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Title: Writing about Issues and Using the Third Person

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Essay Instructions: Read: “99.9% of Proper Grammar is Obsolete” by David Wertheimer (from Digital Web Magazine) here

The case assignment asks you to read and identify claims made by the author. The idea is for you to practice finding claims or arguments that the author makes. To prepare you to make your own claims it is imperative to experience reading how authors make their claims. Likewise, you want to use third person throughout the response. In other words, you want to serve as a reporter of the information in the article. Pretend you are working for a news station and just reporting what the article says. Consider reviewing paraphrasing and summarizing in the reading material. When writing research, you will want to show that you are unbiased in your explanations of sources. Using third person can increase your ethos (ethical credibility) and show audiences that you have done your homework (your research) on the topic. To practice citing in APA style, please provide a reference list that contains the article you have read (cite parenthetically in the text and include the article on a reference list using APA format). There will be only one “source” on your reference list because we have not asked you to do further research for this assignment.

Assignment Expectations

Read the essay thoroughly
Write two-three pages that identifies and expresses the claims made by the author
Use the additional readings to learn about summarizing and paraphrasing
Use third person writing throughout
Cite the article in a reference list (you will only have one article on your reference list)

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Works Cited:


Wertheimer, D. (2002). 99.9% of proper grammar is obsolete. Digital Web Magazine. Retrieved March 2, 2014 from

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Title: Presentation Paper

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Essay Instructions: The presentation overview due on Feb. 23 is an outline of your presentation on an element of grammar, which should be visually pleasing, so more than just a Roman numeral outline. Pick one of the elements of grammar from the list provided soon.

PRESENTATION: You will choose an element of grammar from the list of elements to be researched and presented in writing.

In a presentation you should:
1) tell ?em what you are going to talk about,
2) talk about it
3) tell ?em what you talked about

A presentation should have:
1) a beginning
2) a middle
3) an end

First, grab attention of the audience-----The Hook.

Start with a definition of your element and an overview of the main points and issues (the outline). List what the problems are about your topic.
Point out what is important and emphasize the actions you want the reader/listener to take in the handout. Do NOT leave it up to them to make connections and conclusions for themselves. Spell it out on your handout.

You will need 3 items to turn in for a grade.

1)a one page overview, which should outline your presentation. It can be in outline form, or creatively graphic, or just a list, but keep it simple (it should not be cluttered). It should center on your message by listing the major points, not details. Give a definition of the element of grammar and list the issues regarding the topic and the stages you will follow.

2)a Handout (3 pages) detailing your outline that includes topic and its definition, again. Example sentences with errors to be corrected by reader/listeners. Stages should appear to walk them through the problems with this element on the handout.

3) a Quiz with 5 example sentences with errors to be correct by reader/listener. This measuring instrument should assess the learning of a reader/listener from your ability to deliver the material effectively.

HINT: What is the problem? If you are unsure about what to research or present, then always ask yourself, What is the problem about this element of grammar? Why do people make grammatical errors on this element? Use the Internet and the Purdue OWL (online writing lab); it has handouts for you to use.

You are submitting this assignment in writing, but it also should be a script that someone could use to present orally. To review, it should be 5 pages in all. Five pages, 50 points, there seems to be a relationship in that ratio.

Elements of Grammar List


Double Negatives

Subject / Verb Agreement

Parallel Structures

Pronoun Agreement (Agreement in Number, Person and Gender)


Run-ons / Comma Splice

Dangling Participles


Adjectives / Adverbs


Pronoun Reference

Objective Case

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Title: Non Fiction Writing Exercises

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Essay Instructions: This order is really two separate one-page assignments, here are the instructions: For the first page, use the following eight essential rules for good writing taken from Annie Dillard's "Notes for Young Writers" Introduction to In Fact: The Best of Creative Nonfiction. For each, explain why its important, and see if you can come up with an example for each to illustrate your point.
-Learn grammar. Get a grammar book and read it two or three times a year.
-Check the spelling; proofread. Get someone else to proofread, too. Don't use passive verb constructions. You can rewrite any sentence. Don't misspell dialect. Let the syntax and words suggest the pronunciation.
-Learn punctuation; it is your little drum set, one of the few tools you have to signal the reader where the beats and emphases go.
-Don't use any extra words. A sentence is like a machine; it has a job to do. An extra word in a sentence is like a sock in a machine.
-Write for readers. Ask yourself how every sentence and every line will strike the reader.
-The more you read, the more you will write. The better the stuff you read, the better the stuff you will write.
-For fiction, poetry, or nonfiction, the more research you do, the more materials you will have to play with.
-The way to a reader's emotions is, oddly enough, through the senses. Always locate the reader in time and space- again
and again. Beginning writers rush in to feelings, to interior lives. Instead, stick to surface appearances; hit the five senses; give the history of the person and the place, and the look of the person and the place. Use first and last names. As you write, stick everything in a place and a time.

For the second page, I'm going to describe and upload (and send it to you via e-mail attachment) a photograph. Examine it closely, noticing details that others might miss. Which aspects of the photo fit your memory of the time or person? Which aspects don't fit your memory of the person or time? Some questions to consider and potentially raise while you write: What does the disparity between image and memory tell you about people and memory? About life? How does or did that understanding change over time? Dig deeply into the photo- describe it in sensory detail so that everyone can "see" it. Describe your memory in sensory detail so that everyone can "live" it... connect with the reader and evoke their appetites most of all. Use all of this information below that I am giving you, plus the picture that I am sending you to answer the above questions. The photograph is of me and my best friend Katy Jones. We have been best friends since we were four-years old, and we are both now twenty-three going on twenty-four next year in 2010. Katy and her family used to live right around the corner from us on St. Andrews Circle, my family lives on Indian Wells Circle. Katy and her family moved to Rockford, Illinois from Elgin, Illinois in 2005-2006. The picture was taken during Christmas either when we were in Kindergarten or First Grade (1991-1992). Over the past twenty years, our friendship has gone through numerous ups and downs; there were times where we grew apart, made new friends, and didn't even speak to each other due to some silly, trivial issues. In other words, looking back the things that we fought over in grade school, middle school, and high school seem childish and trivial now in comparison to the the problems that we are currently facing as adults/grown women. And even after all that, she is still my best friend to this day and will be my best friend for life. The picture basically tells the story of our twenty-year friendship; true friends nowadays are really hard to come by, best friends especially. If you have friends, then consider yourself lucky, if you have a best friend or multiple best friends, then that is truly something special.

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Katy Jones and I are best friends. We spent every Christmas together at both her house and mine, because our families used to live right around the corner from each other in Elgin, Illinois. Her house was on St. Andrews Circle, and mine was on Wells Circle. When this picture was taken, Katy and I were in first grade and were an inseparable pair. She did nothing without me, and I did nothing without her. We laughed like one person, always in harmony with each other when we played with our toys or in the yard. Our bond remained strong until middle school.

Come middle school our friendship changed. I hung around in one clique, and Katy in another. We had arguments, and we went long times without speaking to one another. Scenes like the one depicted in this photo would have been a distant memory, and neither of us would have felt sentimental. We were adolescents, and silly. The bond between us seemed at times to break entirely. Her family moved to Rockford in 2005 and that could have been the end of our friendship.

Thankfully, it was not. Time and growth have made our friendship more mature. We spend a lot of time laughing together like we used to, and this time what we laugh about includes the petty grievances we used to fight over. Twenty years after this first grade Christmas party, Katy Jones and I are still best friends. Better than any other photograph of Katy and I, this one best represents the timelessness of our friendship because of the symbolism of the evergreen tree and of Christmas.

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Title: Pedagoic grammar and written and spoken discourse for english language teaching

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Essay Instructions: We will offer A LOT more for this one!!

Someone please take!!!!

Email for the source.

Here is the paper instruction:

For this Project, you should focus on any two parts of the course except those which have been dealt with in the first two assignments. You can, therefore, choose from the following five parts:

? Pedagogic grammar;

? Written and spoken discourse for English language teaching;

? Sociolinguistics and English as an international language;

? Psycholinguistics and second language acquisition;

? Literature and language arts in English.

Choose any TWO parts of the course listed above, then:

a Give an analytical account of the key concepts and issues in each part. (30%)

b Write a detailed analysis of some selected text(s) written for learners of English based on the concepts and issues you have highlighted in (a). (70%)


? You are strongly advised to begin planning your Project early in the course, and you may find it helpful to look out for a relevant text(s) as you study each area.

? The text(s) you choose for analysis will not be counted towards the 5,000 word limit.

? The Project must be completed in extended writing, not in note form.

Guidance notes

The guidance provided here is, of necessity, general in nature because students are likely to vary widely in both the areas covered and the nature of the texts used. However, your tutor will provide more individualized guidance in tutorials.

This Project gives you an opportunity to examine what you consider to be the most significant content, concepts and issues in two parts of the course and apply them in text analysis.

? For Part (a), you should first review the coverage of all five parts listed above and then choose two which are of most interest to you, or which you consider to be most useful in completing Part (b) of this Project. You should then review all the related reading materials and write an analytical essay on the key concepts and issues in your two selected parts. In your answer, you may consider the two parts separately or attempt to integrate them. Whatever approach you adopt, your answers should demonstrate clearly your understanding of the language knowledge covered in the two areas.

? In answering Part (b), you should first choose a piece of text or series of texts which you wish to analyse. You can choose any texts that could be used to help your learners, or any school pupils, to learn English (e.g. extracts from English textbooks or stories for children and adolescents, newspapers/magazines). There is no fixed requirement as regards the length of texts to be selected, but they should allow you, in analysing them, to draw on a range of concepts/issues from your answer to Part (a).

Before you start analysing the text(s) you have chosen, you should be very clear about the purpose(s) of your analysis.

As you analyse your selected text(s), you should make full use of the concepts and issues you raised in Part (a), and consider the extent to which your analysis is significant to you as an English language learner and/or teacher (or future teacher) from both academic and practical perspectives.

? Your report on Part (b) should be along the following lines:

? Introduction

? A brief description of the text(s) to be analysed, including, for example, its (their) nature and content, and the target learners.

? The purpose of your analysis

? Your analysis of the text(s). This should include illustrative examples drawn from the text(s), and should demonstrate your understanding of language concepts and issues covered in Part (a).

? Implications and conclusion. This should discuss the significance of your analysis and its implications, followed by brief concluding comments on the whole project.

This is a term project for a Post-graduated certificate course and concern about the hongkong situation. moreover, that's related to the ESL teaching and learning

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Excerpt From Essay:


DeRolf, Judith D. (1995) English Communication Through Practical Experiences Kanto Gakuin Univeristy, Yokohama Japan 1995 March No. 24.

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Introduction; Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Online available at

Mi-Young, Kim & Herman, Charles E. (2005) Teacher Perceptual Comparisons toward Two Specific Communicative and Whole Language Dimensions in ESL Instruction. Online available at

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The Dynamics of Learner Varieties (2005) Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Online available at

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Pedagogic Grammar and Written and Spoken Discourse for English Language

Pedagogic, Grammar, Written and Spoken Discourse for English Language

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