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Title: I request writer moriks58 complete assignment Read BYP19 7 titled All About Write a paper 1 750 words APA style responding questions BYP19 7 All About You Activity BYP19 7 Many someday business

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Essay Instructions: I would like to request the writer moriks58 to complete this assignment.

Read BYP19-7, titled ?All About you?

Write a paper of no more than 1,750 words in APA style responding to the questions in BYP19-7.

?All About You? Activity

BYP19-7 Many of you will someday own your own business. One rapidly growing opportunity is no-frills workout centers. Such centers attract customers who want to take advantage of state-of-the-art fitness equipment but do not need the other amenities of full-service health clubs. One way to own your own fitness business is to buy a franchise. Snap Fitness is a Minnesota-based business that offers franchise opportunities. For a very low monthly fee ($26, without an annual contract) customers can access a Snap Fitness center 24 hours a day.

The Snap Fitness website ( indicates that start-up costs range from $60,000 to $184,000. This initial investment covers the following pre-opening costs: franchise fee, grand opening marketing, leasehold improvements, utility/rent deposits, and training.

Instructions - Please answer all questions in APA paragraph style
(a) Suppose that Snap Fitness estimates that each location incurs $4,000 per month in fixed operating expenses plus $2,000 to lease equipment. A recent newspaper article describing no-frills fitness centers indicated that a Snap Fitness site might require only 300 members to break even. Using the information provided above, and your knowledge of CVP analysis, estimate the amount of variable costs. (When performing your analysis, assume that the only fixed costs are the estimated monthly operating expenses and the equipment lease.)

(b) Using the information from part (a), what would monthly sales in members and dollars have to be to achieve a target net income of $10,000 for the month?

(c) Provide five examples of variable costs for a fitness center.

(d) Go to a fitness-business website such as Curves, Snap Fitness, or Anytime Fitness, and find information about purchasing a franchise. Summarize the franchise information needed to decide whether entering into a franchise agreement would be a good idea.

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Title: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

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Essay Instructions: Your goal is to write clear, concise, and thorough reports of your analysis and recommendations. This analysis is a minimum of four pages in length and professional in appearance. Margins should all be 1" and the font should be no larger than 12. It should be set at 1.5 spacing.

This report is an in-depth analysis of the business plan for Quick Lube Franchise Corporation. You should be utilizing information found in Chapters 1 -11 of the text. Topics to be addressed in this report should include but are not limited to the following:
# What grounds might QLFC have for filing a lawsuit against Huston?
# Why do you think Huston has asked for a meeting with Herget?
# What advice would you give Herget as he considereds Huston's request for a meeting with QLFC?
# As part of that advice, how much is QLFC worth?
# Does your answer to Question # 4 depend on how WLFC is harvested?
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Title: Buying a Franchise

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Essay Instructions: Course-Small Business Management

Write a 2 page paper on "why I want to buy a Franchise-Party Central"

Description of Operation: A 100% member-owned Co-Operative, offering the Rental Industry's most complete Special Event Rental Franchise. Our stores offer a full line of party & special event banquet/catering facilities. Party Central offers you the benefits of national name recognition, strong purchasing power, modern store design & effective adv./mktg.programs. New & existing

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Title: Franchising in China

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Essay Instructions: For this Unit's Assignment please read "Case 2: Franchising in China" on Page 178 in Chapter 6 of your text. Then answer questions 1-4.

Then do some research and describe the non-store based retailing opportunities in China.

Submit your answers to the questions in a double-spaced paper, no more than three pages long, to the "Unit 4: Assignment" Dropbox.

Franchising in China

With its population of 1.3 billion people and a middle class
estimated at 200 million people as of 2009, the Chinese market
has been described by some retail analysts as ?the
mother of all franchise markets.? In addition to the large
target audience of consumers, China is attractive because a
significant number of Chinese nationals now have the
required investment to purchase a franchise there.
According to Michael Isakson, the chairman of the
International Franchise Association (www.franchise.
org): ?There are currently about 500 franchise companies in
China, and we expect that to grow exponentially over the
next few years.? A study by the China Chain Store and
Franchise Association (CCFA) ( found
that 14 of the top 20 franchises in the United States have
already entered the Chinese market. As the chief executive
of iFranchise Group ( says,
China is ?in the early stages of a franchise boom of unparalleled magnitude."

Prior to 2004, China lacked the laws to enable foreign
companies to establish franchises in China. At that time,
foreign companies had to partner with a local franchise
that held import and export licenses. Until recently, Yum!
Brands ( now operates KFC
(, Pizza Hut (, and
Taco Bell ( franchises in China?
did not franchise outlets in China. Yum! Brands? initial
Chinese stores were all company-owned due to concerns
with intellectual property protection and China?s
weak legal framework. Similarly, prior to 2004, all of
McDonald?s ( Chinese stores
were company-owned and operated with a local Chinese

In 2005, as part of China?s World Trade Organization
commitments, franchising opportunities were opened up to
foreign-invested enterprises. As of 2005, Yum! Brands
began franchising stores that were company-owned for
12 months or had become profitable. Yum! Brands does not
want new Chinese franchisees either losing money or struggling
with the initial operation of stores. To encourage the
growth of its units in second-tier cities, Yum! Brands has
reduced the franchising fee to the equivalent of $250,000,
and McDonald?s has been franchising to Chinese nationals
since new legislation was passed.

Despite the changes in franchising laws, significant
challenges still exist in China. These relate to problems
associated with quality control, uncertainty about the
franchising regulatory environment, and weak intellectual
property enforcement. For example, General Mills
(, owner of the H?agen-Dazs
( ice cream franchise, learned that it
was not properly supervising a local franchise in Shanzhen.
The franchisee apparently had been making ice cream cakes
in an unsanitary environment. It seems that ice cream was
produced in an apartment that did not have an appropriate
food preparation license. Adverse publicity associated with
the incident had a major negative impact on the brand?s
image in China.

In an incident related to intellectual property rights in
China, Starbucks ( discovered that a
Chinese firm registered its trademark prior to Starbucks?
entering China. Recovering its rightful trademark became a
costly and prolonged legal battle.

1. Describe the pros and cons of a multinational retailer
expanding into the Chinese market via franchising.

2. What are the pros and cons of Yum! Brands developing
its own stores versus using franchising as a means of
selling to the China market?

3. Should Yum! Brands modify its menu to meet Chinese tastes? If yes, how? Explain your answer.

4. Comment on Yum! Brands? strategy of franchising its
Chinese stores only after they have been companyowned
for 12 months or have become profitable.

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