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Title: Economics

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Essay Instructions: This is an economic analysis class for engineers.


Paper on Milton Friedman video on "Greed"

Write a two page paper evaluating the following video:

In this video Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize winning economist, discusses the concepts of "greed" and capitalism with talk show host Mark Donahue. Evaluate and discuss with logic and facts (not opinion) whether individual economic intererests should be paramount in our economic system, or collective economic benefits should be the norm. Collective economic benefit analysis must incorporate who is making the economic decisions for the collective good and why those people are superior or inferior to the individual economic decisions of the population as a whole. Relate your analysis with the engineering economic decisions you will be making in your working career.


Please write it as asked on the instructions.Talking about the video and answering those in detail should be enough.

Please let me know if you need anything.I know time is short but don't hesitate to ask.

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Title: Greed and Glory on Wall St The fall of the House of Lehman Auletta Ken

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Essay Instructions: This is the term paper for an MBA Organizational Behavior class, specifically "power and influence in organizations" We are to write an indepth case analysis on the book "Greed and Glory on Wall St.: The Fall of the House of Lehman" by Ken Auletta, 1986, Warner Books. We are to identify the dominant individuals and their subsequent groups both at the beginning of the book and at the end. We are to address the concepts of power , influence, and politics and their role in the book.
I am emailing a copy of the syllabus which states the course overview and is effective in determining the structure.
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Title: Greed in Society

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Essay Instructions: Letter describing Research Paper
James De Prieto
Dear writer;

Notorious BIG once said, ?Either you got a great jump shot, or you sell crack rock.? I feel that statement holds very true to our society, because nowadays no one wants to work hard for the money they just want it. Greed is at an all time high and honesty is perceived as ?for suckers only?. According to our society if you want to be successful you have to willing to sacrifice anything and everything and that definitely includes morals. So the question that burns inside me is, ?why is our society so greedy and so money oriented? And, where are we heading as a civilization??
Three years into the twenty-first century and already it looks like our civilization is headed for disaster. We have reality TV. shows that pay people to do things that would seem nearly suicidal to a viewer. (Fear factor) We have movies, like the hit ?Oceans Eleven?, which promote stealing, cheating, and lying to get rich. Whatever happened to making an honest buck? Furthermore, why does a person like Martha Stewart, who is already worth a quarter of a billion dollars, mit insider trading? What dollar amount is enough? Can we ever get enough? The answer to that is no. In the movie ?Other Peoples Money?, with Danny Devito, Mr. Devitos? character says to his girlfriend, ?life is a game. There are rules that must be followed and some that can be bent. The name of the game is money. The person with the most when dies wins.? I believe that most people agree with that statement.
As a society it is obvious this problem is only going to get worse. This desire to be wealthy at all cost growing stronger by the minute. While murder in the US might be down, blue collar crimes such as embezzlement, insider trading, and ?cooking books? (Enron) are at all time highs. What happens if this trend continues? Well one thing is for sure, we are going to need a lot more security in the future. If you look back at early 1950?s everything was pretty peaceful. Theft and corruption were no where near as frequent as today. What happened? Where did we go wrong? As definitive as these questions are the most important question is, how can we fix our problem?
What you have just read is what the paper should be about. It should answer the questions and pose a main question. It should be MLA stlye using parenthetical quotation. Some movies you might want to use as reference are boiler room, wall street, and Oceans 11. Some examples of greed today are Enron, World, and Martha Stewart. You coul even talk about how more wealth is in fewer hands and how much influence people with wealth have.
-your question is the begining
- from there search and read, look for clues and connections, read
-the paper is an analyisis and ideas about a text integrated with the writings of others by using appropriate doses of summary, paraphrase and quotation
-feel free to use the internet for sources but still use traditional hard copy sources as well.
I would also like the writer to email me at
as soon as he begins it so that i can have his email and keep in contact throughout the process.

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Title: no topic

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Essay Instructions: This writing is EVALUATION OF GREED-GREVANCE DEBATE.It touches Civil War. Writing should be based only sources i will sent.. Thank you
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