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Title: Fire Department

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Essay Instructions: I want to pick opption A and write about Fire. I would like to discuss the need to combine addministration job to achieve the same goal. I believe that it is not needed to run a fire department. I think many jobs are duplicated. For example the Battalion job could be given to a lead captain on shift. This would save money and give more opportunities to expand. Thanks Gordon

A) Write and submit a 5-7 page paper, double-spaced, where you pick a particular facet of the service in which you have interest (Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS) and relay how you would implement a major change in how the service operates (what steps would you take and why). For example, from your readings, how would you implement and manage change if EMS were removed from the fire service or if police officers were not allowed to carry side arms anymore, much like Great Britain? OR

B) Write and submit a 5-7 page paper, double-spaced, addressing the leadership behaviors in one of the leadership theories described in the textbook. Write about your understanding of these attributes, and when you think these behaviors should be used. Also address the following:

•Why these characteristics are important.
•How they relate to each other.
•How these traits can be utilized in emergency service oversight.
Papers must have at least 3 references (in addition to the textbook) from your research. Do not use encyclopedias or dictionaries. Use embedded citations in the following format (author, date, page).

Refer to helpful links here and in course syllabus.
Submit the assignment in a word (.doc) or in a rich text format (.rtf) document Through this assignment page. Name the file using your last name and assignment title (i.e. fisher_midterm_paper.doc).

The paper should include an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should include a thesis statement and a sentence that lists the main points (sub-topics) in the paper. The conclusion summarizes the key points from the paper. Use subheads for each of the main points.

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Title: Fire Department Budgets

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Essay Instructions: In this weak economy that we find ourselves, what solutions are being implemented by U.S. fire departments to cope with shrinking budgets? Use the Internet to search for solutions from at least 3 fire departments and describe the solutions, and their success or failure, in no more than 3 pages of text. The Week 5 paper is a research paper and should be written using APA style guidelines.

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Title: Fire Department and Community Political Climate

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Essay Instructions: Examine your fire department (El Dorado Hills, CA) in the light of the political climate of your community. How does the structure and type of government, the stability or instability of the government and the tax base affect the department’s operations.

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Title: Fire Department and Local Government

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Essay Instructions: Look at the demands placed on and the balance among fire protection, emergency medical services and technical rescue services on your fire department (El Dorado Hills, California) and its resources. In essay format of at least two pages summarize how your agency and the authority having jurisdiction work together (or don’t) to meet new challenges and demands. Would you rate your agency and local government as proactive or reactive when it comes to change, additional demands on resources, funding and interagency rivalry?

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