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Title: Ralph Ellison

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Essay Instructions: Ralph Ellison's essay, "The World and the Jug". How does this 1963 text reflect a different perspective on ideas about race and the functions of literature. How does Ellison relate to your concepts of the Civil Rights and the Black Arts Movements. Use two texts from class (one frome the civil rights era and one from the black arts era) to contrast with Ellison and illustrate your conclusions. Include a works cited and type in 12 point font. One of the texts from the Civil Rights era to use to compare with Ellison's is by James Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues"or you could use "Everybody's Protest Novel". The other text to compare is from the Black Arts movements, titled "The Black Arts Movement" by Larry Neal. All of these works can be found in the book, "The Norton Anthology of African American Literature" 2nd edition, by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Nellie Y. McKay.

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