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Title: Urban Forestry

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Essay Instructions: Instructions:
Read Chapter 18 in the text on urban forestry before attempting this lab.

Use the map (LA_NewOrleansEast). This map is of downtown New Orleans ??" not the areas hit hardest, but areas more people may be familiar with regarding scenery and history. You may get some better idea of the area by searching for photos of downtown New Orleans on the internet. Some good aerials are contained at :

a. and


While I am aware you are not on the ground in New Orleans and may never have been there, the essence of this exercise is to select a site and composition of an urban forest that would be appropriate for the given location. You will be graded on the appropriateness of your tree selection and chosen location along with your justifications.
Complete Lab 5 in the Tests and Quizzes

Lab 5 Assignment:

Please answer the following:

1. Describe where you would locate your urban forest and explain why you would locate it there. Remember to take into account major features, waterways, elevations, roads, etc. as well as climate and soils of the location. You can describe the area by noting bordering roads and features.

2. What species of trees would you plant in this forest? Consider the uses of the forest in your selection. Describe the characteristics of the species that make them appropriate for your location. Be specific and keep in mind that a wide variety of tree species are necessary for forest health, especially preventing serious insect and disease damage to your forest. Include at least 6 species.

3. Urban forests have many benefits from pollution and noise abatement to aesthetics and parkland. What uses would you assign to your forest and why? Explain in detail.

4. Discuss what care and maintenance would be needed to support this site. Consider both ecological (forest plants and animals) and environmental (man) factors. Refer to Chapter 18, Text.

5. Explain in detail what you perceive to be the greatest difficulty in creating this urban forest and why.

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Title: Sierra Club Forestry and Air Pollution

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Essay Instructions: Please write the paper on the following:

1) Describe how lobbyists work regarding these issues and identify the resources they use to influence public policy.

2) Give a concise analysis of how special interest groups shape the public?s values and how they ?educate? the public regarding these issues.

3) How does the Sierra Club view trees on an ecological level and tree harvesting and farming and planting overall versus the group that would like to harvest "old growth"

4. How air pollution and what the Sierra Club stands on this topic and how the planting of trees adds or distracts with regards to trees (forestry.

5. Please use citations if possible and reference them in the reference portion of the paper.

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Title: Sustainability of forest logging in Tasmania AUS

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Essay Instructions: This is a case study about the sustainability problems of the ongoing logging actions taking place in Tasmania, Australia.

1. The case study is about identifying the problems within its governance structures and an analysis of how to fix the governance problems. It should be a formal essay-style format broken into the following sub-sections:

a) Introduction: brief introduction of the issue at the centre of the case study
b) Actors: brief outline of the key actors involved and their position on the issue
c) Analysis: Analyse the governance challenges which may include: value conflicts, contested knowledge, competing interests, institutional barriers

2. An annotated bibliography will be provided, which includes a descriptive list of references that should be used in this essay

3. The essay should include the following information:

a) Information on the current state of the forestry industry in tasmania (why it is such a large industry and what it provides for tasmania)
b) The current state of the environment and the impact the continued logging is having on biodiversity
c) Major Players: Forestry Tasmania, GUNNS and Japan as a major importer of woodchips. Need to examine what these players are doing and how they are affecting the overall issue
d) Information on current policies and practices currently in place, what they are designed to do and how they aren't achieving sustainable practices.
e) An insight on what can be done to remedy the situation though policy changes and practices
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Title: Pennsylvania's Natural Resources

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Essay Instructions: Bibliograghy needs to be annotated. Work cited for internet source needs title, author or publisher and posting date. All work needs to be credited properly. Questions to answer within the paper - What the natural resources are for PA? Please be sure to use coal, forestry soil, water and metals and chemicals. What are the export resources? What is the level of demand for the resources in PA? Please include population number. Can PA be self-supporting? Please list reasons why or why not.

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