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Title: The Gattaca Movie reaction

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Essay Instructions: Please watch "the gattaca" movie then write a reaction to the movie. The film will be accompanied by questionnaires within the body of its respective essay(I will send the notes and sample of the essay, just follow the format!), which will help you focus the essay topic, including a list of vocabulary words to help shape your critical analysis. The essay is required to incorporate a minimum of 5 VOCABULARY TERMS in the body of the text. VOCABULARY TERMS MUST BE UNDERLINES.
The paper must use 12pt font with a one-inch margin. There must be TWO FULL PAGES or NO MORE THAN 3PAGES.The papers must be typed, double-spaced, free of grammatical errors. Please do not use cover sheets! Papers are graded heavily on format, so please observe them! PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Please be on time and follow the rule by each. Thank You
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Works Cited:

Works Cited

Gattaca. Dir. Andrew Niccol. Columbia Pictures, 1997. DVD.

"What is DNA?" Genetics Home Reference. Web. 27 Feb. 2011.

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Title: The effect of genetic engineering on society

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Essay Instructions: Rent/view Andrew Niccol's film Gattaca. This film creatively tackles the issue of genetic engineering. If we were able to genetically engineer human beings to "perfection," would it be ethically correct? Vincent (Ethan Hawke) plays an "invalid," a man born with heart problems and other genetically-eliminated diseases. But he refuses to accept his fate. Analyze how this film depicts the effect of genetic engineering on society. What position does the director (Niccol) take on this controverial issue? Include enough concrete details (i.e., specific scenes from the film) to support your answer.

The swimming scenes between Vincent and his brother Anton are very symbolic. What do you think the director was trying to say with these scenes? Irene (Uma Thurman) is an almost "perfect" worker but has a small heart murmur. Though perfect, she is passed over for the space mission as well. What does her character add to the director's view of genetic engineering? And what did you think of the ending of the movie? What about the actions taken by Jerome (Jude Law)? What are the ethical issues brought up with Jerome's decision? And what was the significance of the final scene as Vincent is about to board the spaceship? Did you like the ending of the film?

After watching this film, what do you think of the morality of genetic engineering? Is there anything wrong with the attempt to have perfect children? Did any episode in the film reinforce or even change your mind? Given the chance to be genetically retrofitted, would you do so? Why or why not?

This paper must be four double-spaced pages in length (not including the References page) and utilize no less than four academic quality sources. Margins should be no more than one inch (right and left) and the essay should be composed in 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font. Sources must be documented and cited using APA format.

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Arnold P. (2009, November 9). Pros and cons of genetic engineering in humans. Bright Hub Retrieved October 9, 2010, from

Glenn, L.M. (2004). Ethical issues in genetic engineering and transgenics. American Institute of Biological Sciences. In Retrieved October 9, 2010, from

The Hastings Center. (2010). Willard Gaylin. The Hastings Center website. Retrieved October 9, 2010, from

Niccol, A. (Director). (1997). Gattica. [Motion picture]. United States: Columbia Pictures.

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Title: Eugenic

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  • Sources:6
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Write an essay of five pages in size 12 Times New Roman with 1 inch margins, in which you answer all parts of (A), (B), and (C) of the following question/topic. Do not use quotations from the authors or copy whole sentences or sentence fragments from the texts or any other sources on the Internet. Explain the authors’ points in your own words, and then use a page citation to Kitcher’s The Lives to Come (Ch. 8, 9, and 13) and the 2011 Cal Copy Reader in order to indicate where the author makes the point or concept you are explaining or using. Number these page citations from ‘1’ to ‘15’, and put them in the body of your essay. Your essay should contain 15 page citations allotting 5 citations for each of three authors or film that you use to answer sections (A), (B), and (C) of the essay. You should cite specific scenes or moments of dialogue in the film Gattaca if you use it, but make sure you have at least five citations for each author or film you use. Please remember to put your name, the name of your TA, your section number or time, and the name of the course and lecturer (Prof. G. Doppelt) on the front page of your paper. Good luck!

DUE DATE: A draft of Part A is due before lecture on Wednesday March 9th. The entire paper must be handed in person to your TA on Friday, March 18 between 12pm and 1pm (during the scheduled exam time) in [location TBA].
A. Explain Kitcher’s proposed factors for assessing humans’ chances for a reasonable quality of life, the sorts of genetic diseases that prevent it, and responsible or enlightened eugenic decision-making. Cover the following points. (TWO PAGES with 5 citations to Kitcher’s chapters 8, 9, and 13):
• State two dangers of “laissez-faire” (parental free choice) eugenic decisions that Kitcher wants to avoid by defending his minimalist and responsible eugenic decisions.
• Explain how Kitcher believes we should evaluate a future child’s chances for quality of life and the sorts of genetic diseases that prevent quality of life. Give an example of a genetic disease that prevents quality of life, in Kitcher’s view.
• Briefly explain Kitcher’s account of responsible, enlightened, and utopian eugenic decision-making.
B. Explain Stock’s position of maximalist eugenics and how it differs from Kitcher’s minimalist eugenics. (1.5 PAGES with 5 citations to Stock’s text):
• State Stock’s position of maximalist eugenic decision-making and the reasons he offers for holding that we should accept this position.
• State two challenges Stock can make to Kitcher’s minimalist position and support Stock’s challenges with examples he gives.
• Briefly explain who has the more convincing conception of eugenic decision-making and support your conclusion with reasons.
C. The essay by Harriet Johnson, the essay by Michael Sandel, and the film Gattaca all raise disturbing ethical problems concerning a society that involves extensive eugenic decision-making. Choose one of these three works. (1.5 PAGES with 5 citations to your chosen work):
• Explain how the work you have chosen characterizes the most disturbing aspects of a society with extensive eugenic decision-making.
• Do you think that this work presents a fair and reasonable criticism of eugenic decision-making, or is it unfair and distorted? Give your reasons for your view. You may use Kitcher or Stock to justify your reasons.
Advice and Rules for the Grading of Paper
1. To assure the completeness of your paper, please structure it into parts (A), (B) and (C) and follow the guidelines for numbers of pages devoted to each part. Please make sure your paper addresses each and every one of the questions under (A), (B) and (C).

2. In order to receiving a passing grade, your paper must contain the 15 text citations, in accordance with the above instructions. Distribute your citations among all of the authors you discuss.

3. You must turn your paper into your TA in person on Friday March 18h between 12:00pm and 1:00pm in [location TBA]. No late papers will be accepted.

4. It is your responsibility to save a copy of your paper in case the one you hand to your TA is lost or is in dispute.

5. You are responsible for knowing the university rules and procedures concerning plagiarism and cheating. Plagiarism or cheating may result in getting an ‘F’ for the whole course, may go on your permanent record, and can result in very undesirable disciplinary action such as expulsion from the university for a quarter or worse.
All papers must be submitted to via WebCT by midnight on March 18th. If you have any questions please ask your TA.

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Title: This essay based readings Unit III Realist Moral Theories Unit IV Bioethics You choose topics Your essay 800 1000 words 3 4 pages double spaced 12 pt Times New Roman Grading standards tips writing paper found emotionism

  • Total Pages: 3
  • Words: 966
  • References:3
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: This essay will be based on the readings from Unit III: Realist Moral Theories and Unit IV: Bioethics. You may choose one of the following three topics. Your essay must 800-1000 words (this is about 3-4 pages double spaced 12 pt Times New Roman). Grading standards and tips for writing this paper can be found on the emotionism. The paper must include proper citations using either MLA formatting. Only the citation and the references need be in these formats. Format the rest of the paper as you see fit. Plagiarism detection software will be employed to analyze your paper.

------------- OPTIONS FOR ESSAY: Choose one of the following options for your essay. Make sure to choose an option which you think you can formulate a good thesis that you can support with an argument. Please feel free to send me an email with your thesis or idea of an argument and we can chat about it.


Read Bentham and Mill. Critique Mill's Happiness Principle. Give me your argument AGAINST their position.

You may invent a thought experiment or give a scenario to illustrate your point. It may help to compare Mill and Kant.


Critique Kant's Categorical Imperative. What are some consequences of accepting this ethical method? Be sure to explain the Categorical Imperative test. You may invent a thought experiment or give a scenario to illustrate your point. It may help to compare Mill and Kant.


The movie Gattaca (1997) explores themes of genetic engineering and free will. You may write an essay on one of the moral messages of this movie regarding human enhancement (this means you should NOT write on free will or overcoming your genetic endowment). This essay must be an argument essay. This means you must identify an ethical argument about human enhancement in the movie, explain it to your reader, and assess the argument. In your assessment, you should offer either an argument that is critical of the argument you identified from the movie or EXTENDS the argument of the movie with your own NEW argument (don't just repeat the argument of the movie, go beyond it).

NOTE: Plagiarism detection software will be employed to analyze your paper.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Gottaca's predictable end warns us of the danger of deifying science and placing all our hopes into it.

"Gottaca," 1997.Directed by Andrew Niccol, produced by Columbia Pictures Corporation, Jersey Films, United States

Shapshay, Sandra.2009. Bioethics and the Movies. JHU Press

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