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Title: Film Analysis Research Essay

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2559 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Directions: Write a multiple paragraph essay in which you directly address the issue. Use examples from the film and specific reference to secondary sources for support.

Topic: What traits of film noir does director Christopher Nolan use to present the theme of his film 'Memento'? Be sure to note specific scenes and filming techniques (such as lighting, camera angles, score) to illustrate key points.

The paper will have a thorough introduction that provides a set up for the analysis, a clear thesis that addresses the essay topic, a strong use of specific examples/quotes throughout the body, a direct use of secondary sources for support, clear and distinct body points, a sound theme that provides a backbone to the analysis, well-structured individual paragraphs, a smooth recap at the end, with minimal writing/formatting errors.

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Title: Dissertation Women in Film Noir

Total Pages: 28 Words: 7885 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Requirements = my dissertation is about women in film noir.
*introduction (700 words)
-introduce theme-film noir in 40s/50s
-two types of women
-good women & femme fatal
-has this chngd in contemporary noir?
(mulholand drive)2001
- writings-essay in E Ann kaplan(ed).for example authors sylvia harvey,johnston claire,janey place
credit authors and discuss their ideas.other authors john blaser & lara davenport,using also quotes and paraphraising.

-structure 1.looking at film noir in an overview,its definition,how it started and how it was defind according to french film critics,for example nino frank,and its history developmen in united state with films like Maltese Falcon,stranger on the third floor,i wake up screaming and touch of evil.discussing those films and analysing it.discussing authors idea like francis m nevins jr.
image and references,sources absolutly needed.list of references at the end of essays.
e,g 1.victor burgin, the end of art theory, macmillan:london 1989.Pp23-33
use if ibid if repeting the refernce imediately preceding,and must identify the page number if different,for example
e,g 1.victor burgin, the end of art theory, macmillan:london 1989.Pp23-33
use of op.cit. should be used with authors name when repeated references to a book,article

e,g 1.ades dawn,photomontage,london,thames and hudson,1976. p.46

2.victor burgin, the end of art theory, macmillan:london 1989.Pp23-33


-structure 2.examine how women are being represented in film noir(united states)and explore their function.discussing different types of women(good women,femme fatal)by doing visual analyse of a range of noir films such as double indemnity 1944,the big heat 1953,kiss me deadly 1955,maltese falcon, gilda and etc..has this chngd in contemporary film noir(mulholland drive)?
image and references,sources absolutly needed.list of references at the end of essays.

-structure 3.explore how women are represented in contemporary noir,analysing and discussing one contemporary noir Mulholland drive 2001.analysing sequences,demonstrating its connection with film noir,and comparing it as a recent variation of these roles.((femme fatal)
image and references,sources absolutly needed.list of references at the end of essays.
my introduction should begin by giving the reader an outline of the main theme of the dissertation & the structure of it.
also conclude this section by outlining what it has told us and what will be examed next( & why)
avoid placing the images within text.

structure 1. 2000words
image and references,sources absolutly needed.list of references at the end of essays.

structure 2. 2000wordsimage and references,sources absolutly needed.list of references at the end of essays.
structure 3. 2000wordsimage and references,sources absolutly needed.list of references at the end of essays.
conclusion 700 words
my name and course should appear on the cover.titel women in film noir.
fabian jalilvand,course fdap3,northbrook college
& the various parts of the dissertation should be arranged in the fallowing order.
1.the page to include the titel,student name course of graduation
3.abstract of 250 words
4.contents page
5.list of illustrations
7.text arranged in sections.structure1,2,3
11.bibligraphy: books with publishers8 or more,internet siteswith title of sites and date visited,and finaly films seen in alphabetical order by title 9 or more.
other books than e Ann kaplan to look at,james f maxfield(the fatal women),
and film noir reader 1,and etc.
the dissertation must be submitted in normal A4 sized paper,typed 12 points with 1.5 line spacing,with spacing between paragraphs. the left hand margin should be one and a half inches and other margins of a reasonable size.pages should be numbered consecutively.also provide a list illustrations include inf title of work (underlined or italics) artist,date of work and sources from which it was taken.

pls also type the words in british for example the word analyse is(british) and in american (analyze).

refering to authors who discussed these points needed.
ps i tried already with my credit card which was error due to my billing address.i will send mony order instead in Us dollars.
pls once rcvd confirm.
(fotmat normal A4)

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Title: Film Noir a style or a genre

Total Pages: 3 Words: 897 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Basically, throughout the paper answer the following question:
Is film noir a style or a genre?
While answering it, explain what a style and a genre are. How are they different, how are they similar so people can get confused. What are the characteristics of film noir? Give out basic characteristics (with variations and omissions) of film noir and come up with a conclusion WITH SUPPORTING FACTS and ARGUMENTS; is film noir a legitimate genre or is it a filmic style. Be sure to cite the sources for your arguments.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Film Noir

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1428 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Academic level: Further Education College - taking courses and exams to gain admission to University in September.
Course: AS Film Studies
Assignment: Macro analysis of the production of meaning and spectator response.
Task aim - written analysis: choose 10 - 15 minute sequence or two 7 minute sequences from a film or films of your choice, analyse or compare how:-
Genre and narative in film noir 1)creates meaning and understanding for the audience 2) generates response in the audience.
Objective: pose an appropriate question that you can answer in your essay to adddress the above assessment requirements.
e.g. How does your knowledge of genre and narrative style help your understanding and involvement with 'The Last Seducttion' or How important is film noir and its conventions to your understanding and involvement with 'The Last Seduction'
Make sure you: Refer to a specific sequence of the film to discuss your points: Illustrate points with examples from that sequence: always refer back to the conventions of your film genre: Discuss how your example is either similar or dissimilar - how have things adapted or changed or stayed the same - to the original genre: Discuss your personal response, involvement pleasure and understanding of your films sequence/genre: Discuss how your response may be typical or not of an audience response to your sequence genre: At all times make references to other relevant films to help your argument.

I wrote an essay already. It was returned to me with the comment 'Neo Noir required. Re-do' Couldn't find the tutor to discuss and now there is no time. Final submissions have to be Tuesday morning British time so I need to have this MOnday evening, our time to go over it.

You have to use 'The Killing' Stanley Kubrick 1952. The sequence to focus on in The Killing is the one that starts at the race track when the commentator is announcing the start of the fifth race. You need to mention The Asphalt Jungle which is also a heist film about a jewellry robbery. The Killing is a racetrack heist. You need to refer to some neo noir films. 'Heat' would be a good one but whatever.

I will email the essay I wrote. You can change the question posed to a better one. I couldn't think of anything very good and I know that the whole thing is not up to scratch. Thanks.

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