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Title: Company profile

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Essay Instructions: Include information on company background (and industry), product or service, size, cost and location of the company, major competitors, and any other information you think is important.
I choose a topic about online grocery store (, etc..) so you can pick other online stores and compare with them each other also...
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Title: Product Planning

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The service that will be used in this assignment is a ?Grocery Delivery Service? to the local, Arlington, TX area. Like ?FreshDirect? offered on the east coast (, the competitive advantage is there isn?t a store in the area that provides such a service. I would like it to be simulated as though it was going to be offered to a local grocery store, such as Wal-Mart, Kroger?s, Alde?s, Save-A-Lot etc. Instructions for this assignment are listed below:

Service to be sold ? What are the primary features and benefits of this service? What is the service?s competitive advantage?

Elevator speech ? This part of the exercise requires that you gain the attention of a buyer un a very short period of time?the time it takes to get from the first floor to the top floor of a high rise building in an elevator. This exercise is real?it is commonly used by prospective entrepreneurs seeking venture capital. Venture capitalists do not have time for listening to entrepreneurs drone on about details of their inventions or ideas. They want to become excited and see the financial potential in an invention or idea in 30 to 40 seconds

Overview of elevator speech ? Prepared presentation that says a lot in a few words. The core message markets yourself and the organization?make them want more.

NO-NO?Don?t tell them what you are (e.g. salesperson, marketer)?tell how you help others.

NOTE: Accompanying the service description must be information about the kinds of organizations that might be interested in purchasing the service (Wal-Mart, Kroger?s, Alde?s, Save-A-Lot etc.)

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Title: Selling Plan and Business Proposal

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Essay Instructions: The idea for this assignment was generated from ?FreshDirect? (www.freshdirct) minus the prepared meals. I have uploaded the service plan portion for this assignment.

When completing the following order?.THINK PERSONAL SELLING and/or SALES MANAGEMENT! This is a 3 page assignment that includes elements of a marketing plan and business/service proposal that will be used in a simulated role-play. The selling and business proposal will consist of the following elements.

Mission Statement: what is the service?s reason for existence? This should be no longer than a short paragraph; Preferably one sentence.

Market Analysis: who buys the service? How big is the market? Is the whole market the same, or do group (segments) of the customers behave differently? Why do they buy? What are the major benefits provided by the service? What are the primary reasons why organizations do not buy the service? This analysis occurs at two levels. Get specific. Why do organizations buy? How do they buy? The Market Analysis section should include information on the following two items:

a: How Customers Actually Purchase The Product/Service ? How do they buy? How do they use it? How do they access information? How do they voice complaints or ask questions? How can it be repaired?

b: Customer Database ? How will you collect, organize and use data about the customers?

Prices to be Charged ? At what price level is competition? Does the service really offer value for the price? How does it do this?

S.W.O.T. Analysis ? In the S.W.O.T. analysis, you must pay particular attention to Competitive Analysis- Who are the major competitors? How is the competition really defined? How would you characterize the market from an economic perspective? How does this economic characterization impact the choice of strategies?

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