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Title: English

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There are three forces in life, DESTINY, FATE, & FREEWILL.
There are several different views of how our lives are affected by these three forces. Are we dealt a hand to do with it what we may? Is our future prescribed before we are born? Or do we have complete control of our lives and decisions?
"Forrest Gump" espouses two very distinct views on this topic. In a 2-3 page typed, double-spaced, essay discuss how the movie tackles fate, destiny and freewill. What are the two view points in the movie and to whom do they belong? What is Forrest''s viewpoint? What is your opinion on this topic? Which character do you side with?

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Title: Theories of personality

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Essay Instructions: Must contain 10 peer viewed journals and 2 or 3 other references. See the attachment labeled "overview" that is what contains all of the elements of this paper. Please contact me if you need me to purchase a copy of the film Forrest Gump and mail it to you. I know the movie is available online as well as many written articles about the movie. The character to address is JENNY not FORREST. Please contact me immediately with any questions. Also, use the template provided to you. All you have to do is plug in the information into the template. The title page will be done by me for security reasons for all. Thank you so much in advance. You have all delivered impeccable papers to me. This is my 3rd year using your company and it is an excellent service. Thank you again.
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Reference List

Anderson, S.M., Saribay, a., & Thorpe, J.S. (2008). Simple kindness can go a long way:

Relationships, social identity, and engagement. Social Psychology. 39[1], 59-69.

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72[2], 262-265.

Erikson, M.G. (2007). The meaning of the future: Toward a more specific definition of possible selves. Review of General Psychology. 11[4], 348-358.

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Tamir, M., John, O.P., Srivastava, S., & Gross, J.J. (2007).Implicit theories of emotion: Affective and social outcomes across a major life transition. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 92[4], 731-744.

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Title: Film and Television and Culture

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Essay Instructions: Review the film Forrest Gump. Answer each question in a paragraph of 50 words or more.

1. What is the primary emphasis of the film? i.e. artistic exspression, informative, social issues. Explain

2. What is the surface-level subject matter of the film? Describe the plot.

3.What is the subtext or underlying theme of the film? What issues or values are explored in the film?

4. What is the source of conflict in the film? How is this conflict resolved?

5. What cultural values is the film or show attempting to promote? Why should I agree with those values?

6. What trends in this film are also commonly found in other films or shows?

7. What cultural stereotypes or archetypes are present in the film? What is the purpose of the stereotype
or archetypal character?

8. In what way is sound or music used to tell the story or manipulate the viewer response?

9. What ethical issues or moral dilemmas are explored in the film (sex with Forrest Gumps mother)? Tell
how you can agree with how these issues were potrayed.

10. What types of editing techniques or technical effects are used to tell the story? i.e. close ups,
flashbacks, computer generated imagery, or special effects.

11. Can viewing films like this affect how your individual identity is formed? Why or why not?

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10. The visual effects employed throughout the film are downright impressive when considering that the film was shot in the early nineties. Computer generated imagery techniques have made it possible for Tom Hanks to be shown shaking hands with several celebrities that died before the film was made. Similarly, clips showing characters during the Vietnam War put across the feeling that napalm was actually shot near the actors.

11. One is likely to feel that his personal identity is influenced by such films, considering that the sentiments that it triggers are quite strong. Even with the fact that it is very difficult (considering that individuals are bombarded with emotive feelings through a series of mediums) to influence people in the contemporary society, Forrest's determination and the fact that he uses morality as a means to get by makes viewers understand that it is best for them to remain impartial and ethical in most circumstances.

Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Forrest Gump. Paramount Pictures, 1994.

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Title: Forest Gump The Movie

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For your final examination, Forrest Gump will serve as the case study, upon whom you will apply the theories, concepts, and tenets of developmental psychology and the lifespan growth process. Of the following 5 essay questions, EVERYONE MUST COMPLETE ESSAY #1, plus 2 additional essays of your choice to provide a thorough, well written, and well-synthesized synopsis of key developmental material as it relates to Forrest.

You can expect each essay to be worth 10 points, with particular focus on your ability to apply the key theoretical concepts and relative material to the essay topic at hand. There is an additional 10 points each for the intelligence you demonstrate in your writing style (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.) and your adherence to APA style (i.e. double spaced, 12 point font, citations, references, etc.). Bear in mind all of the resources provided to you over the course of this semester. Reference/cite them properly in your writing.

Complete your exam in one all-inclusive document that needs to be placed in the dropbox BY THE DEADLINE!

ESSAY #1: Life Span Development
The Life-Span approach recognizes development across 5 domains: Multidirectional, Multicontextual, Multidisciplinary, Multicultural, and Plasticity. Apply these 5 characteristics to Forrest's life, giving a thorough depiction of his developmental process as depicted in the movie. Consider the impact of gender, various sociocultural experiences, educational issues, and socioeconomic matters as it relates to Forrest's life experience.

ESSAY #2: Early to Middle Childhood
There are some indications in Forrest's early childhood that he had difficulties with his cognitive-intellectual capacities. The principal described him as "different" in reporting that his IQ equals 75 and that by State law he should be attending a school for special education. To the contrary, there were clear opportunties where Forrest was able to learn things accordingly. Discuss Forrest's capacity for learning in his early to middle childhood. What theories of learning are prevalent in Forrest's early learning process as his brain began to mature? What other "intelligences" seem to aid Forrest's maturational growth where his cognitive deficits fall short? In the same respect, how have his cognitive deficits aided his success?

ESSAY #3: Early Childhood to Adulthood
Discuss the evolution of Forrest's relationship with Jenny over the course of his life. Apply Sternberg's 7 Forms of Love. Discuss the similarities and differences between them at various developmental stages, and how their social homogamy contributes to the success/failure of their relationship during that stage? Incorporate concepts of Erikson's crisis of intimacy.

ESSAY # 4: Adulthood (Extended Adolescence)
Forrest seems to have an extended adolescence when considering his psychosocial development and journey for identity. Apply Erikson's fifth crisis of Identity versus Role Confusion to the life experiences Forrest has post-college. Consider areas of role confusion, foreclosure, and moratorium in Forrest's decision-making. Consider the 4 arenas of identity formation: religious, political, vocational, and sexual. Does Forrest reach identity achievement? Justify your response.

ESSAY #5: Adulthood
Discuss Forrest's transition into the experience of generativity with respect to some key developmental trends consistent with Adulthood: committed partnership, caregiving, and employment. What developmental and contextual factors (culture, gender, SES, health habits, etc.) allowed this to be a relatively logical transition for him with all things considered? Be specific.

ESSAY # 6: Death and Dying
Forrest experiences 3 significant deaths through the course of the movie: Bubba, his mother, and Jenny. What are the similarities and differences surrounding these 3 deaths (i.e. circumstance/cause of death) as it relates to the grieving process for Forrest? How does each person experience the reality of their death? Consider developmental theories of dying and acceptance in providing your response.
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