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Title: global sourcing vs domestic purchasing

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Essay Instructions: this paper is for a Supply Chain Logistics class. the objective of the class is to let students know the role of logistics in contributing to the financial success of all business relying on a supply chain and its contribution to successful purchasing, marketing and operations.
this paper needs to have an executive summary and bibliography. the topic of global sourcing vs. domestic purchasing should relate to businesses with the role of supply chain logistics.
the paper should take the format as following;
problem formulation
your approach
further open problems

more instructions to follow regarding the explanantion of the above mentioned topics.

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Title: Outsourcing and Global Sourcing

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Essay Instructions: Using the Internet to research at least five (5) recent scholarly articles that relate to Outsourcing and Global Sourcing. Articles must be found in reputable professional websites/journals that deal with the content. Popular general reading magazines and online sources such as Wikipedia are not permissible.

After reading the articles, select the one article relating to your key topic that you wish to discuss. Please adhere to the following format:

1. Key Concept: Explanation: Define your key topic by using a source other than the textbook. Give a clear and concise overview of the essentials relevant to understanding this key topic. Explain also why you are interested in this topic, i.e., academic curiosity, application to a current issue related to employment, or any other professional rationale. This section should be at least 100 words.

2. Comparison: Compare your research with what you have studied in the module, noting differences or commonalities about your key topic, providing evidence that you have extended your understanding of this topic beyond the textbook readings. This is an opportunity for you to cite the additional articles you initially researched. This section should be at least 250 words.

3. Article Summary: Using your own words, provide a clear and concise summary of the article you selected. This section should be at least 250 words.

4. Application: Specifically state how your key topic has been applied to real-world business, or discuss the potential it has to influence today's business world. Your application should show a professional rationale to the significance of your key topic. This section should be at least 150 words.

5. Annotated Bibliography: Cite all 5 articles researched using APA format. Annotations should be at least 100 words in a descriptive and evaluative paragraph. The annotations are designed to help your classmates in their understanding of your topic. Do not provide an annotation for your major article. In addition, provide Persistent Links for each article. This section should be 400 words (excluding APA formatted references).

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Title: air transportation in regards to security global sourcing shipments

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Essay Instructions: research how Air security has changed and has impacted shipments and has been impacted since increased security since 9/11
Also, How the economy and global sourcing has been effected since 9/11 because of security impacts.
For research, you could look up on trade magazines or journals, for eg inbound logistics, or council of logistics management, etc

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Title: Global Marketing Strategies Finding Customer Globalization technological advances coincided dynamics world cultures increasing standards living increasing opportunities companies market brands world In international environment companies target types customers

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Essay Instructions: Global Marketing Strategies and Finding Customer
Globalization and technological advances have coincided with the dynamics of world cultures, increasing standards of living, and increasing opportunities for companies to market their brands throughout the world. In this international environment, companies target many different types of customers. Globalization stimulates interest in and facilitates the ability to acquire products and services from the broadest range of companies worldwide; and from the most remote locations. Further, recent trends have made possible the ability of companies to source required inputs from the best suppliers in the world. Similarly, governments rely on MNCs to supply them with the products and services they use to serve constituents and perform their administrative tasks. Growing global consumerism and global sourcing in emerging markets has also opened opportunities for firms to target billions of buyers worldwide who, only a few decades ago, were relatively inaccessible (Czinkota, M. R., & Ronkainen, I. A., 2013).

Required Reading:
Please refer to each Activity for required readings within Activity Resources.

Assignment 4 Influences on the Global Consumer
In international marketing, certain factors are known to influence the preferences and buying behavior of consumers. These factors summarized in Chapter 6, Exhibit 6.2, of Czinkota, and Ronkainen?s, (2013) textbook, are the economic status, the existing technology levels, consumer?s personal motives, the culture, social factors, and any situational factors. Further, buyer behavior is affected by the national origin of products and services. Many consumers are relatively indifferent to where a product is made. Other consumers favor goods produced in their home country. And the decision making on industrial buying varies around the world (Czinkota, M. R., & Ronkainen, I. A., 2013).

Activity Resources:
? Czinkota, M. R., & Ronkainen, I. A. (2013). Ch.6, 7, 8
? Czinkota, M. R., & Ronkainen, I. A. (2013).Ch. 6 Exhibit 6.1, & International Marketplace 6.3
? Steenkamp, J. E. M., & de Jong, M. G. (2010).
Steenkamp, J. E. M., & de Jong, M. G. (2010). A global investigation into the constellation of consumer attitudes toward global and local products. Journal of Marketing, 74 (6), 18-40.
? Lee, M., Knight, D., & Kim, Y. (2008).
Lee, M., Knight, D., & Kim, Y. (2008). Brand analysis of a US global brand in comparison with domestic brands in Mexico, Korea, and Japan. The Journal of Product and Brand Management, 17 (3), 163.
? Prahalad, C. K. Globalization's effects on the global poor.
Video - Prahalad, C. K. Globalization's effects on the global poor.

Main Task: Evaluate the Factors that Influence Global Consumers:
Based on the section readings above, including Exhibit 6.1, and your research:

? Describe and then evaluate the main characteristics of the global consumer. Explain the three levels of the global consumer. What are the main influences on the global consumer? Explain.
? Explain the drivers of the contemporary global buyer marketplace and determine which drivers would be most or least effective..
? What are country-of-origin effects? Define consumer ethnocentrism and world mindedness.
? Describe and evaluate how the main characteristics of the industrial buyer can be implemented.
? Assess positive and negative factors that influence the global industrial buyer.
? What is global customer relationship management?
? Do you believe that China?s consumer market will become the largest in the world? Please explain.

Support your paper with five (5) scholarly sources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 5 pages not including title and reference pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards

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