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Essay Instructions: Hi I need a 100 % NON PLAGARIZED PAPER. I paid 150 already to a company and when I sent it to turnit in at the school that is what it was 100% plagarized so I spent money for nothing. HEre is the thesis statement if you can use it great if not I need a strong thesis statemetn that tells what the paper will be about.
Thesis Statement- In today’s society the debate of grade inflation has been a long standing issue, one of these debates are whether teachers should lower standards or for students to enhance performance. Since grade inflation is uniform between subject matter how does it affect us as future teachers or further more as students?

I need advantages & disadvantages too
I need examples in the paper
I need a conclusion of why it is not justified

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

Kohn, Alfie. (2002, Nov 18). "The dangerous myth of grade inflation." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 49.1: B7. Retrieved 15 Mar 2008 at

Merrow, John (2007). "Grade inflation: It's not just an issue for the Ivy League." Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Retrieved 15 Mar 2008 at

Rojstacze, Stuart. (2002). "National trends in grade inflation, American colleges and universities." Last update, March 17, 2003. Retrieved 15 Mar 2008 at

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Title: Grade inflation and it's effects on McGill University

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Essay Instructions: POSITION PAPER
Position Paper (15%) Assume that McGill’s Principal, Dr. Heather Monroe-Blum, has issued an open invitation
to McGill students to express their opinions on academic integrity and grade inflation ??" two areas that pose
major problems for both universities and their students. She is looking for short (1- to 2-page) position papers
that will tell her how concerned McGill students are about these issues, exactly what they think the problems are,
and how they would like to see the problems resolved. Choose only one of these topics, either “academic
integrity” or “grade inflation.” Read at least five short articles on your topic. Then write a memo or a letter
expressing your views on the subject to Dr. Monroe-Blum. Remember that you are not writing an essay on your
topic. You are examining how your topic affects McGill. You are taking a position, expressing your opinions,
making useful suggestions to your reader. Include a short annotated bibliography in APA style with your paper.
1. Topic: Be sure to narrow your topic and define it clearly for the reader. For example,
you cannot say everything about academic integrity (honesty); it is just too broad a topic.
You might discuss cheating on exams, or copying papers from the Internet, or not giving
proper credit to your sources, or buying term papers. You might talk about how
technology is affecting students’ honesty. You might talk about photocopying textbooks
or parts of textbooks to save money, or selling or sharing your class notes with a student
who hasn’t attended class.
There are many, many ways to practice honesty in school or to be dishonest, but you
cannot discuss them all in a short paper. In the beginning of the paper, define your topic
and tell the reader which two or three aspects you are going to cover.
2. Organization: Remember to use memo headings if you are writing a memo. Use
letter format for a letter. Arrange your argument in a persuasive structure. The easiest
pattern is probably the problem-solving framework you used for your last assignment:
Define the problem and subproblems.
Explain why it is significant to you and your reader.
Explore the causes.
State the most likely solutions.
Give the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.
Recommend the best solution or solutions.
3. McGill Connection: Don’t forget that you are writing specifically about how your
topic applies to McGill. The Principal doesn’t want a paper on the topic of academic
integrity. McGill has several papers on this topic published on its website already. (See )
She wants to know how YOU feel about the topic, what YOU think is wrong, what YOU
would like to change about the way McGill is handling the problem.
4. Documentation: Don’t forget to support your argument with information from your
sources. Be sure you don’t just repeat what your sources say, but use the information to

Need A S A P please


Jean-Yves Laliberté

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Dresner, J. (2004, 08-02). Grade Inflation: Why It's a Nightmare. Retrieved 12-02, 2010, from fortyquestions, s. (2010, 11-08). When Grade Inflation Really Began. Retrieved 12 2, 2010, from

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Title: Grade inflation

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Essay Instructions: I have three articles you need read.
First one:
Published on Science 2.0 (
Home > Social Sciences > Science Education & Policy > Chemical Education > The Causes And Consequences Of Grade Inflation

The Causes And Consequences Of Grade Inflation
By Enrico Uva
Created Jun 11 2012 - 2:00am
Source URL:

Second one:
Does England Have the Solution to the Grade-Inflation Problem?
By Heidi Tworek
This article available online at:
Copyright ? 2014 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. All Rights Reserved.

third one:
?A's for Everyone!? by Alicia C. Shepard

pay attention:
When you use reference you have to use those reference from those three articles.


In the three texts we?ve read for this unit, Shepard, Uva, and Tworek each share their views on the issue of grade inflation and its potential effects on schools. For this assignment, develop an argument that 1) expresses a position on the effects of grade inflation on people and society and 2) supports your position with evidence from these texts (and from your own personal experience if you can).

* Do you think grade inflation has had a positive or negative effect on the way people learn?
* Do you think that the evidence proving the existence of grade inflation is convincing?
* What are the causes and consequences of grade inflation?

Support your position with evidence from the texts. You will need to employ synthesizing techniques (not a summary of each author?s entire article) by organizing your argument around topics and common themes, and identifying connections among the texts. This means that not everything the author writes in his or her article will be relevant to your essay. Take a position on this issue, and support your choice in position with evidence from the texts. You will also need to counter-argue the viewpoints that are different than your position. That is, you will need to acknowledge what other people believe and then explain why your position is best.

The best way to accomplish this is to organize your paper by IDEAS/THEMES rather than sources.


? ?A's for Everyone!? by Alicia C. Shepard (textbook)
? ?The Causes and Consequences of Grade Inflation? by Enrico Uva (Blackboard)
? ?Does England have the solution to the grade-inflation problem?? by Heidi Tworek (Blackboard)


You are writing in a semi-academic tone for people who come from educated backgrounds. Imagine you are writing for a well-respected opinion section of a magazine or newspaper.

Paper Length and Format

Your essay will be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one inch margins.
Your essay will be 4 full pages long, not including the Reference page.
Your essay will include a References page in APA format.
You will give your paper a title and you will STAPLE YOUR PAPER.
You must submit both a paper (hard copy) and electronic copy of the essay.
Intro 1-2 paragraphs
1.Identify the larger discussion
2.provide thesis statement that states your position on the issue.

Body your essay will have several body paragraphs. Each paragraph should have the following.
1.topic sentence.
2,One piece of evidence from the text that supports this reason.
3.Explanation of how the evidence connect to your topic sentence.
4.Transition to second piece of evidence from the text that supports this reason
5.Explanation of how the evidence connects to your topic sentence.
6.Connection of reason(topic sentence)and evidence to your thesis statement.

Acknowledge an opposing view
1.topic sentence(opposition's reason)
2.Evidence for opposition's reason
3.Explanation for why this evidence/reason should not be believed
4.Evidence that supports the writer's position
5.Connection of topic sentence to counterargument (this shows why readers should agree with the writer

1. restate your position(thesis statement)
2.Offer a brief summary of the reasons you offered( this is what you announced in your topic sentence) do not just copy them though!
3.Use one of the following: call to action, point out wider significance, suggest consequence ,etc.

Getting started
Thesis statement :
Where do you stand? Is grade inflation and issue? You may agree or disagree

topic sentence:
provide 4 reason.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Shepard, A. (2005). A's for Everyone! The Washington Post. Retrieved from:

Tworek, H. (2014). Does England have the solution to the grade-inflation problem? The Atlantic.

Retrieved from:

Uva, E. (2012). The causes and consequences of grade inflation. Science20. Retrieved from:

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Title: Today's education

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  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Essay 1: Narrative Argument about Education
Draft an approximately 1000 word 4 pages narrative essay in response to the following prompt: Use a personal narrative to state your views in response to one of the assigned readings on education. You may use one or more of the authors for the readings in the course up to this point. Be sure to cite fully all quotations, summaries, and paraphrases used within on the essay.
As you compose your essay, be sure to:
• Follow the appropriate formatting style for your degree program APA.
• Use signal phrases and proper in-text citations, and make sure you include a References or Works Cited page.
• Use the Grading Rubric, Outline Suggestions, and Proofreading Checklist to draft and revise the essay.
• Include your thesis statement and outline on a separate page at the end of the document.
• Type your degree program and which style is APA in the “Submission TitleThis

The essay is based on this two article.

Aticle 1 The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation

Article 2 What Does it Mean to Be Well-Educated?

I. Introduction
A. Interest-catcher that relates to your thesis
B. Sentence that connects your interest-catcher to your thesis
C. Your thesis, which identifies the topic and reveals the central claim you are making
about the issue
D. Overview of your main points (optional)

II. Several Body Paragraphs with Main Supporting Points (Remember that these should support the claim you’ve made in your thesis!)
A. Topic sentence introducing the focus of the paragraph in some clear way
B. Specific example(s), facts(s), story(ies) that support your point (When necessary, use
properly cited quotes, paraphrases, or summaries.)
C. Your explanation and analysis of example(s)
D. Summative sentence
*Remember to provide transitions for your reader!

III. Body Paragraph(s) Discussing Opposition (This could also be addressed before your supporting points. There are other possibilities for organization, but it takes great care to make the flow of thoughts understandable to the reader, so we will just start with these.)
A. Topic sentence identifying opposing viewpoint
B. Explanation as to why you disagree
C. Examples, facts, stories that support your reason for disagreement
D. Summative sentence
*Remember transition(s).

IV. Conclusion
A. Sums up what you talked about in your body paragraphs
B. Reiterates your thesis in different words
C. Drives home any final thoughts or call for action

1. Clearly shows my opinion
2. Tells a story that reflects my opinion
3. Contains pathos (emotional) appeals
4. Contains ethos (values/belief) appeals
5. Contains logos (factual) appeals
6. Title reflects my issue and opinion
7. If using APA, contains properly formatted title and abstract pages
8. Double-spaced
9. Margins are 1 inch wide on all sides
10. Font is New Times Roman 12
11. References/Works Cited page includes all sources used for this essay.
12. Spellchecked

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Excerpt From Essay:


Kohn, Alfie. (2002, November 8). "The dangerous myth of grade inflation." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 49(11): B7.

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