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Title: GM

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Essay Instructions: General motors is struggling by all measures. based on ur research what actions must GM take to survive in the competitibe and mature auto industry ? explain ur answer with detail

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Essay Instructions: General Motors Case Assignment
This case addresses the management function of organizing to meet the goals of businesses today. Write a paper which considers the strategic role of human resource management in driving organizational performance. The use of visual aids and analytical tools is encouraged. The content of your analysis should include the following material, with supporting exhibits placed in appendices at the end of the paper.
1. Describe GM's traditional structure of organizational design and how innovative departmental groupings and reporting relationships can serve to meet changing needs in a turbulent global environment.
2. Enumerate the initiatives and programs used by GM to promote and benefit from workforce diversity.
3. What do you think are the most compelling advantages of diversity presented here?
4. What challenges do managers face in creating a diverse workplace, and how might they respond to these challenges?
5. Do you think that GM's encouragement of employee networks always leads to a culture of diversity and cooperation? Explain.

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Essay Instructions: Assessment name: Case Study
Description: You will analyse an assigned case study and prepare a report discussing specific management issues.
Length/Duration: 2,500 words
Company: General Motors (GM)
(The essay needs to follow a logical bath in discussing the ideas and demonstrating the relation between the discussed points).
Introduction that introduces the company and theses statement that outlines the main points of the essay and states that these elements will be matched to the related managements theories.
Some points that are must be covered and how it was implemented with matching to management theories:
Environment analysis (general/ external, Task and internal environment)
Organisation?s strategy
Organisation?s structure
Type of leadership and motivation used
Organisation?s Control system
Organisation?s Culture
Human resource management
Organisation?s Risk management
Organisation?s Quality management
Organisation?s Information management
How did management keep good productivity?
Did management use groups and teems? And How?
A conclusion shows the findings of the case study with critical opinion. In addition, give a forecasting opinion with suggested managerial theories.
Main source :Davidson, P., Simon, A., Woods, P. and Griffin, R. (2009) Management (Fourth Australian edn.), John Wley and Sons. Brisbane
However, use sources as much as possible.

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Essay Instructions: Introduce history of General Motors through important periods (Pre-era- 2007 and before, during/post 2007 and after). Also analyze communicating, collaborating, and organizing as it applies or can possibly apply to the consumer, marketing/positioning, and the internal organization.

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