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Title: Pick 2 central themes Orwell book 1984 interesting relevant contemporary politics Outline a 5 page double spaced paper This paper APA format See website citation information http owl english purdue

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Essay Instructions: Pick 2 central themes in the Orwell book, 1984, that you interesting and relevant to contemporary politics. Outline the following in a 5-page double-spaced paper. This paper will be in APA format. See website for citation information: (please follow this purdue citation)

Items to include in the paper:
1)Provide a description and analysis regarding two central themes within the book 1984 by George Orwell. This analysis should give examples from the book that highlight those themes.
2)Support your analysis with at least three direct quotations from the text that are relevant to the themes you choose.
3)Provide one example per theme from current events that relates to politics today in the United States. (Theme: Consumerism, Example of Current Event: High consumption of products regardless of corporations involvement with child labor laws) (NOTE: You may not use one current event for two themes or one theme for two current events. ONLY: Two themes and two examples of different current events.)
4)For each current event include a print out of a newspaper article (NYtimes, SF Chronicle etc.) about the topic. (3-4 newspaper articles minimum, one per current event)
5)Be sure to provide your own opinion and analysis in the closing of the paper.
6)Your introduction should include a summary of your perspective on the book, the themes identified and a strong introduction to your paper.
7)Potential Themes to Choose From: Censorship, Corporate Control of Flow and Distribution of Information, Apathy among the Masses, War, Hate and Violence (There are other themes that are prevalent in the book as well, I urge you to find at least one other from the text and use only one of the themes listed here.)

You can read the Orwell 1984 book here, it includes all the chapter summary so you don't need to read the whole book

or you can read the book here:

I attached a file of quotes by Orwell too.

(don't use complicated words, words that are easy to understand.)
(Language Use - be respectful. Stray away from using slang and other words or phrases that are hate based)

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

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363(9412), 874-874.

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Revkin, Andrew C. (2006). Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him. The New York

Times. Retrieved March 23, 2013, from

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Title: Write a 5 Paragraph essay similarities differences Henry Louis Gates essay What's a George Orwells short story Shooting Elephant

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Essay Instructions: Write a 5 Paragraph essay on similarities and differences between Henry Louis Gates essay: "What's in a name" and George Orwells short story "Shooting an Elephant"

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works cited:

Gates, Henry Louis Jr., "Loose Canons: Notes on the Culture Wars," (Oxford University Press, 20.05.1993)

Orwell, George, "Shooting an Elephant," (Penguin Books Limited, 04.06.2009)

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Title: George Orwell 1984

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Essay Instructions: Based on the reading of George Orwell's 1984, discuss the following in the context of the present and cite examples. What do you think about the book's focus on a particular individual (Emmanuel Goldstein) to personify the enemy in the "perpetual" war and slogans like "war is peace", "freedom is slavery" and "ignorance is strength"? What about the daily "two minute hate" broadcast and its reliance on images of Goldstein and foreign looking individuals running around guns? The idea of Big Brother and total lack of privacy in technologically advanced society? Newspeak? Doublespeak? Thoughtcrimes? The rewriting of history to reflect the party's version of the past or goals for the future? You might wants to read Orwell's short essay, "Politics and the English Language" (1946) for his more academic perspective on the perversion of language.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


Orwell, George. (1950). 1984. Signet Classics.

Orwell, George. (1946). Politics and the English language. Retrieved:

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Title: George Orwell's Success or Failure in Depicting the horror of totalitarianism in 1984

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Essay Instructions: Question: George Orwell’s prime focus in his last years was totalitarianism, treating this theme in an allegory and in a dystopian novel. With reference, not too many, but enough to show comprehension to either Homage to Catalonia or Animal Farm or both, discuss the successes or failures of 1984. Specifically, explain to your reader how Orwell succeeds or fails in delineating (outlining) the horrors of totalitarianism. Please do not summarize 1984, animal farm, or homage to catalonia in the essay.Do not provide any reference to the background of George Orwell's life (including his experience in the Spanish Civil War). No need to talk about Orwell's lifePlease write a critical English Literature paper that analyze the success or failure of George Orwell's attempt to depict the horror of totalitarianism in 1984 (based on research)Please avoid using long quotes (more than 40 words) and please do not use footnotesDo not send me a paper with paragraphs that are filled with quotations. Do not use quotations excessively (no more than 3 in one page).A critical English paper should have:1. a CLEAR THESIS stated explicitly in the introduction. The Thesis should have a structure of "even though....this shows that Orwell succeeds"2. research supporting the thesis and why the thesis matters3. elaboration based on the research and critical thinking4. research against the thesis and elaboration5. how arguments supporting the thesis triumph over arguments against the thesis (based on research, for example, where there defects or ambiguity in the argument against the thesis)6. further asserts the thesis, and discuss why the theis matters. 7. A conclusion that has no new information, and simply providing a succint and inspirational summary of the paper. There should be ABSOLUTELY NO GRAMMAR MISTAKES.Please use vocabularies of 4th year college sophisticationPlease limit the usage of cliche phrasesTry not to use the same vocabularies over and overIf possible, please provide a appropriate title for the paper. Take a firm position and support it with concrete and convincing detail.The paper MUST BE CONVINCING! It must be!Remember, talk about did George Orwell succeed or did he fail to depict horror of totalitarianism in 1984. Why he succedd or fail? What specific detail helped him to succeed or contributed to his failure? What arguments are against the argument you are making and what arguments support your arguments? Why you think your argument triumphs.Do not read 1984 as a prophecy, it is a novel by George Orwell.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

1) George Lenczowski. "Ideology and Power in the Middle East: Studies in Honor of George Lenczowski." Durham, NC: Duke University Press (1988): 22.

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4) Jackson Thoreau. "Under Bush, the Poor Get Poorer." [Online website] Available at[Accessed on: 28/11/2005]

5) William Norman Grigg. "Using Hate to Feed the State: The Case of Trent Lott Illustrates the Establishment Media's Use of a Totalitarian Tactic Described in George Orwell's 1984." The New American 19.3 (2003): 33.

6) Nat Hentoff. "A Conversation with a Candid Senator; Hatch Said Computer Plan Could Make 2003 like Orwell's 1984." The Washington Times (20th Jan 2003): A19.

7) George Orwell: 'Literature and Totalitarianism' First published: Listener, (Broadcast on the BBC Overseas Service). -- GB, London. -- June 19, 1941. Reprinted: -- 'The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell'. -- 1968.

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