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Title: government spending

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Essay Instructions: Please use this outline as a guide to write the paper.


THESIS: Government spending can affect in a positive or negative way the overall economy.
I. This research paper has the intention to analyze how the government spends the money they get from different sources and how this expenditure affects the overall economy. General question would be if the government spends more money, should the economy grow? There are some sources that would give a positive answer, but some other are skeptic to this myth based on real world situations. During the progress of this research paper I plan to cite some authors that emphasize in the positive and negative impact of government spending in our overall economy.
II. How the government spends the money and what is the origin of this money.
III. Sources of economy growth.
IV. Economy can not grow without increased private investment and consumption.
V. Conclusions will be made based on findings throughout the development of the paper.

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Title: essay waistful government spending national debt unmanageable federal budget unsustainable

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Essay Instructions: essay about waistful government spending and how the national debt is unmanageable, how the federal budget is unsustainable.

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Title: economics

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Essay Instructions: Questions #5

Assume that a country has a marginal propensity to consume of 0.90. It has an aggregate demand (AD) shortfall of $1.5 trillion.

a) Can the country eliminate the shortfall using government spending only? How? What about using tax policy only?
b) What if the AD shortfall results in an increase in unemployment benefits of $165 billion? Will this change alone wipe out the shortfall? Why or why not?
c) What is the only possible way to eliminate the shortfall if the government wants to keeps it budget perfectly balanced. How do you know?
d) If the government increases discretionary spending by $180 billion, will it need to raise or cut taxes? By how much? What if, due to election year pressures, it did not want to increase spending by more that $100 billion? How, then, is the AD shortfall eliminated?

Question #6

a) What is the effect on the money supply (M2) of a new $10,000 bank deposit?
b) What will be the eventual effect on the money supply assuming that the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) is 0.08 and that all banks lend out all their excess reserves?
c) Assume, in addition, that the Federal Reserve raises the discount rate to the point where banks will all now hold an additional four percent of total deposits on reserve (to avoid having to borrow from the Fed at the higher rate if they get caught short of reserves). How does this change the answer to (B)?
d) Do increases in the discount of federal funds rates influence other interest rates in any way? How about the selling of government bonds by the Federal Reserve? Explain how?


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Title: 4 Seperate Questions

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Essay Instructions: Please Number the responses to these questions. Thank You

1) How does a government budget surplus affect the economy? How does a government budget deficit affect the economy? How would (or should) your company react differently to a government budget surplus vs. a deficit?
2) Why do Classical economists draw a vertical aggregate supply curve? Why do Keynesian economists draw a horizontal aggregate supply curve?
3) How may an increase in government spending lead to a greater increase in GDP? What can companies do to take advantage of this?
4) What factors potentially limit the effect of fiscal policy (i.e. crowding out, the effects of financing government spending)? Give examples of how this would affect businesses.

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