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Title: financial crisis a "crisis capitalism? compare contrast theories Susan Strange, Karl Polanyi Giovanni Arrighi. Explain access d issues Financial crisis relationship capitalism.

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Essay Instructions: is the financial crisis a "crisis of capitalism?
compare and contrast the theories of Susan Strange, Karl Polanyi and Giovanni Arrighi. Explain how three of them access d issues of Financial crisis and its relationship with capitalism.

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Giovanni Arrighi (2000) Workers North and South) in C. Leys and L. Panich, eds., The Socialist Register. London: The Merlin Press

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Title: Korean Financial Crisis in the late 1990s Lesson for Current Euro Area

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Essay Instructions: I am requesting to write a research paper on Korean Financial Crisis: Lessons for Current Euro Area.
I already did my 20 minute presentation on it. and I will be sending my powerpoint file and script that I made based on the paper "From the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis to the 2008-09 Global Economic Crisis: Lessons from Korea’s Experience" by Bang Nam Jeon.

The presentation script is almost "copy and paste" from above paper

I would like to have approximately but maximum of 5000 words research paper.

Please follow the basic outline from the presenatation file and scripts.

Please be adviced that the writer must read above paper first prior to write.

I will also include other papers related to this topic. Therefore, the writer should read it as references.

I will be sending all my references(papers, presentation file, script for presentation).

Please include some graphs and tables from the references and explain it.
There are faxes for this order.

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Works Cited:


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Nicos Christodoulakis (2010) Crisis, Threats and Ways Out for the Greek Economy -- INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Washington DC 1999

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Title: students answer question listed essay 1200 1400 words Assessment made basis knowledge level analysis argument references required 1 European Union EU Association Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN shown a model regional integration significant contribution political stability economic prosperity

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Essay Instructions: -students must answer one question out of three listed below
-the essay should be 1200-1400 words
-Assessment will be made one the basis of your knowledge and your level of analysis and argument.
-references are required.

1. European Union(EU) and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have shown a model of regional integration and have significant contribution to political stability and economic prosperity. Please Describe a comparison of EU and ASEAN, their motivation and objective of forming the organization, way of developement and administration of the organization and level of integration.

2. The Asian financial Crisis of 1997 gave the serious impact on the economic and political development of East Asian countries and gave the pivotal impetus to acknowledging economic interdependence and realizing importance of cooperation and integration within the same region. Please describe the main causes and outcomes of the crisis and explain how the crisis created a momentum of integrating the region.

3. In East Asia, There already exist many regional organizations, each of which has different functions and members. Please pick up major organizations that you regard important and make a short description on their functions. Please give your assessment on how such organizations would contribute to managing or regulating the process of building up a new regional order.

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ADBI. (2013). Major Features of the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis. Retrieved from

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Title: Hi The subject role management employee relations financial crisis The project 1 Introduction main body conclusion 2 Also identify research problem question 3 In addition research methodology methods interview literature review e

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Essay Instructions: Hi!

The subject is the role of management in employee relations during the financial crisis.

The project must has:
(1) Introduction, main body and conclusion,
(2) Also you must identify research problem and question,
(3) In addition it must has research methodology and methods like interview, literature review e.t.c
(4) And final it's very important to has CRITICAL THINKING.


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