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Title: Evaluate a significant experience achievement or risk you have taken and its impact on you

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Essay Instructions: Growing up, I?ve learned to not take things for granted, because anything can change in an instant. In the Fall of 2007, at the young age of 13, I woke up one morning with immense stomach pain. Something was wrong. After being rushed to the hospital I found out that I needed immediate surgery to remove my appendix that had ruptured inside of me. I was so nervous, as I had never had any type of surgery before. However, I knew it had to be done so I gathered up my courage and before I knew it, the surgery was over. However, this was just the beginning.
The morning after surgery I woke up feeling dazed and confused. Halloween was only 4 days away, so all I wanted to do was recover enough to go home. Typically, an appendectomy stay would only be 1-2 days in the hospital but since mine ruptured my stay ended up being a week. The first few days were pretty rough. Each morning the nurse would come in and take my blood at 5 in the morning, which was quite annoying at that hour. I had no appetite and even the smell of food made me nauseous. All I did each day was lie in bed and watch TV, it drove me crazy. The hardest task for me to do was to simply get up and walk, as the pain from my stomach muscles being cut was very debilitating. I felt so helpless. I couldn?t even get up and go to the bathroom which was only a few feet away from my bed. Since I wasn?t eating, I started to lose weight and by the end of the week I looked skeletal. Even when I tried to eat, I would just vomit my food right back up. Then finally by the 6th day, I walked an entire lap around the hospital floor I was on, which was actually an accomplishment for me. Seeing that I was improving, my doctor gave me the ok to go home after a week in the hospital. I was so excited. I missed Halloween but candy was the last thing I was thinking about.
After I got home, I found out that I actually could have died in that hospital bed. Knowing this, that week I spent in the hospital has really changed my life and how I live today. I was a perfectly healthy kid, and then in an instant I had to spend a week in the hospital. When I think about it, it seems crazy to me that I couldn?t even get up and walk on my own. Something I do every single day had become the biggest test for me. I no longer take anything for granted and feel so blessed for everything that I have today, especially my health. I also try to live each day happy, and try not to get stressed over the little things. I?ve realized there are so many people that have real problems in their lives, and that I shouldn?t complain about the small things in life. You never know when things might change so you have to make the best of each day. Going to the hospital is something I really hope I never have to do again.

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Essay Instructions: This essay is based on my own original question which is: What are the benefits and disadvantages of growing up in a large city? It must present a thesis as well as supporting evidence to help prove that thesis.
*4 pages long NOT including the works cited page.
*must incorporate at least 4 outside sources. 2 of these should be printed sources but the other 2 can be non-printed sources.
*DO NOT USE Wikipedia at all
*The essay should follow all principles of cohension adn coherence and skillfully use a combination of quoting, paraphrase, and summary in its use of textual evidence.
*follow proper MLA style for documentation.

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Title: growing up without a mother

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Essay Instructions: this paper has to be typed in font size 12 times new roman print double space each line. in the introduction the paper hasto include the reason i selected module 17 is because. the paper has to begin with the title a the top a full paper is 1 inch from the top and one inch from the bottom.
when starting the conclusion it has to state in conclusion... please do not space out the paragragh just write straight through as if your telling a story. i basically want this paper to be written on growing up with out a mother. and how it had it effect on me growing up.have something in there about now i am a mother please call if any questions

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Title: Growing up male or female in America

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Essay Instructions: An essay explaining which gender faces the greater and more daunting challenges, and why. Will this situation grow worse? Offer suggestions to help ease the gender-related challenges children face growing up in today's culture. Document your decision and provide the evidence that helped you reach your conclusion.

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