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Title: 1 How literature guerrilla warfare counterinsurgency directly apply post 9 11 terrorist problem faced U.S. 2 In testimony 9 11 Commission Steven Emerson stated attackers militant Islamic terrorists

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Essay Instructions: 1. How does literature on guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency directly apply to the post-9/11 terrorist problem faced by the U.S.?
2. In his testimony before the 9/11 Commission, Steven Emerson stated that the attackers were ?militant Islamic terrorists.? What led him to that conclusion and how does it relate to America?s strategy in the war on terror?
3. What are the five conditions necessary for a strong moral case for U.S. preemption, according to Brad Roberts (Institute for Defense Analysis)?
4. What is a ?false flag? operation, why should the U.S. be wary that al Qaeda might attempt such a strategy and what should the U.S. do to prevent al Qaeda from successfully executing this tactic?
5. What are the shortcomings of counterterrorist efforts to date that have allowed al Qaeda to realize success since 9/11?

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Title: Guerrilla Warfare is a Successful Tactic

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Essay Instructions: The World History teacher has assigned this thesis statement: "GUERRILLA WARFARE IS A SUCCESSFUL TOOL OF SMALL COUNTRIES AND TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS."

The INTRODUCTION paragraph must include:
1). Must begin with an attention getter. This may not be a rhetorical question. This may not say "imagine" or "what if."
2). You will QUICKLY give your reader backround information on your topic. YOU SHOULD HAVE TWO RESEARCHED AND CITED PIECES OF INFORMATION.
3). Your paragraph will END with your thesis (Guerrilla warfare is a successful tool of small countries and terrorist organizations.)

(2) - BODY PARAGRAPHS to follow:
1). Your topic sentences will set up your paragraph. Remember this must ba a specific support for your thesis. All information in this paragraph will relate to your topic sentence and support your thesis.
2). You will need (3) CD - CONCRETE DETAILS for BOTH paragraphs. Be sure to CITE!
3). Each CD will make the connection (analysis) back to your thesis.
4). Your last sentence will transition into your next paragraph.

You will need to have a CONCLUSION paragraph.

So.....You need 4 Paragraphs in all. Intro (with attn. getter); (2) body paragraphs; and a conclusion.

IMPORTANT: You may only have "TWO DIRECT QUOTES" for your ENTIRE paper. These quotes may be NO LONGER than THREE LINES. The rest of your concrete details will be paraphrased in your own words. Remember when you still MUST cite!

All the above information is from the teacher. SHE IS CALLING IT A "THESIS PAPER."

The books I am researching are:"Ernesto Che Guevara - Guerrilla Warfare" by Che Guevara ISBN# 9781920888282 and "War of the Flea - The Classic Study of Guerrilla Warfare" by Robert Taber ISBN# 1574885553

The only website I have looked at is: "Guerrilla Warfare" Comumbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition.


I hope you get all of this information. Thanks so much! Anna

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Excerpt From Essay:


Guevara, Ernesto "Che." Guerilla Warfare. 1961.

Irish Republican Army. Green Book, Volumes 1 & 2.

United State Navy, United States Marine Corps. Mao Tse-Tung on Guerilla Warfare. Washington, D.C., 1989.

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