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Title: Gun Ownership and Gun Control In American

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Essay Instructions: I wrote this essay in English Comp I. This semester I have the same teacher and I am doing the same topic. This semester it has to be 15 pages with all works cited. The main topic is why Americans should not own a firearm (Gun Control). The subjects I talked about were guns allow crimes to be committed easier, increased chance of suicide, and negative effect on the family. Here is a copy of my essay for example. All work has to be cited on bibliography cards and note cards.

How do guns make you feel? Do you need to own a gun to make you feel safe? Do you feel that guns have a positive effect on society? According to the CQ researcher, from 1981 to 1992 gun related violence rose more than 30% in America, and it sadly keeps getting worse (Worsnop 510). Is it because Americans are violent? No, that isn?t the answer. The right answer is the U.S. has not regulated the gun ownership to prevent the rise in violence. Many people are so used to having a gun that they don?t actually realize how dangerous it is to have a gun, and how it is having a bad effect on society. For a better future, the general public should not own a firearm.
The first important reason why the general public should not own a firearm is because guns allow people to commit crimes easier. Many Americans feel that they need a gun to protect their family and themselves, but they also need to know that having a gun in their house brings even more danger to them. Gun control advocates contend that household guns often are fired in anger during family fights, causing injury or death. They also concluded that a gun kept in the house is far more likely to be involved in the death of a member of the household then it is to be used to kill in self-defense (Worsnop 509). On the other hand, NRA is convinced that the problem with gun related violence rest with the person who is holding the gun (Worsnop 508). Do you really think problem rests on us? I don?t think so; guns are violent and cause problems. According to the law professor, Franklin E. Zimring, available evidence tends to be ambiguous, ?Ample data confirm that as guns become more available, people are more likely to die during violent crimes? (Worsnop 508). If people were not allowed to own a gun, it would make it harder for them to commit a crime.
Secondly, the general public shouldn?t own a firearm because it increases the chances of people committing suicide. Following the CQ researcher statistics, the firearm suicides increased almost 50% over the past three decades and firearms kill far more suicide victims then homicide victims (Unanswered 514). Some say that suicide victims would find a way to kill themselves no matter what (Unanswered 514), but looking at the poll shows how easy it is to use a gun to commit suicide. According to the University of California Berkley, Law professor Franklin E. Zimring states that suicide has remained strangely out side of the media because it is treated as something of an embarrassment. But among the questions yet to be answered, he wrote, is a person inclined toward suicide if a gun is not readily available (Unanswered 514). How many lives would be saved if a gun were not used in the suicide attempt? Not many people make a plan for suicide, most of them are impulsive acts (Unanswered 514) and a gun makes these acts irreversible.
The final reason why the general public should not own a firearm is because guns have a negative effect on children. Children are growing up in violence everyday. Children today are exposed to so much violence that they feel the only way to express them is through violence. An example is the massacre at Columbine high school in which students were killed because they used guns to express their anger. How did these students even get this idea to bring guns to school and harm others? Do you think this would have happened if they had had access to guns? People insist on having a gun for their protection, but according to CQ researcher, victims of many fatal shooting accidents are small children who were playing with a gun kept at home (Unanswered 514). For a better future for our children, we should be more responsible for these problems.
Nowadays, preventing gun violence in America is one of the biggest problems that society needs to solve. Overall, America needs to take a strong look at the statistics on how many people are dying each year because of gun ownership in the general public. Most nations impose strict curbs on individual ownership and use of firearms (Foreigners 516). For instance, Canada?s worst fear is America?s motto. America prides themselves on being able to keep a gun in their home to protect their family, but this causes more fear to the general public which in turn causes people to buy more guns. Canada?s justice minister does not want to fall into a cycle where people believe they have to acquire a weapon to protect themselves (Foreigners 516). In order to live life more peaceful, we must solve the problem with gun ownership in America. If we just neglect this issue now, then in the future, no matter how many laws we pass or how many police officers we hire, we will never be able to control the gun related violence.

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Title: guns legislation and information

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Essay Instructions: I have used your service several times, sometimes your work has been good and sometimes not so good. This one needs to be from the best writer you can find, please.

This is an informational report. It needs an Intro, a thesis statement, it needs one, and exactly one point in each paragraph, and it needs a solid conclusion. It needs to be four pages without cheating by repeating points, which was done on the last order I asked for, and it needs to contain this exact list of sources without any wikipedia references. Do not use bullets of any type, this needs to be a legitimate, professional piece.

The Idea is to inform an audience of the college level, of the information and misinformation, that is used by both gun rights groups (NRA) and the gun control groups (Brady campaign), to determine gun policy. And how the media uses that information to sway public opinion.

There should be no explicit opinion in this paper, only implied using rhetorical methods. In other words using only information and objective language to make your point of view.

If you cannot locate these sources online please let me know ASAP, I will email them but they are somewhat long.

Firearm facts,

The News Media's Influence on Criminal justice policy:how Market-driven news promotes punitiveness, Sara sun Beale, Duke law school working paper series 2007 paper 85

Counting Guns, Randolph Roth. Social Science History 26:4 winter 2002

Would Banning Firearms reduce Murder and Suicide? A Review of international evidence, Gary a. Mauser & Don B. Kates. Bepress Legal Series 2006 paper 1564

Shooting down the more guns, less crime hypothesis, John J. Donohue & Ian Ayres. Center for the study of law and society Jurisprudence and social policy program. 2003 paper 5

Feel free to use additional sources if they are used as a source in one of these journals.

If you have any questions at all please email me asap. Thank you.

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Essay Instructions: I would like a research paper based in this paragragh

Legality of have guns
The Second Amendment of the US Constitution reads, ?A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed?. From this just Militias should have guns not individual citizens. I think that it is true because when individuals have guns it leads to more ?street violence? in the US. The definition of street violence is fighting between rival gangs and drug networks. This is counter to pro-gun arguments because some people believe they have right to protect themselves with guns. I am against civilians having guns because there is more violence in society when individuals beyond militias and governments posses firearms.

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Title: Gun Control and Crime In the Black Community

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Essay Instructions: Assignment - The literature review should include subheadings and citations of at least five (5) sources outlining factors/reasons/objectives related to the issues of each student's project. The source of information should academic journals.

My topic is on Gun Control and the effects of Crime In the Black Community

Below is the statement of the problem that I have already submitted.

Statement of Problem

Since the expiration of the Brady Bill back in 2004, the homicide rate among young African-American males is at an epidemic level. According to the FBI, the NAACP, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, firearms, in the United States, is the leading cause of death for Black males between the ages of 15 and 34. The magnitude of this problem, the mortality rate of American Black males, by illegal guns, is unconscionable in a free society.

This national trend (mortality rate) started seven (7) years ago when Congress failed to reenact the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. From the very beginning, the Brady Bill was a controversial issue which took several years before it finally passed and was signed in to law by then Democratic President, Bill Clinton. The controversy, at that time, as it does currently, centered on the Second Amendment, and the interpretation of the “right to bear arms,” by the Supreme Court.

The Brady Bill, enacted on February 28, 1994, was designed to ensure that background checks were done before any guns could be sold by licensed dealers, to the public. The bill was aimed at restricting the sale of guns to felons and a host of other criminally misfit citizens.

Prior to the Brady Bill, the first major gun control laws were put in place by Congress in 1934. This legislation mainly focused on the sale of fully automatic rifles and machine guns. It wasn’t until public outrage over the deaths/assassinations of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr., that gun control was again addressed. In 1968 Congress passed the 1968 Gun Control Act.

In the meantime, somewhere in the midst of the madness, the Black Community was infiltrated with a ton of illegal fire arms; and the impact is killing young Black Men. There are so many variables that have contributed to the rise in crime committed by and against Black People, by Black People (better known as “Black on Black Crime.”) Some of the variables include: racism, black self-hatred, broken families, poverty, the lack of role male models, the lack of education, voter apathy, and the availability of guns. The gangster imagines displayed on television and the violent music played over the air waves only adds to our demise as a race of people.

The lack of strict gun control legislation will only continue to destroy our community, by first eliminating our young black men. The use of illegal guns in the Black Community has become a public health issue. This problem needs our immediate attention.

The action needed to address and to correct this problem must be through the legislative process. There must be a major dialogue between the stakeholders. As President Obama recently stated in an op-ed article, “We must seek agreement on gun reforms.”

Can the reenactment of the Brady Bill curtail the number of illegal firearms that are readily available in the African-American Community, thereby reducing the high homicide rate among young African-American males? Or will White America continue to cowardly hide behind the Second Amendment.

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