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Title: Investigate financial aid opportunities community college students Research locate data amount financial aid debt individuals incur seeking postsecondary education Explore issues retention related financial concerns

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Essay Instructions: Investigate financial aid opportunities that are available to community college students.

Research and locate data on the amount of financial aid debt individuals incur while seeking postsecondary education.

Explore the issues of retention related to financial concerns.

Speculate on the correlation between financial concerns and retention.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word report of your findings and include any references.

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Title: Financial and fuding for international students

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Essay Instructions: What are the financial aid and funding differences and similarities for international students at private vs. public college and universities in the United States? Are there federal funding restictions and what have some insitutions done to over come them?

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Students on the Move: The Future of International Students in the United States. (2006) Issue Brief October 2006. Executive Summary.

Financial Aid and Funding for International Students

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Title: Financial Aid

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Essay Instructions: This is to be a policy briefing for my higher education policy studies class. This briefing is to address what a federal agency (listed below) should do about the issue of increasing financial aid access to students of low income, non-traditional families, and diverse backgrounds. This policy should represent a distinct different from current policy.

My proposal for this project is as follow:

"Improving Affordability in Higher Education Through Federal Student Aid Availability (Title)

(body) Today’s college students come from more diver backgrounds than ever before. More specifically, the family situations of college students are different than any previous generation. According to a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Working-class students are not well served, financial aid experts say, by a student-aid system created by the federal government in the 1960’s and 1970’s to help make college affordable for students from low- and middle –income backgrounds. When the formula the government uses to asses a student’s need was put into place, most students came from a traditional two parents families who could pay at least a portion of their children’s college bills, and fewer students worked full time while enrolled in college.

This, however, is not the case today. The makeup of families today has changed from that time. Single parent families are now common. Some college students prefer to pay their own way. It must be realized that only 30% of students fit into the traditional family model when determining college aide and other tuition assistance programs (Burd).

Increasing access to single parent students and those students who prefer to pay their own way through college while gaining federal aid assistance is paramount to creating a diverse student population on college campuses across the nation.

The purpose of this policy briefing will be to a) increase federal student aid, and b) increase federal student aid to students who come from non-traditional family and diverse backgrounds.

I will be reporting results and recommendations to the Chief Operating Officer of the Federal Student Aid Program, Theresa S. Shaw

Primary research will come from all available sources, including literature reviews, face to face interviews and telephone interviews with appropriate officials."

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Works Cited:


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Improving Affordability in Higher Education through Federal Student Aid Availability

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Title: Federal Student Aid Funding

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Essay Instructions: The Federal Government has had a major impact on the funding of student financial aid since the Roosevelt era. Assume for the sake of discussion that the federal government opts out of providing student financial assistance as a result of congressional budget decisions. Discuss the implications of this change on higher education. You should consider, but do not limit your discussion to, such topics as the impact upon the accessibility of higher education, impact on various types of institutions in higher education, the impact upon the employability of youth, and the impact on the economy of the states and the federal government.

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