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Title: Global warming

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Essay Instructions: Global Warming: Fact, Fiction or Politics?
This paper will discuss with a passionate voice the devastating impact of global warming if it is occuring and why it is important to really understand and examine the facts, fiction and politics of the discussion. This paper will conclude with an analysis of the two sides of the scientific debate, along with the political debate, and will attempt to provide a reader a deeper understanding of the issues of Global warming away from the rhetoric that is heard everyday.

Please include Richard Lindzen's argument in this paper

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Cohen, Neal (2007) What Will it Cost to Fight Global Warming? Talk of the Nation (NPR)

Dewar, Heather (1995) Global warming has already begun, U.N. scientific report warns.(Originated from Knight-Ridder Newspapers) Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service

Flavin, Christopher (1990) Slowing global warming. American Forests

Goode, Stephen, (2004) Singer Cool on Global Warming; Renowned scientist Fred Singer heats up the debate on a controversial topic by showing why the popular theory on global warming is not backed by scientific evidence.(PICTURE PROFILE)

Insight on the News

Knox, John (2006) Living in a globally warmed world.(about global warming)

Phi Kappa Phi Forum

Lindsay, James (2001) Global warming heats up: uncertainties, both scientific and political, lie ahead. Brookings Review

Lindzen, Richard (2006) Climate of Fear

Global-warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence. Wall Street Journal.

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Title: Global Warming

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Essay Instructions: global warming is the topic but it must not just be a list of effects the paper must have a purpose a thesis

each paragraph must have a minimum of 2- 3 parenthetical citations,
each paragraph should have an opening claim followed by the evidence the citations and then a closing statement.

at least two quotations
one title page
one outline
body of paper must be 7 pages
one work cited page

must have 7 sources, one source must be a book, one source must be a primary source such as a statiscial study,

be aware professor will check against website that checks for plagerism,

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Current Events. Causes of Global Warming. Weekly Reader Corporation: Gale Group, April 22, 2007

Environment. Global Warming: Sun Takes Some Heat. Heldref Publications: Gale Group, 2004

Manzi, Jim. What Conservatives Should Do About Global Warming. National Review: National Review, Inc., 2007

Perkins, Sid. Dead Heat: the Health Consequences of Global Warming Could Be Many. Science News: Science Service, Inc., July 3, 2004

Science World. What Causes Global Warming?. Scholastic, Inc.: Gale Group, February 12, 2001

Townsend Letter to Doctors and Patients. Childhood Asthma "Epidemic" Among Inner City Youths Seen in Absence of Steps to Curb Global Warming, Fossil Fuel Use. The Townsend Letter Group: Gale Group, November 2005

Weidenbaum, Murray. Scientific Uncertainties and Policy Controversies Over Global Warming. USA Today: Society for the Advancement of Education, July 2005

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Title: Global warming

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Essay Instructions: Global warming is another topic of intense interest. Write a 2 page report addressing the following:

- What statement is at the root of the controversy? Why?

- Name one term or phrase that is misunderstood and explain how this misunderstanding increases the controversy. Is this term or phrase completely encompassed by science (that is, is it exclusively a scientific concept)?

- How does biology affect this controversy? Is biology the only factor in this controversy? If not, what other fields of knowledge influence this controversy?

- From what you have discovered about this controversy, comment on the role of science in society. For example, should science reign supreme? How do we decide if there is disagreement among scientists? Should there be limits to what types of research is done? How do we know if science is always objective?

- Include your online references as links.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

Chang, Kenneth. (2009, January 21). "Study finds new evidence of warming in Antarctica." The New York Times.

FAQ." Greenpeace. March 19, 2009.

Global warming. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). December 20, 2007. March 19, 2009.

Revkin, Andrew. "In climate debate, exaggeration is a pitfall." February 2009. The New York Times.

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Title: Global Warming -- it Is Authentic, but

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: formatted as a review article
article references: - scientific article and journal

topic: global warming

title: " warming up to the truth and why it's only going to get hotter"

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Excerpt From Essay:


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