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Title: The Buddhist Concept of Nirvana

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4368 References: 15 Citation Style: Turabian Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The focus of this research paper revolves around trying to understand what nirvana is. It needs to look at: (1) What the Buddha said about nirvana. (2) What other Buddhist texts say about nirvana. (3) Possibly mention what a couple of popular modern Buddhist leaders say about nirvana. What the Buddha and other Buddhist texts have to say about nirvana will be the foundation of the paper. Other resources will need to come into play as well, but the original (translations are fine) Buddhist texts are the foundation.

In my research thus far, it seems that nirvana can be broken down into different elements or aspects such as: the metaphysical experience, parinirvana, a state of being, an event, etc. Rupert Gethin breaks it down into the following:

1. “Nirvana as in some sense, a particular event (what happens at the moment of awakening)”
2. “Nirvana as, in some sense, the content of an experience (what the mind knows at the moment of awakening)”
3. “Nirvana as, in some sense the state or condition enjoyed by buddhas and arhats after death”
a. From Rupert Gethin’s “The Foundation of Buddhism”, p. 75.

In looking at all of these viewpoints, it is imperative that the paper focuses on trying to build consensus as to what nirvana is. Even though there are many different interpretations, the paper needs to build consensus where possible. Nirvana cannot be reduced to one concept or idea, as it encompasses many different concepts. So, the goal of this paper is to discuss these main concepts. In fact, separating these main concepts might be a great way to split up the paper.

This paper does not need to focus on the four noble truths or the eightfold path as a way to reach nirvana. These may be mentioned in the overall theme, but it is critical to not spend too much time on these peripheral subjects. The point once again is to try and understand what nirvana is, not how to get it.

The paper will need an end notes page and a bibliography page.

The paper needs at least 15 different sources. Each page of the paper will need at least 2-3 endnotes, as it needs to be well documented. It needs to include the following sources:

1. Gethin, Rupert. The Foundations of Buddhism. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.

2. Singh, Iqbal. Gautama Buddha. London: Oxford University Press, 1994.

3. The Sacred Books of the East (this seems to be a good source for the Buddhist text, but if you know of a better translation, then that is fine as well).

As well, the paper cannot have any website citations. It is expected that the research come from published books, journal articles, etc.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: A few things I need to tell you:

I have already done Field site Description that also submitted. Now I have to write Preliminary Report that you have to follow A,B ,and C . The temple name : True Buddha Diamond Temple of New York Inc. which located Murray Hill, Flushing ; The current revered grand master (Living Buddha Lian Shen), is the lineage guru of the True Buddha School. In the absence of HIM , the master Lianja who run the temple ( like Priestof the Temple). The temple is modern Chinese oriented but the Temple follows Tibetan Buddhism. Custom traditional dress is yellow ?burgundy ? maroon. The temple web site is : ; another one is:
You can get some information from these two web link and also for writing you can watch in youtube any ritual program about Tibetan Buddhism. YOU ALSO SHOULD READ CAREFULLY The 750 Word Preliminary Report (Instructions): Use informations and instructions and think / pretend yourself you are there in one of the ritual program.
I will have to work on your paper after you send me. Please use easy and simple language and void the plagiarism. Please if you have any question , let me know.


I have always so much love, passion, and interest about religion. I believe that religion is one of the best ways to make you think that how to take your life journey in peaceful way without harm anybody. Religion gives you a thought, idea and guideline that make you an eternal change and bring an ideal knowledge and enlightenment in your mind. I choose my field site True Buddha Diamond Temple of New York Inc. which located Murray Hill, Flushing. My ethnography research topic is Buddhism. This temple is directly linked with the True Buddha society in the entire world, and here in the United States with the True Buddha School in Seattle. The current revered grand master (Living Buddha Lian Shen), is the lineage guru of the True Buddha School. He holds lineage from many schools in South and South East Asia. One of them is from Tibetan Buddhism. This temple Buddha has the perfect lineage transmissions from: 1.Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism Nyingmapa, Kagyudpa, Gelupa, Sakyapa, and the Universe.2.The perfect Root Guru: Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, the Great Enlightened Vajra Acharya.
I do love and respect Gautama Buddha?s thought especially- Buddhism and psychology. The establishment of Buddhism predates the field of psychology by over two millennia; so any assessment of Buddhism in terms of psychology is necessarily a modern invention. I think I have to need a whole day observation; the way I can study three times prayers that include their customs, tradition, belief, and message etc. There is public transportation that will help me to access my field site. Certainly Language will be an issue in my field site. I will try my best to get help as much as I can. I do not have any informant. I must be able try to take an interview from the master of the temple for getting insider information. I might use to get more information from the temple website as outside materials.

The 750 Word Preliminary Report (Instructions):

Later in the semester you will be required to turn in a preliminary report. This is a ROUGH DRAFT of the final paper. The purpose of this part of the assignment is to allow the instructor to give you feedback on your work on the project thus far and ensure that you are on the right track. It is acceptable to incorporate the comments given on the preliminary report and use them in the final paper. You will be required to turn in the preliminary report in class AND via safe assign. The preliminary report should include:

A. An Introduction should be followed by the instructions (see below).

I. Introduction (~150 words)
a. Identify the topic of your ethnography project. What did you choose to study?
b. Identify your field site.
c. Identify the sources that you used. List any published material. If you had an informant, provide a brief biography, but do not identify your informant by name.

II. Write a brief outline of an event describing step-by-step what occurred. Do not interpret or analyze the event at this time. (~500 words) Pay attention to:
a. Who was there? (Genders, races, ethnicities.) What were people wearing and how did they interact.
b. What does the field site look like? Describe it in detail so I can imagine what it would be like to be there.
c. What happened at your field site? Describe what generally happens there. Then describe a specific event that you found particularly interesting.

B.. A pure description of an event you observed. Include a description of the space, the people, your interactions, and everything that occurred during the event, step by step.

C. Begin your analysis (see below). This does not have to be completed fully yet.
Analyze the events that take place at your field site (~700 words).
a. Choose at least THREE of the major themes/topics that we are discussing in class
? Examples:
o Gender/Sex
o Family
o Race
o Ethnicity
o Economics
o Art
o Language
o Ritual/Religion
o Globalization
b. Write about how what you learned at your field site can tell you about or give you insight into the three themes you chose.
c. What conclusions can you make about how the themes you selected are understood in the community where you conducted research?

Note: No conclusion is required for the preliminary report.

Excerpt From Essay:

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