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Title: This a nursing ethical issue paper A Christian perspective supporting c Everette Koop medical futility compare perspective Tom l Beauchamp James f Childress principles biomedical ethics sixth edition Marjorie b

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Essay Instructions: This a nursing ethical issue paper: A Christian perspective supporting c. Everette Koop regarding medical futility and compare to perspective of Tom l. Beauchamp and James f. Childress in principles of biomedical ethics sixth edition, and Marjorie b. Sucker and Howard d. Sucker in medical futility and the evaluation of life-sustaining interventions.

10-15 pages in length including the importance of futility issue to nursing and the current emerging dynamics of futility issue on nursing practice. The paper will include futility, it's dimensions, relevant ethical theory and principles, the position of nursing as a profession, ethical/cultural dynamics and the writers personal views which are those of Everette Koop. Examples and illustrations will be an important part of this paper. The bibliography should include a variety of sources and demonstrate the students research of the topic.

Written in APA style 5th edition. Utilize beauchamp and zucker and Koop and others to equal 7 references in bibliography. Include in APA format Cover page: Susan harman, bioethical principle paper,bioethics and healthcare Policy, GNRS 504, spring 2011

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Works Cited:


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Essay Instructions: The writer is a healthcare professional by background. On a typical busy day in the accident and emergency department where the writer was employed, a memorable incidence occurred. An 82 years old lady was rushed in by the ambulance services. She sustained massive head injury following a road traffic accident. The trauma team attended to her promptly and a decision was reached to operate her immediately. Nonetheless, the operation was stalled because the hospital had no intensive care unit where she will be admitted. The consultant in charge tried to get in touch with numerous other hospitals for a possible transfer but no hospital was ready to accept her. It soon became apparent that she has not been accepted because of her age. Most of the hospitals thought it is futile to operate on a lady of her age in that particular situation. Her relatives where simply told that every effort to transfer her was abortive and because the hospital had no intensive care bed, the operation cannot be performed. She was later admitted onto ordinary ward where she died the next day.

The writer intends to conduct research on medical futility, explore the concept of medical futility and focus on a particular research group. This group can be healthcare professional i.e doctors or nurses, whereby the writer will explore by way of qualitative analysis; the impact the decision to withdraw or withhold treatment has on their practice.

Alternatively, the writer may focus on a particular ailment group, such as people with terminal illness, or people with end stage cancer.

The writer will conduct a thorough literature research to determine which focus group have been under studied whereby a new research can be conducted to explore the information that is not readily available to the public.

The writer will focus on British-based literatures as the new research is to be conducted in the UK.

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Title: Physiologic and Probabilistic Futility

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Essay Instructions: Paper on the difference between physiologic and probabilistic futility and how one, preferably medical students, would define these terms in their own words and how they can go about treating these types of differences.

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Walker, R.M. (1999). "Ethical issues in end of life care." Cancer Control Journal. Volume 6, Number 2. Retrieved from http://www.moffitt.org/CCJRoot/v6n2/article4.htm

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Jonsen, A.R., Siegler, M., Winslade, W.J. (2002). Clinical Ethics: A Practical approach To Ethical Decisions in Clinical Medicine. New York: McGraw Hill/Appleton Lange.

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Title: Managing futility in oncology settings partnerships in peril

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: My aim is to look at an aspect of professional practice that requires a partnership approach. By this I mean the relationship between the nurse & doctor may be in peril due to over-treatment, but also between the professional and the patient, and their family. In drawing up the research proposal, please try to take a look at work by Dawn Hobson and Carol Pickard, which are about managing the demands of futility, as well as other aspects of nursing, in oncology. I will appreciate it if British journals and books are used because the research will be conducted in London. It might be useful to note that the University has given the below guideline for research proposal:
1. A working title
2. A general outline of your intended research area including a brief mention of work already carried out in the field
3. The central research question(s) of your proposal
4. A discussion of your proposed research methodologies such as empirical investigation, practical work, interviews, analysis
5. An indication of the principal issues, problems, controversies, ethical issues, models and theories raised in your thesis
6. A list of sources (or kinds of sources) which you intend to consult
7. A brief bibliography
Thank you for your anticipated support

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