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Title: Analyse the mechanisms and briefly evaluate the effectiveness of the macroeconomic policy measures introduced by the UK authorities in response to the global credit crisis and associated UK recession

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Essay Instructions: Subject: Business and Finance Economics.

The question is:

“Analyse the mechanisms and briefly evaluate the effectiveness of the macroeconomic policy measures introduced by the UK authorities in response to the global credit crisis and associated UK recession”.

1. Abstract (explain in natural what are you doing) 100-120 words.
2. Introduction ( the brief definition of recession (2 sentences) / When did it occur )
3. The global credit crisis and associated UK recession.
*4. The UK mechanisms (What mechanisms that Government has used to combat the recession)
*4.1 monetary policy measures (what have the government done)
*4.2 fiscal policy measures (what have the government done)
*5. The consequence of the UK fiscal and monetary policies that the government used (what have that mechanisms been successful or not?/how?) they get effective or not?
6. Appendix ( figures, diagrams, bar charts)

* Please highlight these parts
*** require up-to-date data, figures, diagrams, bar charts..etc to be the evidences to support for 3, 4, 5 ***

Also needs the brief opinion under the theory and relate to what happened.

Web-based sources

Numerous financial websites will be found useful, including;
Bank of England -
British Bankers’ Association -
HM Treasury -
Financial Times -
European Central Bank -

Journal of Finance
Journal of Banking and Finance
Journal of Monetary Economics
Journal of Macroeconomics

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Excerpt From Essay:


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