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Title: Great Expectations

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Essay Instructions: Question: Is Great Expectations a critique or affirmation of Victorian Britain social culture?

-must include at least 2 secondary sources to provide additional insight into the subject.

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Essay Instructions: A Paper, on "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens
There should be an intro paragraph, 2-3 body paragraphs and conclusion paragraph.
1-2 quotes per body paragraph.
Approximate 2 pages.

Choose from the seven topics

Discuss the development of one of the novel's themes (money, redemption, gentility, self-discovery, justice, or expectations). To do this you will want to consider HOW the theme is developed as well as What the theme is.

*Appearance vs. Reality:
Discuss how Pip is influenced by appearances (what the novel calls "looks") but is not influenced by reality (what Jaggers calls "evidence"), and what the effect of this influence is on him.

Analyze the development and the effectiveness of one of the novel's motifs, such as hands, meals, fairy tales, or romanticism. This will require an explanation of the motif's meaning in addition to a discussion of its value.

Analyze how settings establish the tone of the novel. Include here what the overall tone of the novel is and be very specific as to how the novel's settings (rivers, countryside, and inner city) contribute to it.

*Pip conscience:
Analyze the process of or the catalyst for the development of both Pip's conscience and his consciousness. differentiate between the two terms and provide evidence of the process, not simply the event.

The novel's climax occurs on a river. Analyze the river as a symbol, discussing the appropriateness of the river for this critical event and the meaning of the river for the novel's thematic development.

Choose 2 characters whose Juxtaposition contributes to the development of a theme in the novel. For example, consider one of these pairs: Herbert and Drummle, Miss Havisham and Magwitch, Pip and Estella, or Magwitch and Joe. Discuss the two characters in terms of their motivation, their sympathies or their fears. Explain the significance of seeing them together.

* topic's, there are 7 to pick from, it MUST be one of the 7 topics,
but, ONLY PICK ONE TOPIC to write on.

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Title: great expectaions

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Essay Instructions: Close Reading (PASSAGE ANALYSIS) Great Expectations
Directions: Examine analytically Chapter 1 from Great Expectaions by Charles Dickens. An opening scen's purpose tofold: (1) it introduces the various elements of tiction (ie, character, setting, conflict, theme, etc.) (2) it foreshadows, parallels and/or echoes later events tha tie together the novel's thematic threads. Using your close read the passage, make a statement about its significance tothe work as a whole. In other words, what insights does the paper give about plot (events tocome), characte (Pip), setting, conflict and theme? Annotate the passage, highlighting making notes about what the language reveals (ie diction, syntax, allusion, imagery, symbolism, etc.)

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Title: comparitive essay

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Essay Instructions: Comparitive 2,500 word essay answering the question: How reliable are the narrators in the TWO novels "Great Expectations" by Dickens & "The Sun Also Rises" by Hemingway.

I will need a thesis statement, central argument with supporting evidence and some direct quotes as well as a summary. Thanks.
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