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Title: Transaction exposure

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following question:
“What factors affect a firm's degree of transaction exposure in a particular currency? For each factor, explain the desirable characteristics that would reduce transaction exposure.
Demonstrate your mastery of these international finance topics through examples including "the numbers" and formulas as appropriate.”

Write this as is relating to multi-national corporations operating in a foreign countries. For your own use, the following link provides a good definition transaction exposure: (No need to restate the definition of transaction exposure in the essay, assume the reader knows what it is already)

Please use 3 real world examples from three different multinational corporations such as Coca Cola, GE, Apple, Goldman Sachs, etc…
Please use 3 online references such as the New York Time, Wall Street Journal, or other reputable online source that does not require a password to be accessed. Do not use site such as wikipedia, ehow, etc… Please include a Reference/works cited page. APA format please.
Thank you!

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Works Cited:

Gasparro, a. & Stynes, T. (2011). McDonald's 4Q profit rises 2.1% amid stronger sales. Nasdaq. Retrieved January 28, 2011 from

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Title: 3 Questions

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Essay Instructions: Please Number these responses

1) What factors contribute to the fluctuation of exchange rates?
2) How can political instability affect doing business in foreign countries?
3) What are some differences between business and financial risks?

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Political instability is a feature of the general environment and can manifest itself in a variety of ways in business transactions. It differs from political risk, which refers to the possibility that political decisions or events in a country will affect the business climate in such a way that investors will lose money or not make as much money as originally expected. However, an unstable political environment can create, or hint at, possible political risk. This can affect the foreign business world in many different ways. There may be a decline of the stock market and a decline in foreign investment due to fear of political risk. An increase in crime and corruption can upset businesses operating within a foreign country, such as was the case in Moscow. According to studies performed at the beginning of the Yeltsin presidency in 1994, "all retail stores, restaurants, cafes, kiosks, clothing markets, and auto importers, along with seventy to eighty percent of privatized enterprises and commercial banks, were making protection payments to criminal gangs." (Bernstein, et al., 1995) Legal factors affected by political instability in turn affect doing business in foreign countries. Political instability can create different levels of taxation and change zoning laws. How a business is required to be registered may change and the actual operation laws and tax laws themselves may also change. The amount of government support a foreign business receives and the way a foreign business is allowed to advertise can be affected. Also, the privatization of local companies and services may create more competition and ultimately push foreign businesses out of a market. These are all some of the ways that political instability can affect doing business in foreign countries.

3. What are some differences between business and financial risks?

Business and financial risks sometimes overlap, but the two terms define different sets of risks. Financial risk is the possibility that a bond issuee will default, by failing to repay principal in a timely manner. So financial risks deal with the actual risk of a business not being able to recover money lent. Business risk is the risk associated with the unique circumstances of a particular company, as they might affect the price of that company's securities. Unlike financial risks, business risks are not always risks directly associated with a company's monetary assets, even though they can ultimately affect the financial bottom line of a company. Also, business risks will vary depending on the type of business, while financial risks are similar throughout business. Examples of financial risks may be loans or company issued credit lines. An example of a business risk may be a clothing retailer deciding to display a clothing line by an unknown designer.

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Essay Instructions: The answers must be in an essay format. You are not to submit answers in an outline format. The essay must explain and discuss the followings terms. For all the items, I am looking for an answer that displays an understanding of the issues, not a school answer. If you take a stand opposed to that of the authors, all that is needed is a solid supporting argument. Independence of mind is no crime. Please discuss the topics not just give textbook answers.

As an example, if you were to choose the topic of outsourcing, I am looking for a complete understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly---so to speak.

• US direct investment in foreign countries and foreign direct investment in the US.
• Functions, and descriptions, of the forward, futures and options market.
• The relationship between the forward rate and the spot rate.
• Domestic interest rates and their affect on the balance of payments.
• Welfare effects of trade of trade creation and trade diversion.
• Purchasing-power-parity theory; limitations and effect on inflation.
• Exchange rates; primarily floating rates and managed floats
• Outsourcing; Benefits and costs.

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Title: Managerial Economics

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Essay Instructions: Do Four out of five Questions; Number one must be included in your four.

1 Get the financial data for a company or organization for five years. From the balance sheet and the income statement for the company or organization develop regression line formulae for each line item and predict those line item revenues and costs over the next five years. Don??t do prediction for any item in the statement less than 10% of the total sales on the incomes statement or 10 % of the total Assets. Lump all those values into one account.

2 From the text on page 148 select three leading indicators and three lagging indicators. Collect the data for the past five years and predict the next five years using percent analysis. Discuss each indicator, what it measures and how it would be used in your analysis of economic conditions in your country.
(Book: Managerial Economics ?VTruett+ Truett, ISBN: 0-324-01907-6)

3 Discuss how elasticity of demand is affects by each of the four types of theoretical market models. (Monopoly, Perfect Completion, Oligopoly, and Monopolistic Competition) Explain how you would compete in each of the four market models if you were to export a product to a country that had an economy with each economic model.

4 During the class we discussed several quantitative tools (Excel, graphs, charts, linear program, percent analysis, forecast, regression line) that a business manager could use to make better decisions. Identify, define and discuss two tools that you learned about that will help you in your decision making.

5 You are interested in exploiting the global market and exporting products to several foreign countries. List in terms of your personal preferences five macro and five micro economic conditions that need to be present in the foreign country economy in order for you to do business there.

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