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Title: Going After Cacciato

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Essay Instructions: This should be a well documented essay that discusses what Paul Berlin learned about courage and being courageous in the Tim O' Brien novel titled "Going After Cacciato". At least one direct quote from the novel must be included.

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Title: Going After Cacciato Heart of Darkness Apocalypse Now

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Essay Instructions: I would rather Writergrrl101 write the paper please...

Going After Cacciato, Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now

You must use examples from all three works (GAC, HD, AN) being analyzed.

The essay:

? Should have a thesis that makes a clear argument (note: argument not description or summary?you must be attempting to convince your reader of a specific claim)
? Should provide strong textual evidence to illustrate and advance your reading
? Should engage all three texts
? Should have a pithy title
? Should have a convincing argument; and insightful, interesting, and complex argument that answers the following prompt

an author/narrator/director makes choices when telling a story. These choices are similar to those made by a travelers, who choose what to see, what to ignore, and how to interpret the places, people, and events through which they travel. All three of these works (GAC, HD, AN) take us, as readers, on proxy journeys that retrace the physical or dreamt journeys of their characters. The choices made in these works emphasize some strands of the events being narrated, while hiding others. The order in which details are revealed, the details that are emphasized, the details that are omitted, the perspective from which events or characters are viewed?all of these choices limit and focus our vision as readers and tell us about the values, prejudices, and psychology of the speaker/narrator/author/director (keep in mind who is ?making? these choices?while the author or director is certainly behind the choices made in the text, these choices may represent the narrator?s or protagonist?s perspective rather than that of the author?s perspective). You should choose, in each of the three works, a choice (or pattern of choices) made to emphasize, erase, order, or tint some element of the events being narrated. Who is ?making? these choices: the narrator, a character who is narrating a portion of the work, the author, the director? As you compare and contrast the choices you have selected from the three works, analyze what these choices tell us about the perspective of the people making them (what are their values, prejudices, expertise, point of ignorance, etc.).

Please don't use strong words...

And also the paper should be newly written and only I should have an access to it.

Here are the links to the books and the movie for you

Going After Cacciato

Heart of Darkness

Apocalypse Now

Thanks a lot...

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Title: Going After Cacciato

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Essay Instructions: I need an essay written about Tim O'brien's novel "Going after Cacciato". It needs to be 4 pages 1.5 spacing with Font size 12 Times New Roman. I will need to have at least 2 outside souces cited in the essay and must have at least 2 quotes cited in the essay.

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Essay Instructions: Part I: Walker's "Everyday Use" examines a generation clash within a family. What does Dee (Wangero) mean when she implies that her mother and sister "don't understand" their "heritage"? Why do you think this has suddenly become important to Dee?

Part II: O'Brien's "Going After Cacciato" focuses on the experience of Paul Berlin during the Vietnam War. This section, "Night March" depicts Paul's first day. What is significant about how this chapter is structured - is it completely linear? What purpose do Paul's day dreams serve? Why does Paul attempt to keep himself distant from the other men? What does Cacciato mean when he tells Paul, "You'll do fine... You got a terrific sense of humor"? How is humor important?

Part III: Beattie's "Janus" examines man's relation to the physical things around them. What is Andrea's relationship with the bowl? How does it compare to her relationships to the men in her life? Though written in 1986, how does this story speak to our modern sense of materialism?

Part IV: Cisnero's "Woman Howling Creek" follows a woman during her marriage. How is the title significant? What is the significance of Cleofilas remembering her father and childhood at the beginning of the story? How do Cleofilas and Felice differ?

Excerpt From Essay:

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