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Title: Cross Cultural Communication

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Essay Instructions: Generations at Work : Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers, Nexters in Your Workplace
by Ron Zemke, published in 1999 by Amacom, Saranac Lake, NY, USA.

Read Chapter 7, which is a case study entitled "T H E P L I G H T O F C H A R L I E R O T H :
A Cross-Generational Workforce Case Study". It includes expert opinions at the end, but I am interested in YOUR opinion, based on the material you've read.

What would you do if you were in Charlie?s shoes? What do you see
as the ?big picture? issues at play? What internal and external forces are
at work? How do generational differences play a role? Would you deal
with the generational differences directly or simply factor them into
your solution? How would you get things back on track and restore
some harmony to the department?

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Title: generation X and Y

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Essay Instructions: apa format that describes the characteristics pf the muligenerational nursing workforce; generation "X" and "y" and the challenges that this may pose working in a collaborative partnership in nursing.
describe 4-5 general characteristics of generation "X"
describe 4-5 general characteristics of generation "Y"
describe the nursing workforce profile of generation "X" and "Y"
list at least 5 potential or actual challenges that involve a workforce of multigenerational nurses

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Essay Instructions: Both Nichols Handler ("The Posteveryting Generation") and thomas Friedman ("Generation Q) provide a profile, of sorts, ofthe current generation of college students. Write an essay in which you discuss Handler's and Friedman's characterizations of this generation and then explain which, in your opinion, is most accurate and why. Consider what the two authors agree on, and how and why their descriptions differ. In support of your repnse to their arguments, be sure to discuss specific examples from your own experiences and observations and/por the experiences of others to illustrate your points.

I. Introduction
II. Summary of each essay
a. Main idea of Author #1
b. Main idea of author #2
III. Argument - position
a. Subpoint:
i. Examples
b. Subpoint:
i. Example
c. Subpoint:
i. Example
IV. Conclusion

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Title: Generation X

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Essay Instructions: Please follow the specific guideline that I send you. And what it means by consumer segement or consumer age all refers to Generation X. So please have everything written regarding Generation X in the report.

Thank you.
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