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Title: Sociology

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Essay Instructions: Film Synopsis and Analysis:

In your film review, please provide a brief synopsis and, explain how the film relates to a topic, theory or concept covered in the course. Choose 1 scene to illustrate 1 or more of these terms or concepts contained in the text in relation to the film’s topic. Please follow the assignment submission guidelines and 3 C’s Guide to Writing as much as possible with this assignment. Review must be 500 words max!

American Beauty. (family issues, suburbanization, deviance/conformity)

Bamboozled. (race and ethnicity, media)

Battle of Algiers. (colonialism, social change, anti-colonial movements)

Brazil. (McDonaldization/Bureaucratization of Society)

Boys Don’t Cry. (gender, sexuality)

But I’m a Cheerleader. (gender, sexuality)

Big One, The.(class stratification, global stratification)

Catfish. (social interaction and the media)

Color of Fear, The. (race and ethnicity)

Corporation, The. (economy, global stratification)

Crash. (race and ethnicity)

El Norte. (class, migration, global stratification)

Guru, The. (Religion, race and ethnicity)

Handmaid’s Tale, The. (gender, religion)

Hate (La Haine). (race and ethnicity)

Insider, The. (deviance, media)

La Ciudad. (class, global stratification)

Life and Debt in Jamaica. (global stratification)

Outfoxed. (media)

Rabbit Proof Fence. (race and ethnicity)
Roger and Me. (class stratification)

Smoke Signals. (race and ethnicity, culture)

Stepford Wives, The. (gender, suburbanization)

Supersize Me. (culture)

Traffic. (deviance, social class)

Whale Rider. (race and ethnicity, culture)

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Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Global Inequality and Poverty

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Essay Instructions: This is the actucal assignment

The text book for this class is Society: Basics by Macionis, ISBN: 9780205003785

Paper 2: Global Inequality and Poverty .Paper on Global Inequality and Poverty

1. Read chapters 8 and 9

2. Go to: NOTE: You are not limited to only this site. You may visit other sites too. Surf this area to gain facts about stratification, poverty and conflict.

3. Type up TEN very good facts on the above topic.

4. Identify and discuss some of the causes for global inequality and poverty pointing to the specific ways in which they affect (positively and/or negatively) the life of people who live in these societies.

NOTE: You must include in your paper theoretical explanations for global inequalities (Chapter on Global stratification).

Remember to suggest ways that we can address some of these global issues.


GUIDELINES: This assignment requires critical thinking and clarity of expression. -you must have a minimum of FOUR academic sources for this paper (cited in APA style in the back of paper on a sources cited page that does not count in the minimum page count); you should also cite your source in the body of your paper after you use it (author, date of publication) as I have demonstrated in parentheses. I will accept textbook as one of your required sources. -Do not use “I” or “you” in this paper. Do NOT use any webpages, non-academic sources, non-peer-reviewed sources, encyclopedias or encyclopedia-style cites without cited authors. -Do use academic journals, books, newspaper articles and other academic sources. If you are in doubt about the quality of a source, be critical. If you are still in doubt, email me. -Essay will be at least 4 pages in length. IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO EARN AN “A” IN ONLY 2 PAGES. If earning higher than a “C” is your goal, a length of 3 high-quality pages is encouraged. -All essays will be graded on a combination of content, critical thinking, integration of information you have read and learned and your ability to write in a grammatically correct manner. -You may not turn in papers or portions of papers that you have written for other classes as original assignments in this class. -Late papers and essays are accepted, however the grade will drop 10 points on a scale of 100 for each day they are late. In addition, I want you to know that: -You understand and can apply a sociological perspective to the issue -You grasp the ideas of theorists and theoretical approaches to sociology that are a part of this class and can explain these to others -You are able to use proper paper format in the APA style (citations only), grammar and punctuation Ideas in taken from your text, my class notes, articles, or book/s must be acknowledged. If you do use an exact quotation, make sure you understand the APA format and citation for doing this. Be sure to clearly state when ideas are not your own. If you do not, it’s plagiarism. Plagiarism may cause you to fail the paper and/or the class. See your syllabus. Do not overuse quotations in this short paper. Be selective. ` There are many Internet resources on writing essays. You can first explore NSU’s Academic Services at: If you can visit Academic Services (Nova Main Campus on the 1st floor of the Parker Building) they have a free booklet on APA style which is VERY useful. Only your references and citations need to be in APA style. You do not need an abstract, section heading, a running head, etc… You can also make an appointment with them for writing/outline assistance. Submit papers in the dropbox on Bb.
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One may think that this theory is a bit of a reach, that there is no conspiracy to retard the efforts of fledgling countries to take a power position in this new "flat" world (Friedman, 2005). And maybe they're right, there is no coordinated effort to do such a thing, it's just the way the system is set up. Either way, whether it's consciously done or unconsciously done, it's the way it is. The facts bear this out.

For starters, and to circle back to that Chinese proverb, why do countries in power continue to delivery fish, instead of curriculum on fishing techniques? Here is an excerpt, from an article regarding the ill effects of food dumping, that underscores this issue, "Food aid (when not for emergency relief) can actually be very destructive on the economy of the recipient nation and contribute to more hunger and poverty in the long-term. Free, subsidized, or cheap food, below market prices undercuts local farmers, who cannot compete and are driven out of jobs and into poverty, further slanting the market share of the larger producers such as those from the U.S. And Europe" (Shah, 2010). There's two additional points to make regarding this scenario. The first is obvious and an iteration of what's just been said, the reason countries in power give away food, supplies, and other resources is because it subverts the efforts of foreign competition. The other reason countries in power donate food, food in particular, is because it helps diminish the available supply in the U.S., thus reducing global overcapacity. One has, no doubt, heard of corn farmers burning their cornfields to serve a similar end, reduce supply to keep prices high.

In the face of this evidence, one can posit that the IMF and the World Bank are two institutions that work toward helping impoverished countries make it to the big stage. After all, they provide funding and assistance to many countries in need. Well, the rebuttal to this fact is that all money comes with strings attached. Or, in short, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Here is a rather concise description of the effect the IMF and World Bank have on the countries they assist, "the way it has happened has required poor countries to reduce spending on things like health, education and development, while debt repayment and other economic policies have been made the priority. In effect, the IMF and World Bank have demanded that poor nations lower the standard of living of their people" (Shah, 2010). The IMF and World Bank don't mind loaning money to struggling nations, as long as those nations follow their orders. It's really a form of new age imperialism whereby nations in power seek to exploit cheap labor and extract resources from

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Title: sociology

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Essay Instructions: select a newspaper or online news article that is related to one of the topic we have covered in this course:Culture;socialization;social interaction;social groups; bureaucracies and formal organization;deviance and social control;global stratification;social class in the US;race/ethnecity or gender...
answer the following questions in 2 pages
1) What is the article about?who are the important people in the article? what is the subject matter?what are some of the arument/viwpoints offered in the article.
2) select one of the 3 theorical perspectives to analyse the article content. How would a functionalist/symbolic interactionist/conflict theorist interpret the article's subject matter and the viewpoints expressed in the article

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Excerpt From Essay:


Rubington, E. & Weignberg, M.S. (1987). Deviance, the interactionist perspective. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company. Available:

Starr, R. (July-1993). "Instead of fighting deviance, Americans just get used to it."

Insight on the News, 9(29), p. 40.

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