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Essay Instructions: *Free Will
Is free will compatible with divine foreknowledge? Augustine seems to think so, but maybe there is an argument for the incompatibility that he does not consider. Or, perhaps his argument for the compatibility of the two is not that strong.

Pick ***ONE*** argument that you think you can explain and criticize. Your job is to explain it so that someone who has not read the relevant piece can understand it and offer criticism to show that someone who understands the argument can reasonably doubt that it works.


-one page: thesis, breif summary, presentation
-un baised opinion of theory
- +/- stance and whats the problem
-discuss criticism: assumnption is false irrelevent or unmotivated

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Title: 2 commentaries free talk soft determinism hard determinism morality apply 2Page topic

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1118 Sources: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 2 commentaries one about free will( we can talk about soft determinism and hard determinism) and the next one is what is morality and where it can be apply.

2Page from each topic

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Title: Pick up a position in the free will vs determinism debate

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1151 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic: Pick up a position in the free will vs. determinism debate

My professor ask us to use the notes information write this paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is ok, if you use other examples.
This paper's purpose is to discuss the Hume's and Chisholm' s philosophy freedom and debate!!!!!!!!

you can use Hume' example: the prisoner and the jailer;
use at least three example from this notes to explain their argument!!!!!

Notes 1/10:
The debate is: Free will vs determinism
Incompatibility between free will: If God knows everything, then God knows what I will do tomorrow. But it knows what I will do tomorrow, then in what sense do I choose it?
Determinism: we live in a world of natural laws; fundamental physics; psychology ( personality value); psychological laws;
Hume's determinism is true of us: Human nature is much the same across time and place. Culture determine our attitude. Our behave just cause and effect.

Notes 1/11:
Hume' argument - clarifying the " necessary"
(1) human behavior is quite uniform (called thing considered)
(2) all human depends on predicting the behavior of others ( and most of them learn to do this very successful.) Book( David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Second Edition p59)
(3) history, politics depends in our believing in the constant character of human behavior. ( Ex: the prisoner and the jailer: prisoner realized it is unnecessary to please the jailer, so he chose to hit the stone to escape.p60)
(4) when people behave unpredictability, we call it unknown causes
Hume define liberty p63

A power of acting or not acting, according to the determinations of will. Person in claims don't have free will because he can't determine will.
The jailer has self interest , he has his work and want to do it well, so he wouldn't release the prisoner, the cause of this action.
Self respect, desire to feed family cause (set will) the jailer behavior predicting( don't release the prisoner)
Secret reason, like the memory of jailer's grandfather cause(set will) jailer behave unpredictably ( release the prisoner)
Hume - if we don't believe the determinism is true, then the law is ridiculous. If specific causes people do specific ways. The legal system is based on the thing we account.

Chisholm' argument: incompatibility, has some agreement with Hume. (see the Attach file p392 section 3 first paragraph)
Compatibility argue that:
(a) " He could have done "otherwise, means no more nor less than. (b) "If he had chosen to do otherwise, then he would have done otherwise."
(b) could be true while (a) is false (cause they don't mean the same thing)

a husband saw his wife with other man on bed, and they are actually have some relationship. So, the husband shot the man. Because the husband didn't have the desire to not shot the man. He was not bothered by Chisholm's problem. He didn't have a strong opposite will to reject doing that.

desire (like addicted to cigarette ), disposition and character cause a person internal constraints.
Prison bar and violent chain cause a person external constraints.

Example: you saw a wallet on the floor. Your desire want you to pick up it and take the money, but you don't , you change your desire. However, your external constraint want you to pick it up, because your mum was in the hospital and you don't have the money!

the difference:
Hume's freedom: 'A power of acting or not acting according to the determination of our will'.
Chisholm's freedom: the power to change our desire so as to determine our will act or not act.( ex: some people don't have the ability to control their action, like the insanity person.)

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Free Will Agency according to Marxism and Free Market Capitalism

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2211 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Here is the email giving the outline of the assignment, minus information that isn't relevant, from one of the two professors who teach this class:

"Assignment Description*

1) Free Will and Agency: Marxist and Free Market. Discuss each position and
explain why you believe one is more persuasive than the other.

2) Make sure to show how each side?s understanding of free will and agency
is critical to their overall philosophy.

Make sure to site appropriately and avoid overuse of
quotes. You must have at least 6 sources."

One website you can use for sources is This URL in particular might help: . You aren't required to use this site for any sources though. Please make sure that no more than two or three of the sources come from that website.

IMPORTANT: While I'm not a communist, I am a Democratic Socialist. I'm very far on the left. I prefer Marxism to Free Market Capitalism. Please write this from the perspective of someone who is far on the left and favors Marxism to Capitalism. Also important: I'm really smart. I'm not trying to brag, but my teachers will be expecting a really intelligent essay. I got a 2230 on the SAT and could have gotten a 2400. I'm also very politically aware. I'm sorry to be redundant, and I trust that you're smart, but please make sure that this paper looks like it was written by an intelligent leftist (but please don't bash Free Market Capitalism unless you make a point that is backed up well. One of my two teachers is a Marxist and one is a Free Market Capitalist.)

In case what my professor sent isn't clear: Part one of the essay is to describe the Marxist and Free Market views of Free Will and Agency.

Thank you.

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