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Title: International Relations Political Science

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Essay Instructions: This is political Science (International Relations Paper) I want to include International relations theorists like Realists (neo and classical), Liberalism, International Society, Social Constructivism.

4. You are the American president and could close down the Guantanamo Bay prison camp tomorrow. You must reconcile the fact of a war against terrorism with captured suspects/prisoners of war in Guantanamo and your desire not to infringe on human rights. Do you keep Guantanamo open or close it?

? Take a clear “yes” or “no” position. Defend your position keeping in mind the tension between national interest/practical realities of warfare and human rights concerns.

For all essay questions, feel free to:

? Use arguments from the international relations theories we have studied;
? Combine theoretical approaches (if coherently done);
? Use historical examples.

? March 25 in class at start: 30% of your total mark.
? 5% penalty per day for late papers (i.e., 100%-5% = 95% potential top grade) which includes weekend days. Late papers are to be handed into the political science office on the 7th floor and date-stamped (or box outside the door though note that the clerical staff may not empty box the same day and penalties will thus be applied).
? 10-15 pages not including title page. Note I have lessened the syllabus requirement on the page count.
? Double-spaced.
? 12-point font, Times New Roman, standard margins.

? Grading out of 100 points
? 30: Research: Minimum of 6 proper sources beyond assigned readings. (Proper sources do not include internet sources, I want journals, books, etc... but no internet sources
? 40: Ideas and strength of your argument.
? 30: Presentation (Title page/organization / paragraphs/sentence /word choice /format and documentation of sources, proper numbering of pages, etc

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Essay Instructions: I am looking for a paper on the Geneva Convention of 1949, most specifically on the treatment of prisoners of war. I would like the paper to briefly discuss the history of the convention and the how and why the convention has come to be what it is today. The paper should briefly mention previous conventions that have led us to the convention as we know it today. I would also like you to discuss the importance of the convention. I would also like you to discuss the conventions use today and how it affects us. A little background about me to help you write the paper - I am a former United States Marine. I currently work on Wall street. I am a right leaning conservative Republican. I feel that closing Guantanamo Bay would be a huge mistake. I do not believe that water-boarding is torture. I do not believe the prisoners at Gitmo are prisoners of war but rather enemy combatants. While I understand that living up to the values of the Geneva convention, I also feel that water-boarding a few terrorists in order to save numerous lives from terrorist attacks is beneficial.

The books I am using for this class are - International human rights in context by Henry J Steiner
Evolution of International Human Rights by Paul Lauren
Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice by Jack Donnelly

Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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Essay Instructions: I need a paper the talk about the Guantanamo bay jail, in this paper i need to write what do i think, how horrible is the torture, also if president Obama really closed the jail what do i think about the horrible treatments of inmates etc..... what the really show to the world etc......

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Essay Instructions: We will pay $90.00 for this order!!

Briefly explain the background of the military commission controversy, including relevant supreme court cases. should the u.s. government get rid of military commissions, close guantanamo bay and place "the enemy combatants" on u.s. soil with full regular criminal trials? explain

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