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Title: write a paper increased greenhouse gas emissions affect earth coming 10 20 years Include specific examples support analysis

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Essay Instructions: write a paper on how increased greenhouse gas emissions will affect the earth in the coming 10 to 20 years. Include specific examples to support your analysis.

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Works Cited:

Works Cited:

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Title: Discussion Questions Law

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the questions individually with a reference and inline citation.

2a. What Is Wrong with This Picture? (argue for or against the following plan).

The public controversy about greenhouse gases is too crisis oriented and off to one side of more important issues, namely (a) the long-term economic potential of renewable energy generation, (b) the dangers of social instability from rich-poor polarization in developing countries, and (c) dangers of corruption of governments of developing countries by a handful of more and more powerful global corporations.
Because no force available can stop or slow down the most rapid possible industrial development in countries such as China, Mexico, and India, those fearful of long-term harm to the environment should not waste their energies in controversies based in uncertain science. Rather, all should settle on the single goal of quickly developing cost-effective solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal power and getting decentralized generation of such power into place everywhere. Politics should be put aside in order to accomplish this.
A World Energy Authority similar in some respects to the United Nations should be formed with the express mission of providing detailed planning for rapid transition to decentralized generation of renewable power in every country. This Authority would also provide scientific research and industrial planning. So great is the latent support for such an Authority, provided it remain nonpolitical and focused on a single mission, that it would only have to open an office and begin to publicize concrete plans for each country for massive support to flow to it. The Authority?s work would capture the imaginations of tens of thousands of young people in the industrialized countries who could do much of the labor associated with establishing thousands of small generation projects. Use of fossil fuel would continue until it became too expensive.
Publicly subsidized, decentralized generation of cheap power worldwide might kill three birds with one stone. No plan could be more effective against poverty created by industrial development in very poor countries. This plan would also co-opt more far-sighted corporations who would be hired in the projects, rather than polarizing many in opposition to more stringent controls on emissions, as is presently the case.

Renewable energy generation is potentially cheaper than generation with fossil fuels. There's no bill for sunshine! Despite imposing capital requirements, pioneering companies could reasonably expect to reap huge profits as sale of super-efficient batteries and photo-voltaic cells, for example, became as common as sale of gasoline is now. What is lacking is a developed, fully rationalized and well-publicized plan for every country to put decentralized generation in place. As for greenhouse gases, we should aggressively study the climate until we really understand this very complex system.

2b. Whether carbon emissions are resulting in global warming and climate change?
Is there sufficient scientific evidence that spewing of unlimited carbon emissions into our environment is causing global warming which is affecting changes in our climate. Is there a dire need to control these carbon emissions? If so, should strict standards be set for their enforcement? Explain with reason either your belief or disbelief that there is a causal connection between the two.

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Renewable Energy Cost. (n.d.). Retrieved from Renewable Energy Blog:

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Title: The Overall logistics building a Lunar Greenhouse

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Essay Instructions: I will appreciate if the Writer’s Username: shELAH could do this paper. If this person is not available please dont hesitate to contact another person.

This paper is based on The overall logistics to building a Lunar Green House. A lunar green house is where astronauts will grow plants, fruits etc.. while the stay on the Moon during space travel.

This paper should contain:

* Overall concept of building a lunar greenhouse and why is it needed.
* NASA's vision on the design of a greenhouse
* Recent design concepts ( include pictures)
* Research been developed for a green house. FOr example: what kind of plants or organism will be taken to earth.
* Mission advantages and disadvantages of a greenhouse.

Conclude by talking about the importance of a Lunar greenhouse for future space missions.

Create Appendix
You are allowed to be as detailed as possible.
You are allow to add any other useful information related to a Lunar Greenhouse.
Use internet, books, papers, NASA websites etc... as a reference.

This is an open and topic flexible research paper talking about the design of a Lunar Greenhouse.

Thank You.

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Title: Changing Behavior to Reduce Global Warming

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Essay Instructions: What is Global Warming, Discuss greenhouse gasses breifly, Discuss the following areas ;have a minimun of 200 words per area :
1.Things that can be Implemented Inside and outside the House to Reduce the Affects of Global Warming and how could it help.(Suggested detail areas, seal and insulate the home,heat and coal smartly, use water efficiently, reduce,reuse and recycle,being green in my yard).
2. Actions that can be taken on the road.and how it could help (Sugested detail areas,green vehicle, clean fuel efficient that produce fewer greenhouse gasses,tune ups, recommended grade of motor oil,check tire pressure, things that affect fuel economy,use of public transportation,use of reewable fuel).
3. Spread the Word about Global Warming and how could it help: (get educated,persuade others to make simple changes behavior, and simple energy saving techiques).

Please feel free to use any global warming information that could reduce the amount of energy you use so as to minimize your impact on the enviroment and reduce the effects of Global Warming,

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