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Essay Instructions: Freedom of Speech
History of Case Gitlow v. New York
People/Group involved in case
why it is important and the relevance of this case to the incorporation of civil liberties
What the case includes, relevance to today and any complications developing from this case

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Essay Instructions: Freedom of Speech" Please respond to the following:

Compare and contrast the key differences in freedom of speech protection for public and private employees. Describe a scenario in which a private employer could curtail speech, but a government employer could not.

Reexamine the Citizens United decision in Chapter 1, and determine which of the following groups has the greatest free speech rights: corporations, public employees, or private employees. Provide a rationale for your determination.

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Title: Freedom of the press

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Essay Instructions: Freedom of the press is a perpetually difficult issue. Put yourself in the role of a media CEO & descibe how you would argue against the government's efforts to try & supress coverage of any of America's wars past or present?

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Title: Do sexual harassment laws violate the First Amendment

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Essay Instructions: Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights that are protected under the U.S. constitution. Commonly, defenses of these rights are grounded in appeals to autonomy (in order to act autonomously we must have the freedom to express ourselves). Thus, restrictions on our freedom of expression correlate to restrictions on our autonomy. However, several authors recognize that sexual harassment can have a detrimental effect on autonomy. On the surface there seems to be a tension between appeals to autonomy in defense of freedom of speech and expression and appeals to autonomy in order to justify restrictions on freedom of speech and expression which may result in sexual harassment. Do you believe that there is a conflict between these two positions? How may such a conflict be balanced? In addition, according to Norman Bowie in “Relativism and the Moral Obligations of Multinational Corporations,” basic ethical principles do not vary among cultures. Defend or criticize this conclusion. Keep quotation to the minimum, and not exceed 15% of work.

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