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Title: Drew Faust remarks presence fear death touched Civil War Americans fundamental sense threat termination transformation death inevitably inspired scrutiny definition p xv Seeking understand Americans struggled comprehend death Faust considers individuals confronted dying killing

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Essay Instructions: Drew Faust remarks that ?the presence and fear of death touched Civil War Americans? most fundamental sense of who they were, for in its threat of termination and transformation, death inevitably inspired self-scrutiny and self-definition? (p.xv). Seeking to understand how Americans struggled to comprehend death, Faust first considers how individuals confronted dying and killing. Individuals? reactions underpinned a constellation of transformations in society, culture, and politics. This paper will first consider how the Civil War and its magnitude disrupted Victorian notions of the ?good death? to then understand how Americans met the challenges of death and dying. So, too, though, must the writer grapple with the complexities of and reactions to the ?new and different moral universe? created by war (p.267). Ultimately, this paper should be a meditation on death and war and an explanation of the republic of suffering. Please bolster your response by utilizing the primary sources found in the course reader Stanley Harrold. The Civil War and Reconstruction: A Documentary Reader. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2008. 978-1405156639.

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Title: euthanasia

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Essay Instructions: This is a 9 page paper on euthanasia. I will be faxing resource material to you tomorrow. Do not use any other references in the paper, but what I fax to you. The word "euthanasia" comes from two roots: eu (meaning "good" or "easy") and thanatos (meaning "death"). Ned Cassem believes that "there is such a thing as a good death" (Stein, 20). Explain what Cassem means by a "good death" and then compare and contrast the ways in which his prespective agrees with or differs from those of the other 3 authors in this set. Your essay should make specific reference to all 4 readings in this set. Also include a thesis statement and use as many quotes as necessary with page # and author, properly and explain them. Answer the question directly and fully. Organize an argument in a clear and appropriate sequence of ideas.
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Works Cited

Hook, S. "In Defense of Voluntary Euthanasia." The New York Times 1 March 1987: 7-13.

Kass, L.R. "Why Doctors Must Not Kill." Commonwealth 118 (1991): 8-12.

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Stein, C. "Ending a Life." The Boston Globe Magazine 14 March 1999: 13-21.

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Title: Plato's View of Death with Dignity vs Sherwin B Nuland's How We Die

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Essay Instructions: The text is Sherwin Nuland's "How We Die". The second is Plato's "Euthyphro, Crito, and Apology" on the Death of Socrates. **How would you characterize Nuland's "world view," and in what way does it influence his account (spell it out) of a "good death" or "death with dignity." Compare his view with that of Socrates. What criticisms would you make of Nuland's view of the good death (or death with dignity)? If you have no criticisms, explain why you think his view is most reasonable. {By a world view we understand a more or less systematic description of reality as a whole (of the totality of what exists, or what you have to or can deal with in your life), including what it is best for human beings to be and to do (what "reasonable" or "good people" in our social group, are and do).} The paper should be 8 pages double-spaced Times New Roman. **Break the assignment down into its parts, and write from one to one and a half pages on each part. Or, balance it out however you see fit for the integrity of your essay. Please make sure to use embedded quotes and partial ones they all need to be footnoted. Quotes are important especially from Nuland but the whole paper shouldnt be quotes. Also a full quote which should not be used much shouldnt be double spaced. Thanks! Please help A Bibliography is needed!!!

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Works Cited:


Sherwin B. Nuland. How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter. 1993, ISBN: 0679742441

Plato. The Last Days of Socrates. Ed, Hugh Tredennick and Harold Tarrant. New York: Penguin Books, 1993.

Treddenick, Hugh (Tr.). Last Days of Socrates. Accessed on 6-2-2004 at

Canavan, Francis. Letting Go: How We Die. First Things 44 (June/July 1994): 54-56.

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Title: Human Behavior

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Essay Instructions: This is really not a research paper. The questions need to be stated then answered in research format. Each answer to the questions should be at least 2 pages double spaced with at least 2 references and all the references must be in APA format on one seperate page.

In answering the questions, the appropriate social work theories and concepts and critical thinkings skills must be used.

1. Explain why children in the early-school-aged period may be especially vulnerable to fluctuations in self-esteem and feelings of "worthlessness".

2. Describle what is meant by the concept of "a good death." How do hospice care and euthanasia help a person who is suffering a slow, painful death trajectory affect the effort to achieve a good death?

3. Discuss the concept of intimacy. Why is it important in development? What skills may result from achieving intimacy? What are the difficulties in achieving a sense of intimacy? What effect may one's resolution of the crises of intimacy versus isolation have on later development?

4. Discuss the relationship of gang memberhip to the psychosocial needs of early adolescence. Compare and contrast how gang membership is similar to and different from other types of group identification?

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Barker, E.D., Tremblay, R.E., Nagin, D.S., Vitaro, F., & Lacourse, E. (2006). Development of male proactive and reactive physical aggression during adolescence. Journal Of Child Psychology And Psychiatry, 47(8), 783-790. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7610.2005.01585.x

Craig, W.M., Vitaro, F., Gagnon, C., & Tremblay, R.E. (2002). The road to gang membership: Characteristics of male gang and nongang members from ages 10 to 14. Social Development, 11(1), 53-68. doi:10.1111/1467-9507.00186

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