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Title: This orginial Order A2088966 lost system A m repeating topic The global financial crisis GFC a large number corporate collapses world Some commentators regarded behavior regulatory arrangements accounting profession general audit profession factors contributed GFC

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Essay Instructions: This is from the orginial Order #A2088966 but was lost in the system, so A'm repeating the topic.

The global financial crisis (GFC) saw a large number of corporate collapses around the world. Some commentators have regarded the behavior and regulatory arrangements of the accounting profession in general, and the audit profession in particular, as factors which contributed to the GFC.


1) Conduct a review of the relevant literature and discuss to what extent the behaviour and or the regulatory arrangements of the accounting and auditing profession have contributed to the GFC, both internationally and within Australia (approximately 1500 words). It is very important that you provide adequate references in this discussion!

2) Conduct a review of the relevant literature and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of some of the key reforms that have been introduced both internationally and within Australia to address the criticism levelled at the accounting and auditing profession during the GFC (approximately 1200 words). It is very important that you provide adequate references in this discussion!
the regulatory and reform acts that should be used are; Sarbanes-Oxley act, GAAP(general applied accounting Principles), APES110(Australian professional Ethical Standards) sighting the 5 factors of APES110 and how they should be applied to the auditing profession.
Please focus on USA and Australian company?s and direct discussion on international trends that are similar across countries.
Please do not use information from Wikipedia and also when referencing put it at the end of the sentence as well as in references sheet at the end. Essay ? divided into subsections with appropriate subheadings. This should include: a margin of at least 4cm on the left hand side with Double spaced in 12 point type Times New Roman font.
Sorry forgot to mention a few thing to help with the writing.
Apart from what I wrote before the General topic is accounting, auditing.
areas to focus on and use as a platform are;

- Corporate Collapse and Audit Regulation
- Auditor Competence
- Auditor Independence
- Earnings Management(earnings management can serve to manipulate earnings in ways that deceive financial statement users. One of the major incentives for earnings management is executive compensation tied to profit levels, how this can effect an auditors decision.)

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Title: Economic Logic

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Essay Instructions: Two pages for each question. One reference per question:

1. In his book, Rewarding Work: How to Restore Participating and Self-Support to Free Enterprise (Harvard University Press, 197), economist Edmund Phelps offers this plan to help the working poor: apply tax credits for ?qualified employers? or hire disadvantaged people for ?eligible jobs.? Evaluate this plan in terms of market incentives, one of the ten principles of economics, to work and current welfare programs. Is the Phelps? plan an improvement over current government policies? Discuss.

2. The availability of investment capital is critical for a market economy to grow. Explain how this investment capital is transformed into fixed capital goods, new technology, and cost reduction using new methods of production. Also, explain how interest rates impact the availability of investment capital.

3. Your text, on page 611, lists three arguments for trade restrictions. Since economists do not favor trade restrictions, and this is a course in Managerial Economics, make the case as an economist against trade restrictions for these three items. Are there any arguments for trade restrictions that most economists would support? Discuss.

4. Who was responsible for the global financial crisis of 2007-2009? Free-Market capitalism, government intervention, or a combination of both? Identify the causes of the crisis, the steps the private and public sector took to resolve it, and what leaders should do to keep it from happening again. Remember, banks are profit making firms who supply capital to suppliers of goods and services.

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Bernard, T. (2012, February 27). New York Times. FHA Raises To Fees On Mortgages.

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Title: financial crisis

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Essay Instructions: Course in - Finance and Investment

Write a short essay discussing the origins (Month, year and country occured) of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Explain why the cash rate is now at a record low of 2.5% per annum in Australia. Also explain when the cash rate is expected to be stable for the remainder of 2014.

At least 3 or 4 References

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Baily, M., Litan, R. & Johnson, M. (2008). The origins of the financial crisis. Brookings Institute. Retrieved March 31, 2014 from

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Title: The Performance of the Middle East Property Markets

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Essay Instructions: Dear Writer,
Attached files contain all required financial data for selected period and property companies in the seven markets. Be aware that Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets both = to UAE market.

Chapter analysis must be monthly based from Jan 2003 ??" 15/Jun/2010 Means 90 months.
1- Jan/ 2003 ??" Jun/2010 (whole study and analysis time period)
2- Jan/ 2003 ??" August/ 2008 (Before financial crisis)
3- Sept/ 2008 ??" Jun/ 2010 (After the financial crisis)

Chapter should include Tables and figures to examine the risk ??" returns analysis, and Sharp Rations Index.

Chapter should show the performance analysis for the property industry in the selected Middle Eastern countries.

Chapter must contain Micro analysis so find Index for each country used Tables and Figures and analysis return- risk adjusted performance

Chapter also must contain Macro analysis so find General Index for Middle East.

Chapter must contain a comparison section with developed countries Indices such as USA, UK, Australian markets.

This chapter intends to be a status and empirical chapter on risks-returns analysis. Risks such as interest rate risk, market risk and inflation risk faced and influence on LPCs' stock returns in the emerging property markets in the Middle Estate. Therefore, to examine the impact of the targeted influential risk factors such as interest rate risk, market risk and inflation risk on PCs stock returns. This chapter will employ the single index of capital assets pricing model (CAPM), to test the relationship between market risk and PCs stock return. The assessment of specific country returns using CAPM also to get a better understanding of the relationship of country-global movement. Furthermore, the two-factor model which is use to incorporate the effect of interest rate risk is use as well. Interest rate sensitivity is another factor that should be taken into account when explaining the behavior of the PCs stock return. The importance is derived from the impact on PCs’ cash flows as well as the effect on the discount rate, leading to fluctuations in PCs’ value. The two-factor model is extended to multi-factor model to test for an additional macroeconomic factor typified by both tails of expected and unexpected inflation. For measurement purposes, the expected level of inflation is measured by the consumer price index (CPI), which is use as a relevant proxy to the general changes in the prices level. Because expected inflation rate varies among time based on the overall circumstances, the rate of PCs stock returns changes lead to change in cash flows. While monetary policy is use to control that rate of unexpected inflation rate in
order to realize stability in the economy, it is measured as a lag of expected inflation.

Quantitative methods in this chapter also used risk-adjusted performance analysis of PCs in specific the ME countries, through risks and returns compared to stock market index and property stock index. The findings will give a deeper insight of property company stock risk and return compared with that seen from stocks, bonds and property in these six Middle eastern countries. This will be particularly highlighted to assess the effect of the global financial crisis on the relative performance in the ME emerging property markets versus the other major investment asset classes in ME.

Hence, this chapter will be computed for an overall discussion of:
(1) Risk-adjusted performance analysis of PCs in specific the ME countries.
(2) Diversification benefits of PC securities in the ME.
(3) Role of Middle Eastern PCs in a portfolio
(4) Role of Middle Eastern PCs in the global property market.
(5) Establish indices for the emerging property market in the ME, and assess the risk-adjusted performance of these markets.
(6) The impact of the global financial crisis on the ME property markets.

There are faxes for this order.

Customer is requesting that (serban) completes this order.

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