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Title: Tacitus Agricola and Germania

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Essay Instructions: I am looking for a book report on the book "Tacitus: The Agricola and The Germania" by Cornelius Tacitus. The report needs to give a clear idea of what the book is about. Summary of the book''s chief findings and conclusions, as well as the historical questions the book attempts to answer - topics covered and claims made. Translation of the author - no plagerism please! Introductory paragraph stating the book''s topic and chief argument. The body of the paper should be a summary of the books argument and supporting material. The conclusion should evaluate whether the book was convincing, worth reading, and reasons for so evaluating it. Please be detailed throughout the paper. Only use this book for the book report. No other outside sources. Thank you! Stephanie Ziemak

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Title: Julius Caesar and His Rise to Power

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Essay Instructions: I want this paper to be on Julius Caesar?s rise to power. I would like the paper to start as he joins the military, and end with him being appointed dictator for life. I want to discuss what made him great, and why did he rise to such power. Things like how in 55 B.C. he led 8 Roman Legions with a total of 40,000 men north through Gaul to cross into Germania because he wanted to go where no roman had ever gone before, and what he had to do to build the bridge to cross the rhine river. I want the paper to be mainly about how he went from joining the military to becoming the Dictator for life.

As far as style goes - Each source must be used at least once, and there is not minimum number of quotes, but I would prefer there be no block quotes. If block quotes must be used please keep them to a minimum length. The following margins requirements must be followed: Left - 1.5 inches, Right - 1 inch, Top - 1 inch (except for first page which must be 1.5 inches) Bottom - 1 inch do not justify the right margin. Except on the first age of the narrative, page numbers should be placed at the upper right of each page. On the first page of the narrative the page number should be placed at the bottom center of the page.

also I will be e-mailing the Guidelines for the paper that I need you to use when writing the paper as far as style goes, and a History verification sheet that I need filled out.
If possible only use databases from:
anything available to University of phoenix's students, or
any database on this page-

It's just if you use some library I don't have access to I will not be able to view the sources you use. If you need to use other databases that is fine, but I would rather you try those first

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