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Title: government corruption in the US and Mexico

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Essay Instructions: Below are some of the questions I need to answer and include in my research paper. Also, you can include any other data you collect.

It is documented by the media outside and inside those countries and many scholars that there is corruption in the US and Mexico. It's also reported that millions of dollars are suspected of being involved in corrupt political activities while reports of government corruption barely last a day or two in the news. This lack of media interest coverage could be due to numerous accounts of political corruption to the point where these activities are almost considered mainstream and expectation by the population. Therefore, in my research I want to explore why government corruption is common in the US and Mexico and analyze other countries perception of government about those countries. Why do government officials in the US and Mexico tend to be corrupt and what is the political climate that enables them to do so? What are the current trends in government corruption in the US and Mexico? What are the effects of government corruption on the respective countries government officials' families and relationships? What policies, in respect to the government corruption in the US and Mexico are being implemented to deter government corruption?

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Title: International Criminal Organizations

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Essay Instructions: Utilize following focal points

Explain the rise of international criminal organizations in Mexico

Explain how poverty and /or government corruption in Mexico created fertile ground for gangs and cartels

How effective has the Mexican government been in combating criminal organizations

Has the activities of criminal organizations affected the nation's stability as a whole or is this common misconception or media hype

What are the national security ramifications concerning the United States given Mexico's close proximity( specifically address the potential spillover of cartel related activities, also migrant and drug smuggling across the border)

6th addition APA format and style throughout
paper organized using 5-7 headings (ie introduction, Conclusion or Recommendations, and the 3-4 main aspects of your research)

Also if possible of the 8 required sources use information from at least two free sources such as websites or free downloadable reports

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Title: Cultural Study of Greece

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3813 Sources: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The country is Greece also could you please put an abstract in the paper I added an extra page into the price for it thank you

you must analyze a wide variety of variables that are of interest to Denali Products. Based on your analysis of these variables Denali executives would like for you to make a recommendation regarding both the short- and long-term feasibility of establishing operations and locations in the Country.

Section 1 Country Demographics and Key Statistics (3 to 5 pages)

Briefly describe significant characteristics of your country that are advantageous for locating a business in the country. Do not just copy and paste information from the Internet. Organize your presentation into a logical flow that best represents competitive advantage for Denali Products.

Country Geography. Describe major cities, terrain, climate and other information that provides a basis for making recommendations about where to locate. Discuss transportation options within the Country and suitability of roads, trains, etc.

The People. Describe the population size, nationality, growth rate, ethnic groups, religion, language, education level, literacy percentage, and life expectancy. Describe the work situation among the people ? if they are employed in agrarian occupations, the level of manufacturing and technology among the population and so forth.

The Government.. Describe the government type, branches, political parties, stability, level of social unrest and the degree of bureaucracy. Determine the level of government corruption that exists and other factors such as areas of the Country that are ungoverned or lawless.

Economy. Describe the Country?s economy. Include charts showing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the last three years. Describe the inflation and currency stability situation. Identify natural resources, exports, imports, major trading partners, and major manufacturing operations.

Legal Environment. Describe the effectiveness and stability of the Country?s legal system, protection of property rights, enforcement of contracts and any other factors related to the rule of law. This is particularly important to Denali Products in terms of ensuring that it can operate and expect protections afforded by the Country?s legal system.

Section 2 Business Characteristics and Suitability (3 to 5 pages)

Identify potential location(s) within the county and the benefits of those locations. At a minimum, discuss the following:

Skill Levels, Labor Cost and Competitiveness of the Labor Environment.Discuss the labor environment within your chosen country. Will Denali be able to hired educated and qualified personnel? Describe the salary averages and the economic benefit of employing local employees.

Consumer Characteristics: Describe the Country from a consumer perspective. Will there be suitable consumer sentiment toward new and diverse businesses, especially ones that are international rather than national? What are the general characteristics of the consumers in your country?

Infrastructure and Utilities. Discuss availability of commercial real estate, level and quality of highway infrastructure, access to ports and airports, housing availability for workers, etc.. Describe the situation regarding utilities including reliability, quality, and cost. Be sure to address electricity, water, and gasoline availability and cost.

Taxes and Fees. Describe all national, local, taxes and other fees. Be sure to include any economic development incentives offered by the country.

Section 3 Cultural Factors (3 to 5 pages)

Discuss cultural characteristics and how they might influence or impact the decision to do business in the Country.

General Cultural Characteristics.Describe the Country?s culture. Explain the basis for the culture; discuss any variations in culture across different geographic locations and any potential cultural tensions within the Country. Discuss languages, religions, educational approach, mores and values, gender roles and perspectives, family characteristics and any other relevant cultural characteristics. Discuss the degree to which there are cultural tensions either long-standing or evolving from immigration patterns and policies of recent years. Compare and contrast the Country?s culture to the U.S. culture.

Cultural Considerations from an Employer Perspective: Focus on Cultural Considerations from an Employer-Employee perspective. This means that you need to take into account the cultural work habits of employees in your chosen country. For example, European countries have very generous leave (holiday) policies. Other countries have minimum wage requirements, employees may be more or less reliable, and so forth. There may be religious considerations or gender-based work considerations in other countries (e.g., Muslim countries). So be sure to focus Section 3 on the challenges in terms of hiring, supervising, compensating, and dealing with employees in your chosen country.

Cultural Considerations from a Consumer Perspective. Discuss the extent to which citizens are likely to respond to traditional marketing activities, how well they are likely to embrace the range of products sold by Denali Products, and any other factors that might be worth noting from a consumer perspective. Does the Country have a modern or non-modern culture? How does this impact businesses that currently exist within the Country?

As explained the Template that you will use to write your report, this information will position you to make recommendations to Denali Products executives regarding the benefits and challenges of locating in the Country.

Summary and Recommendations

Go back through the sections of your report and identify the major issues that Denali executives must recognize in deciding whether to locate in this Country. Summarize those key factors in a logical and thoughtful manner.

Make recommendations regarding a) whether Denali Products should locate in the Country, b) Which products and services are likely to do well and which are unlikely to do well, c) Where Denali should initially locate its businesses and d) the basis for your recommendations. Include any caveats or considerations that the executives should keep in mind in terms of moving forward with your recommendations.

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Essay Instructions: find one example of white collar crime, computer crime, or government corruption in the media or online. Analyze your chosen case and determine the following:

What are the facts of the case? (What actually happened?)
What did the court decide if it has been adjudicated?
How did the nature of the offense affect how the police conducted the investigations - special warrants, computer or accounting skills, etc.?

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