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Title: Gender Studies

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Essay Instructions: HUMANITIES
Gender Studies
Sourch: Rosen, Ruth, The World Split Open: How the Modern Women?s Movement Changed America (Penguin, 2000) ISBN 0-14-009719-8. ONLY USE this source pp. 3-93 and pp. 196-330 Please answer the following question in six pages, double spaced. MUST have a citation for each paragraph giving the source and the page numbers from which you derived the information in that paragraph, and ALSO provide a citation for each sentence with quoted material. Please avoid quoting. The question: In the 1950's many married women were unhappy with their role in society, but most were unable to articulate what became known as "the problem that has no name" and lacked an active women's movement to help them. By the 1970's a thriving feminist movement had come into being that had fundamentally changed the position of women in American society. How did this happen? Discuss, tracing the development in a chronological narrative that identifies the MAIN turning points, the MAIN forces for change, the MAJOR REFORMS that were accomplished (and those that were sought but not achieved), and the reasons for the backlash in the 1980's. Conclude with a paragraph summing up the major ways in which the lives of American women were different by the 1990's than they had been in the 1950's. Please base your answer on Ruth Rosen's book, The World Split Open.

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Title: A review and critique

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Essay Instructions: These are the instructions:

Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective by Caroline Brettell and Carolyn Sargent (3rd Edition).

A review and critique:

This assignment worth 30% of your course grade centers on your understanding and ability to critically analyze the reader by Bretell and Sargent.

The authors of this reader have attempted to balance the classic contributions from the literature on gender roles while at the same time incorporating more modern and diverse insights on the subject of roles and ideology from around the world.

The authors have five overarching goals in this text.

First, they would like to introduce the student to the most significant topics in the field of gender studies, especially from an anthropological perspective. These include:

-the study of man and woman in prehistory

-the relationship between biology and culture

-the cultural construction of masculinity, femininity, and sexuality

-variations in the sexual division of labor and economic organization

-women?s involvement in ritual and religion

-the impact on gender issues of various forces of change such as colonialism, the rise of the state, and the global economy

Second, the authors attempt cover the subject matter cross-culturally and believe that this comparative analysis can help us all understand the issues of gender from both the less developed and more developed worlds.

Third, the authors have tried to compliment the enormous literature on women?s lives that has developed over the years with articles that deal with masculinity and male gender roles. They acknowledge that a truly balanced reader may not yet be possible, but feminist theory is increasingly being applied to the study of men.

Fourth, the authors have attempted to combine theoretically and ethnographically based articles in the text and have tried to demonstrate how the later can inform the former and vise versa.

Finally, the authors have provided and introduction to each section of readings that provides a context for the student to better understand the particular readings.

Your assignment:

In a paper of no less than 4500 thousand words (approximately 15-20 pages double spaced with 12 font and 1 inch margins) I would like you to demonstrate to me how you feel that the authors of this book have accomplished their goals. In addressing their five goals, I would like to see you make direct reference to the readings throughout the text. The readings are divided into 10 sections or parts. Each section covers a specific area of research on sex and gender. I would also like to see you demonstrate through your writing a better grasp of the subject matter and point to areas that the readings have helped you better understand some aspect of gender.

Format: I would thus like to see five sections (properly labeled) to your paper. Each section approximately 1000 words. However, there will be areas that you would like to delve into deeper that I encourage that.

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Title: Gender Analysis of The Pregnant Man

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Essay Instructions: This is a final writing project for a Women and Gender Studies class. I am to critically analyze a cultural text [I have selected an article about the Pregnant Man ( "Labor of Love"] as it relates to class material (from the book Feminine Frontiers--I'm not sending but it's basic gender/sexuality textbook) and 2 articles I have selected from the course(see e-mailed articles). These are the questions to be considered:1)Critically describe the article and then analyze it. 2) How is gender conceptualized? 3) What are the underlying assumptions? 4) How do these assumptions relate to essentialism and constructionism? 5) What are the social meanings of the article? Identify how assumptions of gender in the article relate to a broader perspective (e.g., social and political implications, power, domination, control along the lines of race class, sexuality, and the body).

Use intext references when citing material and include these sources ina bibliography. Engage the author's ideas from the articles with your test. How are their ideas useful in thinking about the topic?

I'm not certain APA is the style. I will ask the professor tomorrow in class and let you know.

I will email the two articles "Doing Gender" by West & Zimmerman AND "Night to His Day" " The Social Construction of Gender by Lorber.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Lens of Feminism

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Essay Instructions: Please write an analytical essay in response to the question you'll find below. The essay should make a clear, precise argument supported by direct evidence from the texts.

In what sense could A.Carter's The Bloody Chamber be read as a feminist text? Is tThe Bloody Chamber enacting a feminist critique, might it be critiques using feminist methodologies, or both? Using at least three of the critical texts I'll send in, analyze The Bloody Chamber's relationship to feminist theory. You may choose to focus on a particular story, a cluster of stories, or draw liberally from the full text. I ask, however, that should you choose to focus on a single story, that you select one other than The Werewolf.

Make sure the paper is about your own opinion. Nothing extreme. Please no women are better than men argument. Relate it more to gender studies and equality. No other sources than the ones I'll send in.

The deadline is VERY STRICT. So please NO DELAYS!


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