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Essay Instructions: Create a Paper in Microsoft Word: In a paper, create a personal model of ethical leadership that you believe aligns with your personal values and morals, works in your organizational environment, meets the policies, laws and guidelines that are relevant to you, considers ethical decision-making, and uses at least two contemporary models of leadership:

?Describe what ethics, morals and laws are and how they play a role in you being a leader or manager.

?Synthesize the personal, organizational, national and global influences you need to consider as a leader, noting any conflicting influences.

?Would any global influence affect how you operate in another country? For example, how might you respond to the solicitation for guanxi in China?

?Explain your approach to ethical decision making.

?Describe how two contemporary models of leadership define your personal leadership approach.

?Describe your model of personal ethical leadership, as you would communicate it to your followers, in 50 words or less.

?Reflect on the challenges you see in living your vision of ethical leadership.

?Include a references page using the six articles from the Week 5 Annotated Bibliography
Assignment. These articles must be used in the body of the paper and cited.

Remember to use section titles to organize the paper and communicate your logic to your readers. The paper should be 1500-2000 words in length. Write using APA format, and include a cover and reference page

I have attached the annotated bibliography for this paper in a power point that I had to create prior to writing the paper. The paper must follow the same concept.

I am a Director of Finance for a Home Care agency.

I have also attached articles that I must use as references to cite throughout the paper.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Questions

Total Pages: 3 Words: 728 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please number the responses.

1 - Give an example of how the marketing mix can be used to effectively differentiate and position a product or service. The example can be from your own experience or based on outside research.

2 - What are the advantages and disadvantages of marketing both value and premium brands in the same product line?

3 - What are some differences between domestic and global marketing plans?

4 - How do domestic and global influences affect the differentiation and positioning strategies in different business models?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Please choose from the provided list

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1434 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: ANALYSIS:
One measure of your paper?s quality will be your analysis or interpretation of the evidence. That means you do not simply summarize and describe basic facts and characteristics of the topic or basic claims by other writers, you also go well beyond that by analyzing and interpreting the evidence in a persuasive way. You do not have to take a comparative approach, but one of the advantages of this approach is that it usually compels you to get into analytical (not just descriptive) mode.

If you use internet material, you must cite the general name of the site, specific internet address (URL), the title and author of the information or article (if available), and the date you "visited" the site

1. Crashaw and Donne: Poets of Piety

2. Borromini and Wren: Baroque Architecture

3. Bernini?s Rome: Flair and Devotion

4. Monteverdi and Handel: Baroque Music

5. Descartes and Bacon: Rationalism and Empiricism

6. Bacon and the Quest for Objectivity

7. Science and Symbolism in Dutch Baroque Art

8. Versailles, the ?Red Fort?, and the Forbidden City: Function and Form in Political Power

9. Louis XIV and the French Nobility: A King Wields Absolute Power

10. Poussin and Rubens

11. Painting and Politics: Velasquez and Van Dyc
12. Females in the Plays of Racine and Moliere

13. Politics and Artistic Patronage [any two examples can be compared]

14. Louis XIV and Kangxi: Methods of Rule in the 1600s and 1700s

15. Opera in Europe and China

16. Hobbes and Locke: The State, Human Nature, and the Social Contract

17. Montesquieu and the U.S. Constitution

18. Adam Smith and Karl Marx: Contrasting Views of Capitalism

19. Two Views of a Utopian Future: Condorcet and Karl Marx

20. J. Milton and A. Pope: Two Views of the Human Condition

21. Equiano and Douglass: Reflections on Slavery

22. Swift and Voltaire: Satire in the Service of Reason

23. Swift and Wu Jingzi: Adventurous Satire

24. Kant and Locke: Theories of Human Learning

25. Olympe de Gouge and the French Revolution

26. Rococo, Genre, and Neoclassical Painting: Social Change and Artistic Style

27. Transcendentalists: Borrowing from Non-Western Cultures

28. Prometheus among the Romantic Writers

29. Mary Wollestonecraft and John Stuart Mill: On Female Status

30. Goya and Delacroix: Romantic Painters and Political Messages

31. The Opium Wars: Britain Invades China

32. Justifying European Colonialism: Kipling, Rhodes, and Others

33. Realistic Art and Social Change

34. Global Influences: Empire?s Effects on Art in the Late 1800s and Early 1900s

35. Haiku and the Imagists: Poetry in Short

36. Matisse and the Theory of Modern Art

39. Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier (or some other contemporary architect)

40. Schoenberg, the Radical Musician

41. Freud and Kafka: Dreams and Nightmares
42. James Joyce and William Faulkner: Comparing Streams of Consciousness

43. World War I?s Influence on Literature

44. The Rise of Nazism

45. Writers under Totalitarianism: Solzhenitsyn and Wiesel

46. Sartre and Kierkegaard: Existentialism in Two Directions

47. T. S. Eliot and Dylan Thomas: Quest for Meaning

48. Langdon Hughes and Richard Wright: Injustice and Eloquence

49. Martin Luther King and Malcom X: Comparing their Messages

50. Virginia Woolf and Simone de Beauvoir: Modern Feminism and Intellectual Life

This is to be an analytical and interpretive paper. Thank you in advance.

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