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Title: Research Green computing sources http library aus Formal outline saturday 13 12 2014 average level english

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Essay Instructions: -Research about "Green computing"
-must contain most sources from
-Formal outline by saturday 13/12/2014
-average level of english

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Bell, S., & Mcgillivray, D. (2011). Environmental Law (7th Ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Dulworth, M. (2013). The Connect Effect Building Strong Personal, Professional, And Virtual Networks. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler.

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Khan, S. (2013). Evolutionary-Based Solutions For Green Computing. Berlin: Springer.

Kuehr, R. (2013). Computers and The Environment: Understanding And Managing Their Impacts. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic.

Mceldowney, J., & Mceldowney, S. (2014). Environmental Law And Regulation. London Blackstone Press.

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Zomaya, A.Y. & Lee, Y.C. (2012). Energy Efficient Distributed Computing Systems. New York: John Wiley & Sons

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Title: Architecture in IT

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following questions one question per page. Place a references at the end of the page to the question being answered, not at the end of the document.
Thank you.

Question 1
What is IT architecture?

Question 2
Explain the three-tier software architecture design.

Question 3
Define triple constraint. What is the critical path?

Question 4
Define the eight stages of the SDLC.

Question 5
What is green computing?

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Green computing is the study and creation of any type of computing that is environmentally sustainable (Kurp, 2008). This can include designing and building computers, but also using and disposing of them properly, in a way that has minimal impact on the environment (Kurp, 2008). Naturally, this is an important issue to consider. The environment is fragile, and there are a number of activities that are working against it. Greenhouses gases, climate change, vanishing ecosystems, and other problems are all issues the environment has to face. Many people who work with computers want to reduce their footprint and take better care of the environment, which they can do in a couple of ways. One of those ways is to buy, build, and use computers with longevity (Kurp, 2008). In other words, the longer a computer is made to last the longer it will be before it ends up in a landfill and a new one has to be purchased. When a person does get rid of old electronics, there are recycling places that will take them specifically and dispose of their components safely, further protecting the environment (Kurp, 2008).

The second way a person can practice green computing is in the parts and components that he or she purchases, because some of them are much more environmentally friendly than others (Kurp, 2008). When parts that are easy on the environment are used to build computers, those computers are a better choice for ensuring that the environment is not damaged by people wanting and needing computers for both business and personal use (Kurp, 2008). It is not always possible to protect the environment one hundred percent of the time, but there are many ways green computing can be practiced and used in everyday life (Kurp, 2008). Conscientious people who want to preserve their planet know the value of green computing, and will continue to abide by it as much as possible.

Kurp, P. (2008).Green computing. Communications of the ACM, 51(10): 11-23.

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