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Title: Societal interventions in genetic diseases identification and solution of the problem

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Societal interventions in genetic diseases - identification and solution of the problem

1.Current information on programs in USA and UK, what is going on elsewhere?
2.What hard data, new technologies, new data are available to evaluate, monitor, define, and make programs to prevent genetic diseases?
Deafness in dalmations
glaucoma FCR/Great Dane\
hip dysplasia in german shepard, lab retrievers, newfoundland

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Title: B Week 7 Topics 1 and 2

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Essay Instructions: B Week 7 Discussion Topics 1 & 2 and 3

Please answer the following questions. Please write a well-developed answer for each question.

Many infertile couples turn to in vitro fertilization to try to have a baby. In this technique, sperm and egg are collected and used to create eight-cell embryos for implantation into a woman?s uterus. At the eight cell stage, one of the fetal cells can be removed without causing harm to the developing fetus. Once removed, the cell can be genetically tested. Some couples may know that a particular genetic disease runs in their family. They might wish to avoid implanting embryos with the disease-causing genes. What if couple wanted to use genetic testing to select embryos for traits unrelated to disease, such as freckles or may be to select a gender.

Do you think that couples undergoing in vitro fertilization should be allowed to perform whatever genetic tests they wish? Or do you think that there should be limits on what tests can be performed?

Although it is strongly suggested that a woman not drink alcohol during her entire pregnancy, why is this advice particularly important during the first semester?

Young Liam, a male, is afflicted with a muscle wasting disease. His mother's two brothers also had the disease. No other family members (his father, his father's relatives, his mother, or his mother's female relatives) have the disease. Is this muscle wasting disease (A) autosomal or sex-linked, and (B) dominant or recessive? Defend your answers.

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