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Essay Instructions: Foreign Market Entry and Diversification

The previous papers I completed will be attached.

Based on the strategy created in Employing Automotive Strategy in a Competitive Environment, write four to five (4-5) pages double spaced on the following:

1. Create an argument for diversification of your business that will be presented to the board of directors or business investors.

2. Thoroughly develop a strategy for diversification indicating the products and industries for the diversification and how synergies may be gained from the diversified activity.

3. Thoroughly identify and discuss the foreign market that the company should enter and discuss the strategy it should use to enter the market.

4. Thoroughly discuss the challenges that company may face in the foreign market, and how it might respond strategically to minimize the impact of these challenges.

5. Thoroughly create a scenario when it would not make sense for the company to diversify or expand into a foreign market. Provide support for your rationale.

6. Thoroughly assess how the company will create a business environment conducive to ethical behavior.

7. Use at least four (4) quality academic resources in this assignment.

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Title: Foreign Monetary System

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1423 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Foreign monetary system:
Select a foreign country to analyze its monetary system. Address the following aspects in the paper:
1. A historical perspective of the country's monetary system
2. Major components of the monetary system
3. Significant influences
4. Major organizations (i.e. stock exchange)
5. Any obstacles or struggles that have helped shape the current system

Describe forward, futures and options foreign currency markets, and discuss how they demonstrate arbitrage problems in international finance.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Foreign Health Care Policy

Total Pages: 4 Words: 975 Sources: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: ** Foreign Health Care Policy (FHC)**
library resources compare and contrast the health care system (i.e. provisions of health care to citizens) of Germany with the United States.
The paper shall include the following criteria when comparing the one of the above two countries with the
US healthcare system:
? Cost of care (include who pays the doctor, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, etc?)
? Quality of care (i.e. utilization of diagnostic equipment, surgical procedures, life span, infant
morbidity, as well as other indicators discussed in the text and my notes this semester.)
? Access to care (waiting period before a patient can see their doctor, who is covered [birth ? death;
references the continuum of care])
? Who pays the healthcare provider
o Similar to fee-for-service program or managed care system?
o Does the system follow a retrospective or prospective payment system?
o Does the system follow DRG?
Your conclusion should indicate your opinion as to which country provides better healthcare to their
citizens. You may use first person in the conclusion only. The body of your paper will justify your opinion.
What are the benefits/limitations of their healthcare system? What are the quality issues, access to care, and
cost of care issues compared to the USA? Is the overall health of this country?s population better or worse
compared to the USA?
Foreign Health Care Policy Paper: Grading Criteria
Must be 3-6 pages in length, not counting the bibliography sheet. 12 point font
size. Font type: Times New Roman or Garamond. Double spaced APA format
(in text citation) is required Twenty-five percent deduction off paper grade if
APA format is not followed; however, absence of in-text citation is considered
plagiarism and will result in a zero for the assignment. A minimum of four
different current professional references are required (the text does not count as
one of the first four references; however, you may references the text as an
additional reference).
Organization: Express ideas clearly 5
Logical order of thought 5
Establishes and maintains a clear purpose 5
Introduction and conclusion strong 5
Content: Quality data present to support focus (see above criteria as well as what
follows). Your paper must include the following: What are the
benefits/limitations of their healthcare system vs. the United States system?
What issues do their system face related to: quality, access, and cost of care
compared to the USA? Is the overall health of this country?s population better
or worse compared to the USA (benchmarks can be used such as: infant
mortality rates, mortality rates for cardiovascular disease, life expectancy for
male and females, percentage of people with normal body mass, etc...)? What
percentage of GDP does each country spend on health care expenditures (does
a larger percentage automatically mean better health care - explain why or why
not.). Your conclusion should indicate your opinion as to which country
provides better healthcare to their citizens.
Ideas are fully developed and supported 5
Specific detail present 5
Integration of quotations 5
Style: Consistent tone 5
Precise and accurate language 5
Appropriate choice of words 5
Originality in voice, tone and word choice 5
Varied, economical effective sentences 5
Mechanics Spelling 5
Punctuation 5
Grammar 5
APA format followed 5
Comments: /100

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Foreign WWI propaganda from Dutch neutral perspective

Total Pages: 2 Words: 746 References: 5 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Foreign WWI propaganda from Dutch neutral perspective.

What was the reception in Dutch newspapers and pamphlets?

Belgium during the First World War as a defenseless victim under German occupation expressed in pornographic frames.

Excerpt From Essay:

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