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A financial statement analysis project emphasizes the practical nature of the course. Students apply the concepts learned in the course to the development of a concrete, practical product.

The following are some suggestions for projects:
? An equity research report on a company or set of comparison companies.
? Evaluation of an acquisition from the point of view of the acquiring firm or the target firm.
? A comparison of valuations using pro forma analysis with those using the method of comparables or asset-based valuations.
? An analysis of accounting issues in a valuation for a particular industry sector.
? A quality of earnings analysis for a particular company.
? Evaluation of a restructuring.
? Evaluation of a firm's strategic choices with the goal of creating shareholder value.
? Discovery of mispriced firms.
? Evaluation of a privatization or an IPO.
? A Value-at-risk analysis for a particular firm.
? A What-if analysis for a particular firm.

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Title: Financial statement analysis

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Essay Instructions: 'The world of financial statement analysis is characterised by ambiguity and secrecy and it is only the insiders who are able to fully understand or benefit from the results'

Discuss the above statement from the perspectives of different stakeholder groups and different size organisations, both in the context of the global economy and YOUR OWN country. Base your answer on research, your readings, and your own experiences and be sure to cite and reference all sources of your information.

Please try to use academic references.

Note about “Plagiarism”

Occasionally, students make the mistake of 'going too far in the other direction' and they include too many direct quotes in a submission. If the proportion of quotations in a submission exceeds 20%, then the grade would probably be Fail – even if all the copied materials are properly cited.

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Title: Short financial statement analysis publicly traded company Please include analysis chart topic picked 5pgs 12 pt font

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Essay Instructions: Short financial statement analysis on any publicly traded company.
Please be sure to include an analysis chart on any topic that is picked.
12 pt font

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Title: Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Include a one-page Executive Summary immediately following the title page that includes a statement of the major issue(s) and your conclusions and specific remendations. So a 9 page essay and an executive summary equals 10 total pages. All reference sources must have a publication date within the last three years. Citations for online sources should include the online address (URL) and access date as well as the citation for the specific reference. Publications that may be relevant : Strategic Finance, The Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, CFO Magazine, Nonprofit World, Harvard Business Review, or other accounting and financial journals. The specific essay should cover ratio and financial statement analysis - the essay should critically analyze the benefits and limitations of ratio analysis, explaining what factors impact the meaningfulness of such measures and what new practices or theories may be emerging regarding the application of ratio and financial statement analysis. Emphasize practical applications and real-world use of ratios synthesizing your readings in published research or survey articles.
Again, all references must be less than 3 years old. Please email with any questions.

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