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Title: In 2000 words approximately 7 pages write a term essay topics variations topics topics chosen consultation instructor 2 Gender relations experience African American women slavery OR 7

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Essay Instructions: In 2000 words (approximately 7 pages) or more, write a term essay on one of the following topics (variations on these topics, or other topics entirely, may be chosen in consultation with the instructor):

2.Gender relations and the experience of African American women under slavery.

----------------------------------------------------- OR -----------------------------------------------------------------

7.Women, gender, and the freedom movement from Reconstruction (or in some other substantial period – say the 1880s through the 1930s, the 1930s through the 1960s, etc.)

These essays require at least five significant outside (that is, apart from assigned texts) sources (scholarly articles, books, very developed scholarly Web sites). You should properly cite all your sources, including any of the assigned class texts.

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Title: Zulu Culture

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: three scholarly research journals, ethnographies and ethnologies to be used as the primary sources of information.
Identification of the chosen cultures primary mode of subsistence. (Foragers, Horticulturalists, Pastoralists, Emerging Agriculturalists, Agrarian States or Industrialists)

Also focus on these three aspects of the Zulu culture

Beliefs and values
Economic organization
Gender relations

information should be presented in an outline and must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis and a properly formatted reference page

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Title: gender economy

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Essay Instructions: Topic: What is gender? In what ways is economic activity embedded in gender relations?

Hints from tutor:
1. Re the definition of gender, I don't think that those definitions you will find in the books and articles you read on the subject will vary hugely, and therefore, I wouldn't waste too much time and effort attempting to be critical here (plenty of room for that in the rest of your essay). My suggestion is this: find a quotation of a definition that you think is appropriate to your argument, and after you have quoted it, then put this definition into your own words, in a sentence or two, to show that you understand it.

eg Author x defines gender as "...............". In other words, gender is .....................

2. "In what ways is gender embedded in economic activity" is definitely the most important part of the question. As it is such a broad question, I suggest you make a decision to limit the scope of your discussion to the way gender impacts on the different economic choices/outcomes for men and women in one country (eg Australia) or several similar countries (eg. Australia/UK/US).

you need to have a system for approaching essay questions and deciding what issues are relevant. ie. In order to decide what sort of issues you should raise in your essay, the key is to read a lot of different sources first, and make notes on the issues raised in what you read. As a starting point only, go back to the reading on gender we had for the tutorial on gender, and make a list of the topics/issues discussed in this article, as they are all relevant. However, they are not the only potentially relevant differences/issues: you need to read far more widely.

Also, the key is not to just list these gender differences in your essay, but to explain WHY they exist - and there are many different views on that. Accordingly, you need to read more books and articles that discuss gender differences in economic activity and outcomes, and make a list of the issues/potential explanations raised there (eg. read some feminist economists, some conventional economists, and so on, so you get an idea of the different perspectives that are out there).

Then, when you have done your reading and made some notes on the topics discussed, work out which of all these issues seems most important to you, which explanations seem the most convincing, and the best logical order in which to discuss them in your essay. Make sure you mention any contradictory opinions on why these differences exist in your essay, and use logical argument AND evidence to argue which explanations seem most convincing.

3.please read and use all the further materials I send and please use the in-text reference as well.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Gender

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: DIRECTIONS:
- Be sure to read and thoroughly respond to all parts of the questions using the textbook: Short Introductions GENDER, 2nd edition, Raewyn Connell, ISBN:978-0-7456-4568-1
? -All responses are to be typed, double-spaced, using 12-point font.
-Provide a work cited page that details any source you use that is NOT required reading for the course(ASA or APA formats).
? -Properly cite any ideas or quotes (excluding lecture slides) you use (ASA or APA).
? -Grades are determined by the effort and competency of the course material demonstrated by your responses.
- Be as thorough and clear as possible to ensure a high grade. Add examples and greater depth to insure higher grade.

Answer Five of the Following:

1) Provide an overview of the relationship between the gender order, gender regimes, and gender relations. Use the following as a guide:
a. What is the difference between the gender order, gender regimes, and relations? Using a single example, how clearly explain how these concepts help connect the relationship between the gender order and gender relations.
b. Where does “structure” come into play? What is structure again? Why does Connell differentiate types of gender structures?
c. Choose TWO structures provided and answer the following for EACH:
i. Provide a clear definition, what area of social life does this structure cover?
ii. Summarize the various ways this structure is thought to influence gender relations (between men and women; among women and women; and/or men and men).

2) Briefly describe Connell’s critique of sex-role/social learning theories, keeping the following in mind:
a. Provide an overview of sex role/social learning theory. What does this perspective assume about why society reproduces the gender order? Summarize the ways in which this process is considered to be unique for boys and girls.
b. Why is this socialization perspective considered to be lacking? How does Connell (and others) describe how we acquire gender? How is it a project? How does this tend to coincide with the broader social order?
c. Apply these ideas to the experiences of the children in Thorne and Luria’s article, “Sexuality and Gender in Children’s Daily Worlds.” To do this effectively you will need to at least:
1. Describe these “worlds” in terms of their patterns of behavior & values.
2. How they do their genders, effectively or not effectively (competence).
3. Consider how these lessons (potentially) establish patterns for behavior and relations into adulthood.
d. (OPTIONAL) For some extra points, you could apply Connell’s critique of the sex-role/ social learning approach to the experiences of those who face multiple marginalization!

3) Provide an overview of hegemonic masculinity with the following as a guide:
a. What is hegemonic masculinity and tell me why it is important when trying to understand all forms of masculinity? What is ultimately accomplished by maintaining hegemonic masculinity? Where does homophobia fit?
b. How does Kimmel define masculinity? Why does he claim that men are fearful? What are they afraid of? How do they respond to this fear? Why does this further the oppression of women, minorities, and marginal men-even when men themselves are not being oppressive?
d. What is the paradox men find themselves in regards to power and powerlessness? What does Kimmel suggest needs to be done in order for men to not feel powerless?
c. Apply these ideas to the following link “Stephen Colbert??"It Gets Better:”

4) One of the most obvious measures of gender inequality can be found when examining income and workforce participation. Connell discusses this in both her discussion of the structure of production (Ch. 5) and the corporation (Ch.7). Provide an overview of what we know in regards to labor/economic inequality:
a. Provide a historical overview of the gendered nature labor in the US and globally. (Consider type of work, compensation, barriers, opportunities, etc.). Where are we today in terms of labor participation/compensation?
b. The link will direct you to information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor regarding occupation by sex and age:
Using the information provided answer the following:
1. Think back to when you were a child, what did you want to be (in terms of employment when you grew up? Why? Using the table provided, find the area that BEST fits this occupation and report the information regarding the gendered nature of the field. Is it gendered? Would you have been a minority? What is your reaction?
2. What do you want to do when you grow up (in terms of employment) today? Follow the same steps as above.
3. Tie the information into what your own personal experience of seeking/dreaming of your ideal employment. Do you feel that your gender influenced your initial or present day choices? Why, why not?

5) Another one of the most obvious measures of gender inequality can be found when examining political rights and participation. Connell discusses this in both her discussion of the structure of power (Ch. 5) and the state (Ch.7). Provide an overview of what we know in regards to the gendered pattern of political power:
a. Provide a historical overview of the gendered nature political power and rights in the US and globally. Where are we today in terms of political opportunity today?
b. Connell critiques the current understandings of the (indirect) power of the state. Summarize this critique.
c. Apply these ideas (political inequality, and the indirect oppression of women) in the example of the instances of “Bride Burning” in India.
1. Have fun! Just be thorough!

6. Use all of that you have learned throughout this semester to make sense of the ONE following interesting messages provided below. To be clear, pick ONE of these as your focus. You have complete control over what you choose to focus on, but make it worth up to 25 points??"which means make it as good as your other responses!
Here you go:
1) Commercial: Women (well their vaginas) Rule the World:

2) Article: Prisoners engaging “sexual misconduct” made to wear pink:

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