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Title: Sport and society

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Essay Instructions: This is NOT a book report. It should analyze the book. Choose 2-3 themes or context areas from the book "Friday Night Lights" and analyze how these historical and social forces affect and relate to society in Texas. To what extent do these issues address issues of race, economic stability, social class, and politics and support/oppose your personal beliefs? Examine football both historically (as it is described in the book) and in its current context as an important social institution.

This is a sociology class specific to sport and society. The purpose is to present issues of how sport affects modern American society (specifically Texas in this analysis).

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Title: Leadership

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Essay Instructions: I would like the writer Writergrrl101

Assignment 4 "Leadership Film Project"

Select a popular film to view. In it, identify evidence of leadership traits, behaviors, styles, and others of the theories covered in the textbook. Use examples to illustrate your points. Please view one of the following films:

Saving Private Ryan, Friday Night Lights, Dodgeball, Remember the Titans, Dead Poet's Society, Gridiron Gang, Blackhawk Down, Wall Street, Invictus. If you select a film other than is on this list please let me know before beginning the project.

The project must be at least, 12-point font, and so forth. All formal writing rules apply. Do not write from the first or second person perspectives.

The format must adhere to the following example:

----Introduction (paragraph)

---Description of film (one page is too much): Plot: Brief storyline; -Characters: Identify at least two leaders to study, give a short biography (related to the action in the film); -Situation/context/setting (physical, historical, etc): Describe the physical and temporal setting of the story.

--Leadership: Be specific with your examples and provide as many as possible. In order to fit all of this in three pages you must write tightly. ----Traits/Characteristics: As many as you can identify in the two leader characters ----Behaviors: As many as you can identify in the two leader characters ----Styles: Identify all applicable. Some will use several, others will use only one. ----Context: In this section you will identify situational factors that played a role in the leader's behaviors and styles.

---Ethics. In this section you will specifically identify ethical issues faced by each leader and how they responded to the situation. Discuss alternative to their actions.

---Conclusion (paragraph)

--Reference Separate page from minimum requirement. Use APA style. Remember that the film is a reference and must be listed accordingly.

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