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Title: critical Evaluation An Inconvinient Truth

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  • Words: 690
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  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: as you watch the documentary AN INCONVINIENT TRUTH, think about your answers to the following questions. type up your responses.
Comprehension- full sentences not required
1. how do greenhouse gases cause the global warming?
2what is the Montreal protocol? what global problem was it designed to address? has it succeeded?
3what is energy efficiency and how can it reduce global warming. list two examples of available energy-efficient products.
Critical Understanding
Please answer in full-sentences.For each of these questions you should have a minimum of one substantial paragraph.
1. Explain how the argument presented in the documentary conformed to each the ethos, logos and pathos appeals of arguments. provide examples from the film.
2 Do you think that An inconvenient Truth should be classified as a documentary or a lecture? why?
3 Do you think that Al Gore did a good job articulating his argument? explain
4. are you likely to make any personal changes in your life to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are personally responsible for it? if so, what , and why? If not , why not?

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


Gore, A., Guggenheim, D., David, L., Bender, L., Burns, S.Z., Skoll, J., Chilcott, L., ... Paramount Pictures Corporation. (2006). An inconvenient truth. Hollywood, Calif: Paramount.

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Title: Global Warming

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  • Bibliography:3
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Your are a foreign Minister serving on a global committee in charge of making policies on how to combat global warming. Your committee will be addressing the United Nations with a plan on how to reduce the emissions that cause global warming. Please write an essay and answer the ffollowing questions:

1. define global warming and describe briefly the theory behind man-caused global warming. Include a list of some of the gases that are beleived to contribute to global warming.

2. What are the causes of increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

3. what country do you think is the largest contributor to global warming?

4. What types of industry emit the most greenhouse gases?

5. come up with a min. of 5 policies to help reduce global warming. Discuss these policies in detail, their pros and consand their feasibility to be implemented? What will be the penelty if your policies are not followed? These policies can be aimed at both industry and individuals. Consider your homes and offices, transpotation, etc.

6. What is the evidence that global warming is a real process caused by humans ans occurring right now?

7. What is the evidence that global warming is either not occuring or is not caused by humans?

8. Based on your research, summarize your beliefs regarding the issue of global warming, if it is or os not occurring, if it is of is not caused by human activity, and what if anything we should be doing about the problem?

600 words

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Excerpt From Essay:


Connor, S., 2005, the Final Proof: Global Warming is a Man-Made Disaster, Independent UK, Edition of February 19, 2005

Kiehl, J.T., Trenberth, K.E., 1997, Earth's Annual Global Mean Energy Budget, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Volume 78, Number 2

Thomas, E.C., 2003, Partnership for Environmental Protection, Press Information Bureau,, last accessed on March 12, 2008

2005, Expert: China Overtakes U.S. As Top Consumer, China Daily, Ast accessed on March 12, 2008

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Title: oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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  • Words: 1160
  • Sources:4
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Using MLA style documentation, write a researched paper arguing for or against permitting oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Your paper should have these recognizable parts:

1. An introduction, in which you state your paper’s thesis — what you are arguing for and the main reasons you hold that view.

2. A body, in which you make your argument through a combination of evidence from sources and your own logical reasoning (your body should include in-text citations wherever you reference sources).

3. A conclusion, in which you refer back to your reasons and restate your position.

4. A Works Cited page , in which you follow MLA citation format to list sources used.

Background to the Issue: See attached sheet for a list of some frequently-made arguments for and against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Note: PICK JUST ONE OR TWO of these to focus your paper’s argument on. You can’t do a good job in a short paper if you try to cover them all.)

Source requirements: Use a minimum of four relevant sources. And because one of this assignment’s goals is to practice considering opposing views, at least one of these sources must make an argument counter to your own argument. Summarize the counter argument and offer evidence and reasoning to explain why you don’t find it convincing.

When you use a source in your paper, give some indication as to why you find it to be credible. To do this, you will have to know something about the source. We will discuss source evaluation in the lab tomorrow.

Use MLA format in citing sources both inside your paper and at the end of your paper.

When you use a source in your paper, remember these guidelines:

1. Choose sources that help you make your argument, and integrate information from them into your own argument (to choose well, you will need to look at many more than the required number of sources). (Remember that one source must be representative of an opposing view.)

2. Explain why the information from each source seems credible to you.

3. It is usually better to put information from a source into your own words than to quote it directly.

4. Whether you summarize or quote directly, you must not plagiarize. This means that a summary has to be completely in your own words and sentence structure, while a direct quote must be in the exact words of the original and enclosed inside quotation marks. Either way, the borrowed material must be cited both inside your paper and at the end. (A plagiarized paper cannot be a passing paper.)

Research Notes and Citation Rules: The core of a research paper is information from sources, so you should have a lot of carefully-taken notes. You will turn in all of your research notes with your paper. Notes must be written on index cards or on paper separate from printouts of articles or websites.

These are SOME (not all) of the arguments commonly made for and against permitting oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:


• To ensure a reliable supply of oil, the United States needs as many domestic sources of oil as it can find.

• The Refuge holds a lot of oil.

• Drilling can be done in the Refuge without scarring much of the land.

• Drilling won’t harm wildlife in the area.

• Safety precautions will ensure against spills.

• Drilling will bring revenue to native peoples who live near or in the Refuge.

• All Alaskans will benefit from increased oil revenues.

• The 1002 area, where drilling is proposed, is just a small piece of the whole Refuge.


• The Refuge is one of the last true wilderness areas on earth, and it should be protected.

• Drilling will cause a decline of the Porcupine Caribou Herd who depend on it as a calving ground.

• Drilling will interfere with polar bear denning sites, adding to the stress these bears are already under from global warming-induced declines in sea ice that the bears need for hunting seals.

• Drilling will harm both migratory and breeding birds who use the Refuge.

• The unique geographic and vegetative features of the 1002 area make it essential to the breeding success of various species.

The safety record of the oil industry in Alaska has been and continues to be poor, and damaging spills would probably occur if drilling is allowed in the Refuge.

• While the land area taken up by the actual wells would be small, the roads that would have to be built to the wells and from wells to a pipeline would devastate the Refuge’s terrain.

• The warmer, shorter winters now occurring make road-building without environmental harm even less possible in the Refuge than before (because the ice road season is shorter).

• An infusion of workers and equipment into the Refuge would forever alter the landscape and wildlife there.

• While the amount of oil thought to be in the Refuge is vast in absolute terms, it is far less than even a year’s supply of what we currently use in the United States.

• In light of what we know about how release of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels is making our planet literally unlivable, we should be channeling our research and money into alternative energy sources, not more oil.

• It would take ten years from the start of drilling to produce even the first drop of oil from the Refuge, so drilling there would do nothing to alleviate shortages or high gas prices now.

• Oil companies are privately owned and ship much of their oil overseas, so there is no guarantee that Refuge oil would even stay in this country.

• Drilling in the Refuge would deprive the Gwich’in people of their subsistence livelihood and culture, because the Gwich’in rely on hunting the caribou that pass by each year on their migration to the Refuge.

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Title: Game Theory and alternative international climate architectures

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  • Words: 870
  • References:5
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: The research paper should be prefaced by an abstract. Some underlying assumptions are:

1. The concentration of greenhouse gases create the potential for anthropogenic climate change
2. The impact of climate change could have catastrophic impact on human life, ecosystems and economic development
3. Developing nations rely heavily on fossil fuels for economic in order to compete globally
4. Developed nations produce the majority of emissions, reducing emissions may require sacrifices on their people
and in the short term result in a slightly-to-dramatically reduced standard of living, esepcially in those nations that
have experienced significant loss of manufacturing jobs
5. Only through Non-zero-sum approaches, can nations simultaneously act in their own enlightened self interest,
and the interest of the global commons. Stated anothe way, the international climate change architecture must
allow the participating countries to act within the constraints and consistent with the imperatives and
priorities of their own countries, while balancing the global imperative to stabilize the concentration of greenhouse
emissions to a point where adaptation is possible.

paper should include a clear thesis and at least 5 cited sources

It should contain:

• A clearly stated thesis statement
• Convincing data from a range of scholarly sources
• A clear organization that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion
• A Works Cited list in MLA format.

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