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Title: Essay Question The international financial institutions efforts to address global poverty are inadequate Discuss

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Essay Instructions: To answer this essay question you must write 2500 words And this writer must complete these two essays. Writer’s Username: ProfDiggers

Essay Question: “The international financial institutions efforts to address global poverty are inadequate”. Discuss.

-This book must be used in these essays,

-Robert O?brien and Marc Williams, Global Political Economy Second Edition (Basingstoke; Palgrave, 2007)

Marking Criteria and Advice

What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:

1. Comprehension of Unit Material: ensure that your use of facts is accurate and relevant concepts and theories are examined. Ensure you demonstrate an understanding of the weekly required readings of the unit as a whole.
2. Research: ensure that you use a significant amount of research (especially for larger –research essays). You should not be overly dependent on web sources – you should ensure that the number of web sources does not exceed your journal articles and books. Critical analysis: Your essay must sustain a coherent argument that is supported by giving evidence and reasons. This will require demonstrating careful analysis of other people’s arguments and being critical of the evidence at hand (this may require questioning the assumptions of the material you have read).
3. Relevance to the question: Ensure your argument addresses the question clearly and directly. Ensure that the concepts and examples you use are focused on the question that you are addressing and the argument you are making.
4. Clear essay structure: it should possess an introduction that sets out how you are going to answer the question, an essay body that considers evidence and research and then links these to your point of view, and a conclusion that reinforces your position in relation to the question.
5. Expression: Writing and grammar should be clear and consistent. Essay structure should consist of paragraphs containing one core idea – avoid using dot points or ‘mini-paragraphs’.
6. Referencing: One style of referencing should be used throughout when other people’s ideas are being used. A well-presented bibliography of used sources must be included.


• Ensure your essay does not contain plagiarised material. Put all direct quotes in quotation marks and use page numbers wherever possible.

• Answer the question directly and do not over use quotes. This exercise is focusing on your argument and perspective.

Further resources
Recommended texts
• David Held, and Anthony McGrew, Globalisation/Anti-globalisation Second Edition (Cambridge, Polity Press, 2007)
• Joseph Stiglitz, Globalization and its Discontents (London; Penguin books, 2002)
• Joseph Stiglitz, Making Globalization Work (London; Penguin books, 2006)
• Robert O?Brien, etal., Contesting Global Governance (Cambridge; CUP 2000)
• Manfred B. Steger, Globalism: Market Ideology Meets Terrorism 2nd edition (Rowman and Littlefield, 2005)

• Jan Aart Scholte, Globalisation, a critical introduction Second Edition (Basingstoke; Palgrave, 2005)
• David Held, et al, Global Transformations (Cambridge, Polity Press, 1999)
• Leslie Sklair, Globalization: Capitalism and its Alternatives. 3rd edition. (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2002)
• John Ravenhill (ed.), Global Political Economy (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2005)
• Gilpin, Robert, Global Political Economy (Princeton; Princeton University Press, 2001)
• Richard Stubbs and Geoffrey Underhill (eds.), Political Economy and the Changing Global Order 2nd edition/3rd edition (Oxford; Oxford University Press, 1999/2005)

Some useful websites
Global Policy Webpage is a great page for material relating to the state, globalisation and the UN.
The Global Transformations webpage is great for globalisation material.
Carnegie Council webpage good material on ethics and global justice International Institutions
World Bank:
ILO: Pro Capitalist Organisations:
World Economic Forum:
The Trilateral Commission:
European Round Table of Industrialists: Anti Capitalist Organisations:
Left Business Observer:
Multinational Monitor:
G77 (anti neo-liberal grouping)
Debt canceling movements World Social Forum
Focus on the Global South
Mobilization for Global Justice
50 Years is Enough
Our World is Not For Sale NGOs:
Global Trade Watch:
Amnesty International:
Friends of the Earth:

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Excerpt From Essay:


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and Developing World Frameworks', Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, vol. 16, no. 1/2, pp. 105-121.

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Palgrave Macmillan: New York.

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Wenar, L n.d., Accountability in International Development Aid, CCEIA, viewed 19 April 2009

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Title: Financial Institutions and Markets

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Essay Instructions: The assignment consists of a Financial Institution analysis project. It must obtain the 2010 Annual Report of National Bank of Canada. Any other relevant information can be used - be sure to list references as appropriate.
Your task is to analyze and evaluate the institution's managament and performance in the following areas:
1) Off Balance Sheet Activities
2) Financial Performance - Look at past trends, key measures of financial performance, comparison to industry peers.

Summarize your findings by listing and discussing 3 key strengths and 3 key weaknesses of the institution.
Finally, make at least one recommendation to the institution's management to improve the operation.
Analysis beyond this limit may be included in an appendix.
There are faxes for this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:


"One Bank One Client." National Bank of Canada, 2010. Print.

MLA Format.

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Title: Case Study Assignment

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Case Study Assignment

You are a senior manager at a financial institution that engages in both commercial and investment banking activities and has offices in Germany and the US. The Board of Directors at the bank have asked you to prepare a policy statement for the annual report to shareholders. In the last few months, the following events have occurred:

1.In response to accelerating inflation, the European Central Bank has raised short-term interest rates.
2.New regulations have been put in place by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to prevent investment banks from providing both underwriting services and stock research.
3.The bank??s reserves on deposit with the US Federal Reserve have declined, substantially reducing commercial lending opportunities.
4.Several of the bank??s high-profile corporate clients have had their credit ratings downgraded and are searching for long-term financing.
5.The city of Berlin has announced it is searching for an underwriter to handle the sale of a record amount of municipal bonds denominated in US dollars.

Please prepare a statement for the shareholders that discusses in detail, the likely impact of the above events on the bank??s profitability, strategic business decisions, and asset and liability decisions going forward.

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Title: Roles of Financial Institutions in the global economy

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Explain the roles of financial institutions in the global economy.

This paper needs to include three to five references for this report. Please include it in APA format

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


Krayer, Georg. (2002). The Role of Banks in an Economy. Retrieved June13, 2005, from Website:

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2005, from PIPA Web site:

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Stiglitz, Joseph. (1998). The Role of International Financial Institutions in the Current Global

Economy: Address to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. Retrieved June 13, 2005,

from the World Bank Group Website:

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