private citizen that lives and operates within the law who has chose to exercise his/her right to carry a firearm for personal protection decrease crime or has zero to little affect on violent crime? In this paper I will examine the second amendment to the constitution, gun laws that have been approved and passed in the state of Virginia, the crime rates before and after the most recent passage of gun laws, how many people in the state of Virginia do carry a firearm(both openly and concealed carry) for personal protection; so that I may examine whether the government crackdown on the rights of the everyday law abiding citizen who chooses to carry a firearm for personal protection does or does not reduce the crime rate in the state of Virginia.

This is the first page of my paper, it needs to be Times New Roman, size 14, double spaced, i am including the websites of what i have found so far, it needs a Title page, it needs a reference page, at least 5 sources, it needs to be about the crime rates in the state of Virginia and if the Gun Control Laws on the books for the state of Virginia have any effect on those crime rates. I need to have statistical numbers of the crime rates for the last 7 years in the state of Virginia in the paper. This needs to be in APA formate, and i need it as soon as possible. I need internal Citations in the paper.

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Title: Gun control

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Essay Instructions: Argummentive paper
o Information with the writer's thoughts to create coherent arguments.
o My side is I'm for gun control MY OUT OUTLINE IS BELOW

I. People protect themselves
a.Fire arm at home b.Consealed in a automobile c.Required trigger locks
d.Lower crime toward break ins e. Hobbies
II.Prevents criminals from purchase
a. Black list of people buying guns
b.control ammonition
c.State law being consistant
a.Ex convicts prohited
b.States differ on the law
c.Back ground investigations
d.Age of purchasing a gun

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Essay Instructions: Pro gun control and recent push for stricter gun control

Part 1- Abstract: Your abstract should be one paragraph, approximately 300-500 words, and must include the following: a clear concept of your research topic, the structure your paper will take, the sources you plan on using, and a working thesis statement. You may also include questions you are still struggling with and/or potential criticisms of your topic, which you then will have to address in your paper.

Part 2-Research Paper: This paper is a 5-6 page research paper on a topic of your choice and an abstract. This paper should incorporate multiple sources?at least five, but most likely more?to support every aspect of your paper (A good rule of thumb to follow is to have one source per page of your final paper). Be sure to include a variety of sources and opposing perspectives whenever possible?charts, interviews, books, scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, credible websites, etc.

Both sections should use internal documentation and follow strict MLA guidelines for formatting, heading, and documentation. Papers should be typed?including the rough draft?and proof read carefully. The abstract will be on its own page with the paper stapled behind it.

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Title: Gun Comtrol Laws

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2710 Bibliography: 12 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Will strict gun control laws reduce the number of homicides in the U.S.?

Intro of topic - discuss the controversy over topic, pros and cons, a stance over the topic and support the reasoning.

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