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Essay Instructions: Now that you have completed Flowers for Algernon, you will write an essay of 3 to 5 pages answering the following question;
Treatment of Mentally Disabled: this novel was written in the 60s, when it was more common to put individual who are mentally disabled in homes like the warren home. Students could research the changes in attitudes and treatment of individuals with mental disabilities. Charlie touches on some of these changes in this comments that the correct term used to be "retarded", but now is "exceptional" but that the term will change again as soon as "exceptional? start to be an insult.
.Do you consider the novel's to be tragic or inspiring.
.Does the novel makes a definitive statement about the role of intelligence in human life, or does it simply explore this idea as an open-ended question.
This essay will reflect your understanding of flowers for Algernon. Whenever possible, you are required to directly quote from the novel. You are also to use a minimum of 3 outside sources

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Title: Analysis Essay of Flowers for Algernon

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Essay Instructions: This should be an EFFECTIVE ANALYSIS ESSAY based on the book, Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes.

While reading Flowers for Algernon, think especially about theme.
Develop a thesis which explains what you believe to be the theme of the novel.
Consider the question: what is the author’s message? Collect evidence within the novel to support the analysis.
Use the strategies and tools for effective analysis writing.
6 paragraphs.
Essay should demonstrate ability to collect and analyze evidence to support thesis.
Quote and paraphrase properly.
Cite appropriately- MLA 7 work cited entry.
Free from mechanical and structural errors.

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