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Title: architecture

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Essay Instructions: Reposted Paper!


I sent and e-mail requesting a research paper within the non custom format. I feel more comfortable with the custom format and would like you to disregard the previous e-mail.

Thank you.


topic: Green Architecture in Japan

- 4000 to 5000 word research paper
- post-secondary level with bibliography
-required to provide critical and informed responses both in written and graphic form
-topics relate to deconstruction and recent works
-contemporary design theory

Course Outline:
-topics include study of form, structure and order of architectural space as underpinnings of meaning in architecture
-meaning in this sense emerges through philosophical positions, societal values and behavioural practices that give architectural from a particular significance
-investing architectural form with meaning distinguishes a work of architecture from the act of building

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Evans, Gary W. Current Trends in Environmental Psychology. Cornell University. IAAP Newsletter Fall 1996 (October2002).

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Public Relations Promotion Office. Architects Regional Planners & Associates, Kyoto.

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Witcombe, Christopher. Sacred Places. Photo source. Department of Art History, Sweet Briar

College, Virginia. 2002. (October2002).

Floor Plan of the "Soft and Fuzzy" house

Photo Source:

Photo source: Katsuhisa Kida

Photo Source: Louise Makela,

The Shrine at Ise

Photo Source: Christopher Witcombe.

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Title: Green Architecture Green Schools

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Essay Instructions: This is a capstone project for my last semester in a 2 year college

I need it to be in MLA style
At least 10 work cited
The main topics my paper needs are
What is green architecture
What are the "pro" ans "cons" (positive and
negative aspects of green architecture)
How can these negative aspects be solve
How does green architecture improves buildings and
What are the health benefits of green architecture
What are the benefits of a school that "goes green"
What are the benefits for the student that attend a
green school
How is a green school economically benefited
(if possible a comparison between the expenses of a
regular school and a green school)
Among Others

Also I don't know if its possible but i would like to know if you could send me by Friday some of the work done, no the entire paper but 4 to 6 pages. if it is possible. Thank You

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Ancheta, Kyle. "The Costs and Benefits of Green Architecture." January 2009. 5 April 2009 .

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"Solving the E-Waste Problem." n.d. 6 April 2009 .

"What is Green Architecture." n.d. 5 April 2009 .

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Title: green building construction

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Essay Instructions: Green building construction or green architecture method

green architecture is a method of design that minimizes the impact of building/construction on the environment.

The concepts about green architecture can generally be organized into several areas of application. These areas include sustainability, materials, energy efficiency, land use, waste reduction, monetary savings, etc.

Just some ideas of what I want it to be about.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


ADPSR. (2009). Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility. Accessed 2 October 2009.

BEST. (2009). Building Environmental Science & Technology. Accessed 2 October 2009.

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